Woman fan " Gender violence decoding Plan ", the Gender Science and Technology Focus Forum set off dialogue, 12/3~12/4 gender violence prevention hackers loose cohesion force to promote physical change! Let's take a look at the way from the focus forum to the hacker Pine , what's the vision of a woman's obsession? Practice the Gender violence decoding program! Invite all who expect the world to be better for you and join this change together. (recommend you see: 100,000 Bonus reward!) Hackers can participate in the Secret Technology Atlas )

Gender dialogue Technology: a path that is the most resistant but feasible

A woman obsessed with the founding of the year, we were the only media in Taiwan to allow two female presidential candidates to speak through the forum; We are the first team in the city square to hold a mass response to gender issues, and we are the first to bring the technology approach into the gender sphere.

Many people ask us why we start with technology. Every initiative is to meet the next change, in May this year, we opened the dialogue on science and Gender in Taiwan with the first sex hacker of Chinese, and in the race, the contestants came up with the app"of evaluating verbal aggression index in chat system, the" public Gender Assessment platform "and" Breast cancer detection app"". ..... Wait

December, female fans will be "Gender violence decoding program" to launch the gender violence prevention Hacker pine, gather the masses power to change the times. We are just a starting point, we invite everyone to embark on this journey, together with the unknown forward, but on the way forward, we hope to stimulate dialogue, let the problem emerge, so that the public intelligence can voice and occurrence, and then seek to solve problems emerging in different areas.

Women are obsessed with the 104 Department of Economic Intelligence Property Bureau data, the number of female students in "engineering and Technology" in Taiwan's tertiary institutions is only 16.16%, and the problem is not just the sex ratio, but more difficult, even being a female/gay/LGBT does not mean knowing how to crystallize abstract issues with complex problems. So women fans need to promote the abstract gender issues, and the actual science and technology can do things with each other have their intersection point and the possibility of dialogue. We are not only seeking female engineers, we are asking for more than just HeForShe, we want to be we are all other, we are longing for us to face together, we discuss together, we brainstorm together, see the original things that are usually used but are actually problems, Together, we create reforms or revolutions within or outside the system.

Women fans ' expectations: pooling strength, seeking answers

What is the power of technology? Facebook's trans-sex options have left more than a dozen transgender people feeling insecure, and the sexual harassment button on the bus has greatly reduced the incidence of sexual harassment in the public domain, and the development of the Liga Inan (Mobile moms) has helped countless third-world mothers successfully produce babies and apps Tinder support for multiple sexuality new transgender options ...

We believe that the WEIFAO department and women fans jointly organized the "Gender Violence Decoding program" can open a new milestone in Asia, to open the Forum dialogue, hackers to find a solution to the problem. This weekend, women's paradise happened. The first gender science and technology Focus Forum, the Forum group of different social identity, gender, concept of people, according to the "Cyber sex violence" to talk about the topic, and to agitate the possible solution.

In the opening of the focus of the forum, we invite education representatives Yiu Shuwen, civic representatives Fan, institutional representatives Zhang Kaijiang, as well as the second media representatives Lu Yijin, science and technology representatives Lin YU, gender representatives Zhou. Bring together different fields of expertise, with a pluralistic perspective, attention to gender violence prevention and control. In this era, it's too easy to muzzle guns, but women fans have always advocated to put emotion into action, we know that criticism is too easy, so we would like to invite different groups to represent different audience fans together to find solutions. (Extended reading: halfway decent feminism!) The sexual liberation of the sister Fan: "The liberation of not only lust, but also the freedom of all people")

"Thanks to women fans hold this technology and gender of the talk, although the technology is not familiar with a little distance, but the content is very exciting! -Feedback from readers ' questionnaires
"Women have always been fascinated by gender and in different fields, and this is a new attempt to use gender in technology, and we look forward to a change in the dialogue," he said. --Lu Yijin anchor
"To the scene to hear a lot of different voices, I think this discussion is very good, especially like the time to exchange views, did not think they can really think of solutions!" -Feedback from readers on site

