"Miss Sports " Women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body. At 47 O ' Day a week, invite you to meet with Miss Sports, talk about the sports that teach us, this week to talk about sports and life sense of direction, exercise to complicate life, become simpler. (Recommended to you:"Miss Sports" want to shape body weight loss is not a "new woman"? )

Sports for me, is very able to train a sense of direction of the thing.

The so-called sense of direction, not only the different directions, but to their own way is to embrace more solid confidence, the heart has its own compass, know where they are now, and understand the future where to go.

Sense of direction requires training. It's a sport entrusted to you. The road of life is too much, the sight of all the scenery, many people are anxious to tell you, which road is good to go, which road is very challenging oh, which road is dead.

You can't help but worry, pick this one, what about the other one? But your road is your own, you always have to at this moment, choose a yearning direction forward, choose a conscience of the road solid foot.

Exercise is also such a clear thing, let you practice repeatedly, let a lot of tedious choice becomes very simple.

Many times you just have to make a choice first, the first step out, not afraid of pain to throw yourself out, you will understand that life can be very simple, leaving a calling can not shake, in front of the call you.

That's when you're upset, so you decide to put on your running shoes, the night Forest Park is cool, put on headphones, you say to yourself, no matter what you are now disturbed, you just need to focus on running on the line, do not think too much, there is nothing to fear.

The night is quiet, you hear your own breath, feel your heartbeat, you run forward, slowly feel the world is a way to run out of their own. You go through every turn, every line, every landscape, and every time you want to give up, tell yourself you can.

Life is like this long-distance running, at the end you will know, all the choices, there is no absolute good or bad. Every decision, is to let the future you have more clout and ability, has been on this road run down.

You always believe that.