single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Weeks and winter rain and Ma Sichun to "July and the Sheng" won the Golden Horse Double, speech when Ma Sichun said, "Without you I will not stand here, of course, you will not be here," like the July and The Good, love and hate is the same thing, do you believe it or not? The movie will also be shown on the 3/23 stage.

"July, come, let me see your breasts." She stared at her young breasts, only to recognize her chest also have a pair, hehe smiled, immersed in a small bathtub. When the two little girls got up for breath, they found they had grown up, years passed, their hands were still holding together.

The day is a bath together, bed together, go to school together, sleep together, that should not be in love? She fell in love, the boy called Home Ming, long top good-looking, home Ming really love who get uncertain idea, lover sister, enemy confidant, is only a thought.

She likes her quite does not care about the eyebrow, likes to listen to her to say, I this lifetime, doomed cosmopolitan, she wants her to go on a long journey, takes her soul, she goes to stray, she is for him, she knows as long as she openings, she will be willing to leave for her.

She likes her to be nice, remember her whisper in her ear, I want to live freely, and you, but she knows, quiet, only really like July, only July really know what she yearned for, and July chose to love, no openings to stay her.

They are the looks of many different twins, with away from each other's deformity and pity, the days of their respective roots, each for light and shadow. No matter where you go, the love you get is only half the love in such a relationship, everyone is hard.

They love the moment of hate in the bathroom, eager to rip open their own, there is no hidden, only to tell the truth. She said, "Home Ming is I let you, if you want me not to rob," she said, "You have what qualifications to let, in addition to me, this world who really love you?" 」

Love and hate twins, she stepped on her way to become her appearance, she did not hate her luck, think of her mother said to her, "Girls can walk a lot of life toss point may not be unhappy, but very hard." "She only knew that the freedom of the state, in fact, is hard to be accustomed to, only oneself is she can settle down hometown." She laughs at herself and goes so far as to be with her like a fatalistic.

If you want to love, to love like the July, stable life, she will let go at the last moment, just understand that freedom is hard, wandering to have a look back to see the people, really go far.

If you want to love, to love like an Sheng, only willing to a few people heart, all the way out of life, if met who, you can firmly do not go, you are here, why should I go.

Give you a July, to change your an, without you without me.