I would like to say a love story of a girl, she opened my world, more on the gender and intimacy of the imagination, like light penetrating through.

Happy union in the name of happiness, took to the streets to protest marriage equality, at a far end, I heard the shouting people said: "You stand their own law is good, why to amend our law?" "Why do we express our position, it is said to be discrimination, OK, then we have to discriminate, you are satisfied with it." 」

You and we, like the Great Wall, cut apart the non-my race, people began to bleed, people on both sides feel hurt.

I see the gay friends around me very painful, feel the value of their existence is denied, she was at the end of the phone, with a sobbing nasal said to me, "You have a way to imagine, that is 20,000 people together to deny your feelings, so that you feel born as a person, you do not have the right to love." "The conversation was getting further and farther, and people were saying things in their own stratosphere, with their heads muffled."

Maybe this is another story in the stratosphere, I just want to say, I remember I loved a girl.

In the context of heterosexual growth for many years, absorbing the boys love the girl's story, the dating formula was stuffed into my life, I did not doubt that my imagination of intimacy is limited, until found, I love a girl, and feel very confused.

In a world I took for granted, she came in like a light. At that time, I stretched out a timid hand, very want to hold her, I know what we have, more than friendship, I secretly asked myself, this can be love?

She took my hand, her palm is hot, my spine is trembling, my world is slowly opened by her, more on the gender and intimacy of the imagination to live down, I just know that they can love this way, the original love is our body's soft organs, nourish all the strong possible.

To love, I want to open myself, hug you, listen to you, gentle you, let us free, to love, I want us to care for each other, learn to pay, learn to understand, learn not to forget the independence of their own, still love.

I have thought, this road goes straight forward, also knew that this road will walk than the social blessing appearance is much more laborious. I later know many people are so, have been hurt so particularly gentle, even when the scars, also reluctant to sad too long, because the future of the road is so far, no time sad, to tell more people to listen to the story.

We broke up later, but this road, called marriage equality, has always been the way out, stacking a lot of gentle and different stories.

Therefore, I will not say that love is not the same, I know that love is not the same, every intimate relationship, every time to love, can not put the heaven scale weighing. Love is not the same, but I hope, love and be Loved by the idea, no one needs to judge and allow, because no one is entitled to do so.

More because love is always ability, not whose weapon.