Ciat é Color After this, this series is a new series called Caviar Manicure, which is not just a color, but a "shape" of it.

alt = "Luminance Caviar Manicure" from fingertips src=" /system/upload/temp/2dde595770ea69ec58460ef7cb1632f1.jpg "style = "width: 610px; height: 344px;" />

Caviar Manicure turns the nail polish in the bottle into a tiny, tiny, tiny bead that makes the fingertip look more dazzling and close to 3D light!The following is the actual use of the three colors of the series, not only on nail polish, but also with the glue that does not hurt the skin, and which part of the body can be used to make the makeup.



supermodel blue-black

Do you want to try again to worry that the color drawing material of this texture is not easy to use?Don't worry, Ciat é has made a simple, colored using chart, to teach people how to use the caviar series.

Use Method:

      Colored wallpaper nail
    1. Sprinkling the Painter Painter before the second layer of nail polish (Remember below)
    2. After lightly pressing on the color of the fixed finger
    3. lightly coating the
    4. Coat style= " background-color: transparent; "> 15 ~ 20 minutes to be the color full dry
    5. Colorful fingernails of the perfect bead are painted and finished!

    If the above diagram and instructions are still not able to answer your questions, then the following lively use of instructional films will definitely give you a look at it!


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