Yesterday, the court to conduct the same-sex marriage to the public hearing, in addition to the negative opinion, women fans also want to take you see affirmative discussion. May we stop and listen to other people's opinions, understand and seek answers.

11/24 afternoon, the Legislative Yuan held the first "same-sex marriage law" public hearing, the group recommended 25 scholars experts, pros and cons of confrontation, the field against the same, quite the same groups also participate. Many netizens heard the opposing discourse raise anger: Judge Hsieh to the cockroach analogy homosexuality, the Presbyterian Church Okayama Church priest Caivin said "the same sex Marriage Act is the legal scam", the World Peaceful Unification Family Federation Director Huhuijian said: "The male sex organ is for the woman, the woman's sexual organ is for the man's birth" ....

There was a rough discussion on the Internet, and women fans wanted to show us that, in addition to attacking fallacies, we could actually do more. See the public hearing on the ground, the transmission of support for same-sex marriage method of argument, is one way. Shaozhao, a professor at the University of Xuanzang, who has a Buddhist view of gay marriage, a gay bill of Rights lobby CEO Susan shares her marriage with her partner, Hope, a professor of psychiatry at Kaohsiung University of Medicine, Yong Fang said homosexuality is not a disease of discrimination.

Many worthy of dialogue with the opposing side of the discussion, let us review together, and maintain a friendly communication, and return to the same-sex marriage law long road to a dialogue possible.

Shaozhao: Don't let Taiwan become a witch hunt society

Shaozhao openly supports the legalization of gay marriage and supports the issue of homosexuality in a Buddhist perspective. Shaozhao Hui said: "Every life is based on different, but the Buddha is equal to each person, if you can live more happy than now, you should give blessing and support." 」

And in response to the fear of the opposition, "lust flows":"all passions are instinctive, there is no such thing as sanctity and sin, emphasizing the value of not being a wrapper in the name of religion," if anyone wants to enter the family, but the family value is still to be defined by you, it is a bit obsessive and unconvincing. " "(Same field Gayon:"film straight hit "Talk about companion system!) Xu Xiuwen: "The state should not define people's intimate relationship")

Speaking of the "single marriage and the value of the family", she said: "If the marriage is only to nurture the next generation, that infertility is not a hit, the family function is very much, do not only think that the sperm and egg combination." "Shaozhao the logic of a clear invitation to the opposition to clear their own" objections to the argument, do not let Taiwan become a witch hunt society.

Susan: Let your children know that life is not just a shape

Gay Bill of Rights lobby CEO Susan to share her real family appearance, she and his wife in artificial reproduction in this year gave birth to two babies, both parents are happy to see the generation of this happy family. Susan asked, "Does the existence of these gay families break up the traditional family?" If such a marriage is not a marriage, then what is marriage? 」

Susan should be opposed to the law-fixing party do not know how to teach children, can refer to how she teaches children: "I will tell children, life will meet many people, everyone's family background is not the same, some have a father a mother, some from single-parent families, some with grandparents live together, All kinds of family appearance are possible. 」

"In addition to the differences in family appearance, each person in every respect may be different from others, in school, fat, acne or moving children, are likely to be bullying, to change is this bullying other people's culture, and even if not the same as others, it is not necessarily bad things. "As Taiwan moves towards a pluralistic society, she wants to see the real problem of discrimination between class and bullying, not the ethnic groups responsible for discrimination," she said. (Recommended reading:"See Comrade" Lana & Cindy: I met you before I started my life )

Yong Fang: Medical Early confirmation that homosexuality is not a disease

Yong Fang, a professor of psychiatry at Kaohsiung Medical University, extends the discussion from the medical context, stating that homosexuality does not cause mental health and social problems, and that the problem is social discrimination, and that parents are both of the same sex families, and that the development of children is no different from heterosexual families.

"The medical profession has long announced that homosexuality is not a disease, and the Taiwanese spiritual society believes that homosexuality should be regarded as a social member with the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens," Yong Fang said. He discussed that same-sex marriage should not be governed by the law: "In the medical and constitutional positions should be equal and no direction, so that comrades enjoy heterosexual marriage rights and responsibilities, should not nor do not need a law or special law." 」

Many people ask him if same-sex marriage law will cause "sexual liberation"? He responded to the study by pointing out that the proportion of teenage girls born in Taiwan is already the first in Asia, and that the problem should start with sex education rather than restricting same-sex marriage. (same field Gayon:"Kabul | See comrade" a really needed AIDS education in Taiwan )

From the debate in the field to the real world

In addition to the field, there are many supporters of same-sex marriage law, friends, partner Union Secretary-General Jianzhi Jie in the Legislative Yuan Group Yin Lou, to "marriage equality, the guardian of the people" as a call for the issue of space. Anti-marriage team on the other side of Qingdao East Road, shouting "another set of special law."

Looking at the empty fire, my heart always have to bear, think of Judge Hsieh said: "If I see a cockroach, does not mean that there is only one cockroach, there are hundreds of cockroaches behind it", and even put forward "we have to because of a few visually impaired, all the road into a handicapped road," the attack of bullying. As well as Huhuijian said, "sexual organs are not for themselves," and the Secretary-General of the union said: "If same-sex marriage can, the mother and son married, Australian people want to marry the Ferris wheel, the United States people want to marry 50 cars, is it all right?" "The misleading fallacy.

What people want to defend is what they believe in, but in addition to taking value as a knife to hurt people, we have not put down the sword to discuss the possibility of the future?

Legalizing same-sex marriage is not a totalitarian policy to attack heterosexuality, nor a law that exaggerated the passions. Those who guard the value of the heterosexual do not need to suppress the existence of homosexuality, to theoretical reasons, not to personal attacks on the public hearings on the exchange, there will be a public hearing to be held in the future, women fans look forward to whether the affirmative, standing on the platform for the people to speak, it should be worthy of their right to sound, tell the truth and put forward practice.

As long as we remember, the Gang, outside the court, dozens of gay families, at least 4.4% of Taiwan comrades, still in the rain. Perhaps a judge Hsieh words, we have a Biansen, there are hundreds of after the Biansen; we have a Yang Chengyun, there are countless of the Lujiang country Yang Chengyun, is standing in the attic, wandering and not jumping. (Recommended reading: written after the termination of the second trial of marriage equality: under discrimination, will die Ye Yongji and Yang Yunxing )

Finally, invite you to come up with a woman obsessed with online public hearings to seek answers, about same-sex marriage practice, how do we offer better answers?