Golden Horse 53 session is about to debut on November 26, after watching the finalists of the wonderful works , to see the finalists of the contest list of the winner, Michael Hui, Liang, Jacky Cheung, Fanwei, Ko Jindong, who is your favorite actor? (Recommended reading: Golden Horse 52 The most moving seven winning speech: "The spotlight to the staff behind the scenes")

Golden Horse 53 Session of the main vision, a boy in khaki uniforms, with a flashlight, lit the sky, he looked up to the sky, perhaps in the hope that this light can reach a far place? The people who work in the film industry, is probably a person who takes the light toward the dark, the vague face of the boy, can be any one, everyone is walking on the road.

Five nominated Golden Horse winner, each self-sustaining light illuminate The times, Michael Hui, Liang, Jacky Cheung, Fanwei, Ko Jindong, some of the first shortlisted acting not jerky, and some use the years to write a brilliant history of the film annals, no length, only on the emotional, like the Liang said, film image of my life.

A closer look at their five works, the classic is the accumulation of time, refining life achievements of a work. (Recommended reading: Golden Horse actress Chen Lichi dialogue record: the export of life, with pain to exchange )

"Bon Voyage" Michael Hui: You never know where, will run out of a chance

"The movie represents our dream of life, we don't have to do it, but we can see that we're halfway there." 」

"Bon Voyage" is the Zhong Menghong Director of the fourth works, Hong Kong's hard base comedy actor Michael Hui play a live taxi driver, hands have a steering wheel, but can not see how to walk in life, had to silly Leng to laugh, accidentally loaded with poison brother Natto, embark on the frantic desperate trip. They all the way to the South, life is all the way north, is not an alternative road travel? (Recommended reading: for their own design a trip "heart"! )

Michael Hui 74 years old, 38 years after the Golden Horse again, he said when you think the world more and more boring, life more and more helpless, feel no longer happy, do not want to see the film, read, will feel the world more beautiful than before.

Follow the wind, walking on the road of Life, where the story goes down? Michael Hui will tell us, this road goes on, don't be afraid. You never know where you are going to run out of a chance.

"Chill 2" Liang: I hope you recognize the character, not me.

"I hope the audience can remember the name of my character, not me, as long as the audience met me on the road, called me the role name, I am very excited." 」

See Liang, want to call him a sound Li Sir. See "Shivering" series, it is difficult to forget Liang and Aaron Kwok is full of sparks of the opponent play, Li Wenbin is just evil, guess not understand, but the audience clearly know, Li Wenbin see Son and Subordinates Love eyes, sincere.

For more than 30 years, Liang nominated Golden Horse for the sixth time, to Li Wenbin a second finalist, interviewed, he proudly said the role is very important, his former classic role of the lines are still remember. He has been very strict, absolutely cautious, "a role to achieve the director's request, only to pass, the role of success, to be given to the audience to decide." 」

In the past few years, Liang stand has the confidence, the eyebrow is the drama, the other is by the audience to guess.

"Dark Heaven" Jacky Cheung: Quiet without dispute is a kind of ability

"The truth is always there, only people invent lies." 」

"Dark Heaven" let people see Jacky Cheung another face, he is Du Tianming, warm and witty, a kiss inside the car, but like a burning bomb, ruined his life. He still does not understand, the past those who make a point of what, he was vicious to her roar, is not you know, a kiss can hurt me? The injury slowly dizzy, like a white suit infected with scarlet, dark heaven, only dark color, see heaven.

This is Jacky Cheung's third-degree contender, his first play "The Mong Kok Carmen" won the Hong Kong Gold Statue Award Best Male match, he all the way to sing, posture always relaxed, he in the song God's volume label, lightweight overlap more identity, in him, people see quiet indisputable is a kind of ability.

Perhaps, but in the dark, faint light will reflect the appearance of heaven.

"No Problem" Fanwei: There is a kind of performance called restraint

"To perform the texture of those times, I think is the most difficult and most enjoyable." This film is about people's delicate feelings, like the director said "static depth of flow", the surface looked very calm, within the delicate. 」

Black and white color, Meifeng director of the "No problem" pull us back to the old homes in the 1940 years, said the farm story, condensed is the social pattern. You want to survive in the sinister environment, tactful is your ability, Fanwei Ding is a case, hand zuoyi, squeeze out a smile, murmured a word "This is not a problem", the problem is probably the biggest problem.

Fanwei for the first Golden Horse, who was a crosstalk actor, voice expression and body language have crosstalk marks, we still do not recognize him, but already feel his rich level, play slick play restrained and restrained.

Fanwei talk about the movie, said very simple, is a group of extreme people, met with an extreme story.

"Goodbye Tile City" Ko Jindong: Finally began to understand what acting is

"You want to have the world, but my world is only you." 」

"Goodbye Tile City" Let people see Ko Jindong, he dark thin, camel back, eyes without Giddens pride, he is no longer the favored. He plays Okuni, smuggled from Burma to Thailand, wants to get a better life, and he wants to find a lover who has the same peace of mind as the world. But he can give love, she does not take, love an inch by inch to break. (same field Gayon: I'm not working hard enough!) Interview Ko Jindong: I want to be a solid actor.

Ko Jindong Finalists, so deeply understand that they are not enough. He said that it was a solid year away from Taiwan and that he knew he had to be more prepared. He sat in the back of the pickup truck, no shelter, 38 degrees in Bangkok, so that the skin looks more black and dirty, to work in Thailand, and workers to live with the same sleep, to Okuni live into his body memory, repeated practice of Yunnan dialect, finally in exchange for director Zhao Deiin, "You can play." 」

Many people say that Ko Jindong changed, I think he may not have changed, but finally saw someone outside the behind, gradually understand what acting is.