single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Wei on the other side of the screen singing a new song "You Ah You ah", close your eyes as if to hear the sound of Heartbreak . Love Such a person, he had all the softness to you, and you just can't do his way home, life flakes Flake, he is still you love the best storm. (Recommended reading: single diary: When your Sea, do not care you do not have the shore )

You ah, you ah.

You fall asleep in my arms, eyes and ears, squint, you bite the ear said to me, I am in the days, you do not want to yearn for the distance, you do not go, I am your homeward, you want to build a life with me. Shall we have a cat, or a dog, a name that we all like, and a holiday hand-walking?

You gave me all the softness, I thought I was special. The sun shines down, you stare at me look, I remember clearly, that is the way I was loved by you. I say well, take your hand, thought will silently walk to later.

But it's a long way off, but now it's so close. You are a spoiled child, when the wind blows, you look out the window, miss the voyage, occasionally want to not be my child, occasionally you have other directions.

I turned my head, pretending not to see, looking at you smiling, you did not take me, look at my eyes forget gentleness, your sight without me. I only have a little to do, say nothing, because I want to continue to love you.

You ah, you ah.

I go to cook, cook your favorite dishes, you a, I A, you careless, I forced a smile, I reached out my hand, you at the other end of the table, how to feel well away. I pick off the part that does not eat, throw into the trash, a piece of daily flake, love Spring, is autumn, you love me fast, so short, I can not remember, too late to write poetry, too late to compose.

I still want to be with you, but you look at my eyes so cold, eyes betray you, you no longer love me, I keep you no use. I miss the time we gave each other, naively calculated all the later, then, there is no later.

I kiss you like the last time, take off all our symbols, go forward this road I yo, but the site grow out of their own, crying or drunk, you are my love, the best of a storm.

You, you, you.

"Tell me you don't know I love you only
You, you.
I don't have a crush.
Three days a day, two days.
Drive Fast and you'll love someone else.
You want to be a guy
Think you are my time is an empty "