A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Listen to Yang Naven centrifugal force, may your pain be gently soothing and calming. Thank you for passing the rainstorm, come here, dear, hard. (same field Gayon: single Diary: You patiently wait for a person worthy of your heart )

Miss gently, distance far away, you are not, I just good.

"One inch closer, I'll take it seriously." Centrifugal force with one, eternal pull. 」

The temperature drops suddenly, the cold feeling dives into the day, each time condenses, can become the sad stop lattice.

Originally we are each other's universe, later only is the attention star, originally we are the fate, lets the love pass into the recollection. Which section of love is not to verify the existence of pain, which one can have no pain through the core of your life, and then quietly leave.

The girl once thought, give up is the easiest. She's always hurting someone before she gets hurt, she's used to laughing before she tears, and she has to say good-bye before she breaks up.

Do not want to be who see their own soft rib, not be sympathetic to not be reluctant to, so do not worry about life, people will recover faster and better. In relative terms, all the people she has hurt are like that. All say the opposite of love is not hate, but give up.

Rather love is fall on the ground when it is bright, and do not love to pull through more and be centrifugal force to the cruelty that a lover never expected.

Girls in each of their hard-hearted days gradually grew into a gentle person, can fold up his clothes, sent to the familiar address. In the past she was too resolute to discard, even the hesitation of the idea also not to pass to themselves. She admitted to miss, admitted unwilling, sorry was not mature enough. Also finally understand, is not she has no ability to love a person, people are to bite the bullet, and then smile to thank those who support.

Love does not exist, we have no possibility of injury.

Love is not present, and a person's success becomes much easier. Two people in the opposite direction, there is always a person can go to the beginning of the distant.

Some are inferior to disappear, is in order to early, we can let go of smile to see each other, is in order to ferry over the pain tide, we will become a soft sea.