"The Next Generation of Happiness Alliance" on the Caldor put forward "marriage and family, the decision of the People" appeal, in response to the scene on the "legalization of same-sex marriage" questions, we are eager to have a dialogue with gender observation.

Yesterday, the "next Generation of Happiness alliance" held "marriage and family decision: Sentinel Warfare" activities, the Legislative yuan, such as beauty, Xu Tianjin proposed "civil law relative marriage equality Draft" has been submitted to the legislature to be reviewed, the activities of the appeal:

"Under the current marriage system, the legacy of gay friends, the right of burial, the right to visit and the consent of surgery can be solved through a single point of repair, rather than a change in the important marital and family system that affects the whole population, family ethics, moral values and the sustainable development of the country, and the Government is subject to legislative changes by some legislators or certain groups, Ignoring the current situation of public opinion, it is important to have a national decision on major issues such as this. 」

On the scene, the adults led the children walk in this fight "legalization of same-sex marriage" on the road, many of the spirit of comrade shouted and sorry, a flexible scene of the family parade, why should we ponder? Women obsessed with the scene of the "resistance" to dialogue, in response to the following points, we ask, would like to get the "Next Generation Happiness Alliance" for the issue of discussion.

"We are not discriminating against comrades, but gay groups cannot blur our definition of marriage." 」

  • The priest, on behalf of Mr. Chen, believes that in the face of gay issues, the pope has expressed his love for comrades, so who I am, how can I judge them, but the pope also said that gay marriage promoted by gays is not equal to marriage between men and women , so he said that comrades should be respected, their medical, The right to property rights needs to be safeguarded, so the law should be protected by a single point of law, rather than the whole family law.

In the face of the argument that "comrades are not my race", I hope that we can see that, in the sense of "respecting comrades", it is actually a more powerful discrimination. What comrades need is not "single point of security", but must live like a complete person, able to exercise a person's legal security and human rights. (Recommended reading: If you have the ability to love, please contain all the good and real love in the world )

Gay marriage is not as heterosexual as the idea and " all the laws on the family to overturn " is based on the traditional marriage as a "birth son" to perpetuate social stability, so worry about "our values" being replaced, without discussing the meaning of marriage, we must know not to overthrow the law but "Amending the Law", we have to do is to eliminate "the comparative level between people", so that everyone can live in a system promised security environment.

The practice of legalizing same-sex marriage does not interfere with the interests of any existing family. Since the establishment of gay families, heterosexual families can also steadily develop their own family life, instead, we should see the current situation of "making families difficult to live" is the economic structure and resource allocation, so that everyone has the ability to support the family, will not let the happiness Union worry about the situation "Taiwan is now facing the problem of small children, Will shake Nation-base "more and more fierce."

I would also like to ask the question, what is the meaning of the so-called "definition of marriage"? Happy union imagined the true meaning of marriage, is not the real application of the "public" body? Or is it limited to the people they are willing to talk to? is the ultimate purpose of our marriage to breed, or, in marriage, can we have more choices about our lives? (Extended reading: Gender Watch: legal disregard of gay stories, no love, no room Biansen )

In the 2013, the three British dictionary publishers rewrote the "Marriage (marriage)" definition, so that the combined two people are no longer confined to a man and a woman, to remove the gender restrictions, defined as: "The life of two people together with a legal union or covenant" ("the legal union or contract Made by two people to live together ")

The Chinese Dictionary of Taiwan's Ministry of Education revised the words "marriage" means: "Two people because of marriage, the relationship between spouses." 」

Marriage, it was two people's business. Society promises two people to be backed by strong social structures and to have the right to love each other.

(Figure is The appeal of the "Next Generation Happiness Alliance" )

"Gay marriage is not human rights and homosexuality is contagious." 」

  • Student representative Mr. Shi said: both the United Nations and the European Court say that same-sex marriages are not human rights, and the United Nations conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights also show that parents have the right to participate and choose their children's education, and he believes that the current practice of the government ignores public opinion, deprives parents of their rights to participate in education
  • Happiness Union mentioned: "True homosexuality is only 2 per thousand, this 2 per thousand of people will not be discriminated against, but we do not allow 2 per thousand of people, so that the other 998 people become like them, there is a saying that the son of the sun, this is not to reproduce the offspring." 」

The discussion of the non-human rights of same-sex marriage derives from the right of marriage referred to in article 16th of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which refers to heterosexual marriage, and how do we refute the authority of the Western First of all, the original text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of marriage is not limited to certain men and women: marriage shall be entered to only with the free and full consent of the intending spous Es. (spouses are translated into men and women). Is homosexuality a human right? Zhu Jia has a very good dialectic in the "Guardian League ," starting with the constitution, where same-sex marriages are supported by the Constitution, unless people who oppose same-sex marriage can prove that same-sex marriages jeopardize social order or public interest. (same field Gayon: if same-sex marriage is not a human right, why is heterosexual marriage?) )

