Golden Horse 53, the best Actress finalists are: "Little girl in Red" Xu Yu ning , "Goodbye Tile City" Wu Kexi , "July and the Peace " Youmars pure, "July and the Peace" Chou-Winter Rain, "I am not pan" Fan Bingbing . Who's the winner? Take a look at the bright eyes of the cast! (Recommended reading: Push yourself to the brink!) Interview Ang Lee: I am 60 years old, I do not want to wait for the future.

Last year's Golden Horse award, Hou Hsiao-hsien, a "film, is willing to" let the film workers under the stage tears. 2016, the 53rd annual Golden Horse Award, shortlisted actress said the film, Xu Yu Ning said: "The film is Life, is my every moment," Fan Bingbing said: "No picture, no film, I am not complete." 」。

Whether as an actor, or as a viewer, the film has brought us a magnificent scenery, accompanied us in the dark cinema alone tears, to find a safe place for the flawless. This Golden Horse award, shortlisted actress, is the film Circle of the Up-and-comer, they interpret the woman's strong life, soft posture, under the relentless society of sentient beings ... Next, let us see the Golden Horse actress Peerless Elegance:

Sincere to the fear of meat: "Little girl in Red" Xu Yu ning

"Everyone's heart is a forest, do not let out of the perseverance hurt it."

Remember to keep a little more time for yourself,

Put the words and secrets in your heart

Take it out regularly to bask in the sun.

Yi June not married, Yi June aborted tires, those who do not allow the mainstream value of the past has become her wet sticky memories, like sticky blood, traction her heart of the demons. Xu Shanning in Yi-June's body, even a finger to interpret the trembling, fear of living in her every cell. Yi June to the human mortal fist, the heart is not clean, to where all become demons, the heart has the light, in the dark can also move forward.

Xu Shanning in this play faded away from the calm temperament of the past, from the introverted to collapse, the acting of the retractable between the performance of the past few years in the film Circle, from the idol play to film genre, Xu Yu ning mature for obvious. (Recommended reading: can afford the actor two words!) Xu Yu ning: "Give me a chance, let me prove I Can")

Life is stronger than Love: "Goodbye Tile City" Wu Kexi

"You look at the dream, I look at you." You live your life, I dream of you. 」

The life of the uprooted, where is the return in the exile? Love in The Times is repressed, and thus in a sudden burst of violent, such as those who love in the city but do not keep the people, Ephraim is desperately want to enter the side of the people, if the moment has become remorse, she is still desperate to fall into. Wu Kexi play Lotus Green so strong, even cry to turn back to the lens, look at the shoulder can not stop shaking.

When the man said, if today is the end of the world, I just want to stay where you are. The woman waved her hand and chased the end of the world. Ephraim is like Wu Kexi, is adhere to endure the people, from "ice" so far seven years, she has done pro play, spend countless days at home to chew the script, people are quick to forget her, she always remember herself. (Extended reading:"Goodbye Tile City" Zhao Deiin X Wu Kexi: The role of a soul, is to know to put himself into life )

Hate all from Love: "July and the" Youmars Pure

"Well, I hate you, but I only have you." 」

Ma Sichun is July, and the more than 10 years of the friendship with the friendly cry over pain. Ma Sichun in the "Left ear" rebellious hot, in the "July and Peace" to live into a stable woman, she yearned for years of quiet, she is accustomed to patience. But July has such a friend is always a headache: the bright and dazzling, she is defiant, and July is always neglected by the eyes of the people.

Ma Sichun played the lingering hate, she hated to be like obsessed with her, as her self-drowned character: "The wound is the humiliation of others, the illusion of their insistence." 」。 A mediocre life, to live wonderful, is because there is grief on their own body. Youmars Pure acting is not so good, I will say she pain, just understand that kind of refuse, in front of each other tearing clothes, want you to see the most ugly situation.

Live to be rampant: "July and the Life of the" Week and winter Rain

"The shadow of the person and shadow of the body of the exchange of life: Peace became a stable July, July became a wandering." 」

Chou-dong rain To do, is a unruly not to be recognized by the secular woman, she always contempt, but so lonely. Life is holding death notice, disdain to smile: Lin July, you how also 27 years old died ah. Then she cries: I do not sign, to die.

From the "Love of Hawthorn Tree", you may not have seen such a week and winter rain, it turns out that her aura is not only a quiet temperament, but also like a palm scarlet hot. She walked through the sad feeling of innocent impression, the deeper of her play, well-behaved under the naughty, is the winter rain as an actor stretching freely tension.

Women's sadness and emboldened: "I am not a pan" Fan Bingbing

"Bodhisattva, these corrupt people have been punished by you, I am not a pan-lian, you have not made it clear." 」

That is the story of the bottom of China, peasant woman Li Shelin because of a fake divorce into the real divorce, and the husband of a word-you are pan-jin, to the government for more than 10 years, the government buck, in the end she still did not prove that she is not a pan. She performed at the bottom of the female pride, take the real substitution, can always be abandoned; she did not accept, but God did not look at her.

Feng Xiaogang's vision is very exquisite, to fan Bingbing lost the baggage of female stars, down-to-earth through the muddy peasant, see how the system oppression women. If "Jin Lian" a sin fickle vicious, really for the society pushed. You think Fan Bingbing big money to fade the robe, it is provocative and rustic woman, in fact, she plays the temperance, not consumption of the bottom of the bitter, not fantasy other people's difficulties, she just played a woman's boundless, cast the Crown hat, Fan Bingbing still emboldened. (same field Gayon:"Everybody's pet, inferior to a person understand!" "Fan Bingbing A word of the fiery red saying )

Golden Horse 53 Best Actress award who's home? See Fan Bingbing female strength rich, weeks and winter rain youmars pure Happy play, Wu Kexi live into the reality of acting, Xu Yu ning a higher level. Thanks to the movie there are these women who struggle to make a good story with their physical eyes, making life and taste better.