Cargo, is to eat a rational, understand the nature of the taste of people good, take stock of the way restaurants , recipes and food stories, food is our way of taste life! Long time no reboot unit cargo note return, the future will be fortnight and sports Miss shift, life is to eat also want to move, you say? (Recommended reading: Cargo notes: Taste the flow of the feast, Shakespeare Bookstore Café )

The autumn of Kyoto, as gentle as the maple leaf, 12 degrees of wind kissing cheek, wear a wool coat, greedy hands with a wipe tea ice cream, from the park, stroll around the duck and River pier, dragging footsteps walk in the original town, bypassing the first Dou-ting, the waves of food, the bursts of aroma, feel very happy drunk. (Recommended reading: Kyoto, which is worth walking slowly and savoring. )

Kyoto is suitable for a walk, a long way to go, with no matter what, perhaps with their best, know the distance in front, this road to see the end of the same as to go down. Then you have to be respectful and place a bowl of hot, black dragon noodles to feast on autumn.

Open the Japanese friend recommended food べログapp, decided to go into the omennipponof the first Dou-cho. Looks very homely Dragon noodle shop, when entering the door, the teacher at the counter carefully bowed down to cut vegetables, no distractions, the next table sat two smiling of the old woman drinking hot tea, the clerk calmly handed the English menu, the store's breath is very warm, I like the fear of alarm, sit quietly, decided to order a bowl of tempura noodles.

Oolong noodles, to wheat as raw material, the length of Japan's own regulations, the specification diameter of 1.7 mm above, the angle of the width of more than 1.7 mm is considered, noodles coarse fat, chewing to taste, can choose hot and cold two plant table method.

In a moment, the tempura noodles were hot on the table. The Dragon face is separated from the sauce with a dish of garnish, neatly overlapping burdock, radish silk, vegetable rolls, shallots, fine ginger and other vegetables to taste, a small bowl of sesame tiny place aside, catch a plate of golden tempura, in front of me to unfold a delicate small universe.

Shop assistant Finger gestures, motioned to be stained with eat, pour point sesame incense, look at the food, vegetables cut square, I peek at the counter master, he still did not look up, like the carving of a universe as prudent, he must know, his intentions to eat people will understand.

Such an afternoon is too good, oolong noodles is like this, it is ordinary but not a luxury delicacy, but it is often accompanied by the side in the day. Bow, let the hot air drunk face, look upward, let the dragon face slide over the lip and throat, feel gentle as daily, like the streets of Kyoto.

The moment of deference to a bowl of hot-headed dragons will probably be like a walk with me to a far place. (same field Gayon: authentic taste from Kyoto-Taipei Enishi Rim House )