Furthermore, if the League of Happiness honours the world system, I would like to say that there is no evidence that homosexuality should be treated as a symptom: the World Health Organization's removal of homosexuality from the Psychiatric register in 1990 suggests that homosexuality is not "ill". In fact, fear of the same anxiety, from the original values are challenged. Psychological clinical evidence that most of us have been taught that many homosexuality is a dirty, immoral, and other negative concepts, analytic psychology theory that homophobia is the fear of oppression of their own same-sex desire of a result, a homosexual fear of the person may be a quality of heterosexual, There may have been very few homosexual experiences.

In the legalization of same-sex marriage, it is suggested that the legalization of same-sex marriage will affect opponents ' freedom of dissent, resulting in adverse discrimination. This argument stems from fear of the anxiety of a certain group, mainly the people who now have power in the community (the structure of the heterosexual family) to the minority (gay family structure) because of the lack of self-confidence for change, fear of fear of substitution, derived from the fear of emotion.

This shows that we do not want to shape the opposite of homosexuality and heterosexual, but to eliminate the moral sense of homosexuality and a heterosexual insecurity.

"Homosexuality is not born, it is acquired."

  • As Mr. Yang, former comrade, said: "In the past, when the mother conceived of him, he wanted to fall off, and his parents were constantly absent from him during his upbringing, he was turned into a gay circle, living a gay life, although he was satisfied with the intimacy of the same sex, but in fact he had been struggling and suffering until he found the answer in Christianity, so that he could accept himself again, even marry and raise small Child, so he was sure that homosexuality would not be born.

Whether from the historical mental case or the legal side, we can observe that in the past people think "homosexuality can be corrected." I would like to apply Simompova first: "All women are the day after tomorrow." "Again," if homosexuality is the day after tomorrow, the heterosexual is also the view.

"Gay gene: scientific proof that we were born to do this," The Guardian of 2016 published in the report that scientists use " Epigenetic "(epigenetics) detection method that will be homosexual (homosexuality) and transgender (transsexualism)-oriented genetics:

"The U.S. government provides pipelines to perform sex-change surgery for children to address the problem of gender anxiety disorder (gender dysphoria). But the government ignores the human state of mind is floating. The journal also suggested that men with sex anxiety had a duration of 2.2% to 30%, while women ranged from 12% to 50%, indicating that at least 88% of women and 98% of men were free from gender anxiety. 」

In this show: There is no science to prove that people from the birth to the death of the state of mind consistent. All things change is the manifestation of the law of nature, sexual orientation will grow and change at any time, with the external factors of contact changes, which is also in line with the LGBTQ Group of Gender Mobility (genderfluid) view

So I'm sure happy union part of the point of view, just to: "Homosexual" may not be born, also "may" be acquired, sex is supposed to be the flow spectrum, so that negative temperament masculine temperament can be liberated, so that everyone can surpass two yuan stereotype to become their own. (Recommended you see:"Song for You" lesbian's self-profile book: Fear of being left behind the unrest )

This view also breaks our orthodox imagination of intimacy, and mainstream culture does not mean "the only truth", nor should it oppress other living spaces. The so-called heterosexual central values, that is, the heteronormativity, the mainstream of heterosexual values, habitual thinking, gender concepts, lifestyles, sexual patterns, sexual patterns, etc., as the whole universe of truth.

So heterosexual property--marriage--naturally does not like to replicate "other ethnic groups". We should see from now on, the system is not subordinate to any one person, this is with the change of world and culture, its existence is to maintain a harmonious society, natural rights, so that everyone can through the system to get social recognition.

As for gay marriage should not be legalized, perhaps we must also consider more structural aspects of the situation, for example, we have to practice whether marriage equality or, partner system, family system, how to protect the interests of some people, not oppression to another group .... Wait

But the only thing that will not change is that we should believe that differences in the world do not mean that few differences are "abnormal", and we should support that every right can be respected, so that everyone can be in a position of love.

After all, what we want is not a society with a blind eye to the status quo, authoritarian dictatorship, and the happiness Union we want to tell the children: these people are different, but we must love him.

We want a happy union that accepts each individual, not "tolerance", and a happy union that is willing to take a child to the streets and bless the world with the shape of a blossoming love; a happy union that is closer to the meaning of happiness and has the ability to give a warm place to the heart.

"The same field plus the map"

Gender violence is not far away, we would like to invite you to stop and take a look. By acknowledging the current state of gender-based violence, we want to awaken public awareness and change through concrete actions, and we wish to invite you to participate in the Gender violence decoding program , from now on, your actions, your voice can flip the status quo, you are Live in a better world "a spark.