Golden Horse 53 Double actress ! Congratulations on the "July and the Sheng" Chou-Winter Rain and Ma Sichun, listen to two people's winning speech, let us together for the film drink , for friendship applause! (Recommended reading: Golden Horse 53 outstanding film workers!) Zhao Deiin: "It is Taiwan that gives me more dreams than to live")

Golden Horse 53 Unprecedented double movie Queen, let the weeks and winter rain and Youmars Pure won, "July and The Ann" adapted from Anne's baby's namesake short story, Chou-Winter rain Ma Sichun acting, have evolved into another himself. The play is to endure several months of bitter film, but the actor's zhi industry and friends of Friendship is a lifetime, Ariel looked at the stage to cry, the cast looked at two heroine on stage, shed tears. It is a film with pain, you remember Chou-winter rain hate disdain eyes, remember Ma Sichun tore open clothes insolent, listen to two people's acceptance speech, for the film Drink, for friendship celebration:

Chou-Winter Rain:

To all of you first bow ah, thank essential, I am particularly nervous at the bottom, until now are shaking, this air-conditioning open really big. I would like to begin to thank the first to thank the people who brought me into the film, he called Zhang Yimou director, I may not be able to contact the film, and then thank Chan Director, Zeng Director, all and the film and Golden Horse-related staff, you work hard, I am giving you bow.

No one in my family makes movies, I feel special uphold, thank all my staff and the people who support me.

Ma Sichun:

Oh I want to cry again, thank you for giving us the most successful outcome of the film, July and the perfect, is a person. In fact, started quite lost, we were shortlisted for many did not get, did not expect surprises in the back, thank the jury for our exception, we have 21.

Thank you for the winter Rain (winter rain: gee, I forgot to thank you), have a good opponent to have good me, have a good sister, can have good ..., gee I really don't know what to say, without you I may not stand here, of course, you will not stand here without me.

Thank you, Director, thank you very much. The leading actor, although he is very slag, but he has provided a lot of creations for our performance. Thanks to our four women writers, we can't interpret the characters well, thanks to Tong Tong to create a good song. Thank my mother, you particularly want me to marry when my grandparents are healthy, I may not necessarily, but I first sent the Golden Horse home, so that four elderly people are happy.

Chou-Winter rain bow, and then bow, can act, can tell the story, is full of gratitude; Youmars Pure look at the weeks and winter rain like saw the life, thank this Golden Horse award, let the two people separated from death.

"July and the Calm", a mediocre life hit the vigorous, wiped out the eye-catching gorgeous flower fire; a restrained in July met the wild, her well-behaved soul living under a naughty, her contempt demeanor live in July.

I wish there was a girl in your life, like the rain and the Ma Sichun, like the July and the living, love and hate, no I don't have you.

"July and the" You should not miss the classic dialogue

"The wound is the disgrace that others give, the illusion that oneself insists." 」

"The most beautiful affair in the world is to meet another self." 」

"Girls can walk a lot, life toss point may not be unhappy, but very hard." 」

"The shadow of the person and shadow of the body of the exchange of life: Peace became a stable July, July became a wandering." 」

July: My mom says there is no place for girls to go, from one home to another.
You believe that? I have thought well, I am doomed to cosmopolitan in this life.