Jiaoan Pu appeared at the scene of the public hearings, she hopes to take a long-term view of the evolution of human relations history, found that the needs of the times are not the same, holding a happy heart to meet the advent of a better era.

Jiaoan PU published excerpts

I want to talk to people about the nature of marriage, what is the nature of marriage? If you use Google can find all kinds of marriage system origin, the Western world, the religious world ... Now, we are in fact only to use their own point of view to argue with each other, in the louder than who, but if Taiwan is a society that cares about the truth, we can always go back to find the root cause, see the evolution of marriage system in Taiwan, can give us a better way to look at the future

Marriage in the past in the eastern and Western world to establish a long-term trading history, our current society, history in the debate between men and women of the long, the rights and interests of countless people have been sacrificed, why can we come to this step? From the only marriage to the blood (pure blood) to not be married to the blood (genetically fine), and Taiwan from bride to the Republic of 106, we are a husband and wife, blessed with free will. So looking back, the countless changes in the meaning of human marriage.

In some of the topics, the so-called minority, is only a small number of space-time, not the eternal minority of human history, but we usually only want to believe what has happened, do not believe the unknown. This is what I would like to offer to the general public, to be sure to listen to the (public hearing) process, to understand the point of view of the law, and before making a point of view, be sure to say something for yourself, and be sure to trace back to the way you speak, the words and the evolution, and through the prosecution you will find many facts, are just more than 10 years of the current bubble, not to learn for the constant, not be blessed. (Recommended reading: Marriage equality small bee practice: Dear passers-by, talk about marriage, companion law, gay couples Law bar )

We have only been through martial law for 30 years, and we have to give more blessings and support to the general public, and there are too many human rights issues. It is now happening, the public opinion of our society in the process of discussion, also look forward to its occurrence, even if the pain, we look at the real face of the law, all need to face, it is necessary to be touched and challenged, it is not high banner, not we can take the traditional culture smashed other people's head, in my study of education, Consolidate all the traditional sages and say one thing: you will always have to look at the world with a moral renovation.

The things that make you feel miserable now are the conditions for being human and to be valued, because we have done this, so we will be proud of such a chaotic age, because we can withstand such confusion.

I don't come for myself today, for all the people I know, they are the people I want to meet in my life, I really need the general public now, thank you for listening to a creator like me say my opinion.

Our political culture is still growing and transforming, and our society needs more basic education and more sense of humour for the theory and dialectical process.

Finally, I would like to say in a word, I very much hope that more people will join me, until everyone is "ordinary person".

Although the law is difficult to change people's prejudices, the law cannot be considered a prejudice service. Not to make people's prejudices or habits, by law, directly or indirectly generate power, which is our expectation of the law. It requires us to redefine, in accordance with everyone's living conditions and quality of life, we should not let the law make people suffer.

"Jiao An and married quotations"

If you feel that a person can be free of suffering because of all kinds of people in the world, then of course you will use "what gay marriage is supposed to do" to speak loudly.

If there ' s no one beside you. When your soul embarks. Then I ' ll follow you into the dark.

If you meet a person, willing to love you all your life , marry him.