Blasting art master ArtReview, the world's most creative artist, has been ranked as the world's most creative artist in 2009 and has been written in a variety of American art history books, and has been recorded in the history of Christie's art auction in Hong Kong.

Salute to the

This special edition of Diana F + Cai Guo-Qiang is commemorating the first exhibition – Saraab at the Arab Modern Museum in Doha, Qatar's capital.His works span multiple mediums and fields, including painting, installation art, film shooting, and performing arts.This Diana F +, dressed in a gray and black coat, was completely designed by Tsai himself!

You'll want to know:

  • The Dreamz classic – Diana F + Lens "is a fantastic imaging, and a classic, 120-piece film – You'll get a beautiful image."
  • Adjustable two shutter – "N" ordinary shutter (daytime/use flash) or “ B ” for a long time exposure (room/night)
  • Two photo formats-12 full square format (5.2x5.2cm) or 16 smaller square format - (4.2x4.2cm)
  • Unlocked shutter – s unlimited shutter switch that you can expose multiple times on the same film.
  • The perfect pinhole photography function – can remove the lens design, switch to the pinhole pattern, and start a new pinhole photography new experience!
  • The shutter lock and horse hole – are convenient for taking photographs of long exposure and pinhole photography.
  • A Diana + classic flash with a design flash – This Diana F + is included.It's going to be even more craziest when color-colored pieces are installed for it!

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Of course, the last thing to tell you is that this is a finely designed camera with a global limit of 1,000 production.

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