"It is hoped that there will be an exchange of time between the speakers, so that the lecturers can be more coherent, perhaps more spark." -Feedback from readers ' questionnaires
"Perhaps because the issue itself is difficult to solve, a bit of a sense of edge, in fact, which technology and hardware and software to achieve gender friendliness is still a big question in the hearts of the audience." -Feedback from readers ' questionnaires

Gathering in the field of gender and beginner's mind, the conversation between the good dialogue, because it is a revolution, so must be in the discussion of the Chinese people to find the answer. Most of the forum speakers and readers are the first to engage in in-depth gender and technology talks, and women fans thank them for their participation in the discussions and to expose the possible assistance from the technical side with their own experience. In addition, every reader is a guardian of the gender of the ambassador, we found a special from Tainan, Jiayi, Kaohsiung friends, gay, sexually violent women, sitting on different growth and knowledge background, gender perspective of the multiple spectrum, mobile technology solutions.

This is the existence of the female fans, we want to break the face book constraints of the stratosphere, so that a variety of different backgrounds, voices, positions of people, have the opportunity to occur and voice! We are looking for a variety of possible solutions, not the only answer, because we are convinced that there is more than one absolute solution in the world.

Create a debate and bring a spark of ideas into conversation

In addition to inviting speakers in the forum, we set up Communication Bridge section, let everyone express their own insights and speculation, the discussion with the speaker interaction full of dialogue and seek answers, the reader proposed: The existing technology has made a gay and friendly safe accommodation system, the night of the APP escort women on the way home. On-site readers are expected to put more effort into the technology, for example: we need to set up a sexual violence security notification system for victims, online bullying assessment device .... Wait And a lot of ideas, we look forward to the opportunity to be in the sex hacker loose in the implementation is resolved! The speaker can only represent a voice, with an opinion, and we know the issue of gender, we need to discuss and point of view.

In the course of our brainstorming discussions, each reader proposes to use scientific and technological methods to address gender violence and to complement each other's ideas, through dialogue to make a simple idea grow. For example, the sexual harassment point of view suggests that women may need to "comment on a friendly nightclub app", create "a" reminder of gender awareness of the browser plug-in ".... Wait

This is not only a woman obsessed with science and technology gender focus of the Forum's primary expectations, but also the team's creative guidelines. Women fans team often through brainstorming to practice a new idea, cross views and differences, multiple statements, is our strength to move forward.

Women are fascinated by the multiple gender dialogue, with many forums and salons in various fields, such as entrepreneurship, politics, homosexuality, female sexuality, BDSM, reading, career, public policy .... Wait We attempt to unite the forces of the masses and respond to every minority and individual in society.

What women are looking for: we need a spark to aloof

Because of action, our critique of current events can be not only hastily brushed, but our disappointment in the world can be transformed into hope.

Because of the team, our tiny inspiration may be the way to save countless victims of sexual assault, and our inability to sigh has a powerful dredging pipeline.

Women fans desire to talk about gender, is the line of text, but also through the content of the force to shake the system, is to publish their own gender perspective, but also to invite all gender discussion to join the debate.

In the first gender science and technology Focus Forum, we will transport these ideas to gender violence prevention Hacker pine, using the following understanding, technology to trigger gender change: see the loopholes in the system, the media can not complement the action, the social movement is still lack of entity to help the system, education can not give protection ... Wait (Recommended reading: When we have anger and pain in the world, change it )

Science and technology is the pursuit of the methodology of the series of other operational gender movement of the field, to carry out a full range of gender repair.

In this media of gender and technology, each person who has a feeling of gender, or who has the power of science and technology, is invited to develop ideas, make ideas happen, and promote a better world through team strength. This society needs your creativity and technology, practice temperature, now invite you to the dialogue on technology and gender, join the Gender Violence Decoding program, and use action to support a more secure and friendly society.

"The same game" has a sex-friendly society where you can do three things

Voice: Contributors to women fans observers , published your views on gender!
Action Practice: take part in the Gender violence decoding program, and burn your ideas into action.
Dialogue and communication: We welcome all dialogues and viewpoints, invite the inspiration or view of science and technology to change gender violence, and seek a better way for the world together.