"Miss Sports" women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body. If you have seen the sports Miss for a few weeks, or do not have the urge to exercise, this time to listen to the village of Spring tree running story, look for your own reason to move up. (Recommended reading:"AV" The story of a hobo running half a horse: Every runner has a firm reason behind it .)

Just the past week on a fake, many people Holi Hu Tu to greet even three days holiday, with a faint autumn, the air is lazy up.

This three days is not idle, on the Saturday is a gay parade, I with the editor Ab early site card, along the south section of the route, while live broadcast, the sky rain gently hit on the body, we do not have an umbrella, from Ketagalan Avenue to Daan Forest Park. After many stop the rest of the crowd, an audit of people broken up read: "We go this way, even 1/3 have not finished ah." "Heart a surprised, with Ab at the same giggle." (Recommended reading: comrade, should not only be in the big parade to smile brilliant )

When I was a student, I felt that I could not walk, and I could not run, so the wanton consumption of young capital, then became office workers, long sat down to become a very bad habit, sit down like a meditation lazy, walk a few steps to feel the body of stairs is very heavy, feel the body faint this acid pain, a soft rotten, better to sleep.

Movement is probably in such a premise, like a post antidote that, into the daily travel of many office workers, you feel the body is not as good as before, very easy tired, overwhelmed, you do not know that they are old, or too lazy.

I can not help but feel that exercise is really the antidote to life, exercise should be regarded as a kind of rest. Rest not only sleep, not only watching American drama, not only chat drink afternoon tea, sports can also be a rest, inviting you to live, find the best rhythm between life and vomit.

I was very impressed, village Haruki in the "about running, I said in fact is ..." in the story of the One-fourth-century journey across life, he remembers the clearest is 1984, he and writer John Erving in Central Park jogging.

When Murakami translated his work, Bear, and asked him to interview him in New York, the reply was very brief, "I am too busy to spare time, but every morning I jog in Central Park, and if you want to run together you can talk." 」

So on that day, Murakami and Ernie spent the morning together, unable to make notes, unable to record, the air is very refreshing, memory clearly in between the vomit live down. Murakami said, "I write novels, there are too many from the morning run on the road learned." "Sometimes it is to get, sometimes more masochistic," said the village Haruki, "Once you run, you can't stop because you are tired, even if you have to find a way to go home." 」

Sports can teach us things, more than we think, by moving our bodies, we see more of the possibilities of watching the world, and we know a lot more than you insist on.

This is as a writing person, whenever I want to be lazy do not exercise, always heart of the story.