Emmahuasen , a Belle and Beast, has a background of weight in addition to acting and further giving the character the soul. To see the film version of what is different from Belle, through Emmahuasen input, the princess can also angular ! (Recommended reading: Emmahuasen's Shocking United Nations speech: "Not only for women's rights, but both sexes can be free!") ")

Since the 2014 Emmahuasen delivered the UN heforshe speech, she has been more efforts to strengthen the gender awareness in Hollywood culture, a series of celebrities also openly support, have voiced their position for equal pay, gender equality. Last year Emmahuasen the Belle and the Beast's role, the film is expected to be officially released March 17, 2017 in the United States. To be an actress is not just to interpret the character's soul, she lets Belle turn into a more dynamic character, sharing with you the following Emmahuasen's expectations for Belle:

Belle is not just a fairy princess! It's the role of empowering girls.

Emmahuasen was fascinated by "Beauty and the Beast", she particularly loved the frank and sincere eccentric Belle, Belle in the small town, although she is beautiful, but always quiet reading, do not know what Belle is thinking. In the original, Belle's father is an inventor, Emmahuasen also in the discussion with the Director, decided to make the film version of the Belle also has the inventor character, because she is the ancient spirit, want to buy more reading time for themselves so invented the washing machine.

Emmahuasen said: "Belle is an adventurous woman, we want to give this story more foreshadowing, let her become a positive person for life." I believe every girl has the right to decide her own destiny. "Let Belle become an inventor, not just a girl who loves to read, she seems to have a more reliable background, we are more convinced that Belle is not only the role of God, but the real people."

In addition, in the original bell for fear of the father's safety, summon up the courage to ride a horse to rescue, Emmahuasen think her that a chic also should have more ink. So in the film, Belle's costumes do not have ingenuity, she took off the small ling wheel of heel shoes put on boots, fluffy skirt is loose pants, make her a more like the adventurous person. (Recommended reading: Society does not need more "good girl"!) A heartwarming TED speech: "Don't be a perfect coronation girl, make her brave and adventurous"

Take off the princess's body clothes, let the woman free

You may remember that each Disney princess was slim and slender, and had played the movie version of "Fairy Romance," as Lily James once said, she tried to slim down for the role, only to eat liquid food to spend the months. Emmahuasen said that Belle's character likes to create business and adventure, without a lot of time to focus on her body, she hopes to change the way the mass media views Disney princess by refusing to wear a dress and giving it back to Belle: "Belle is an active girl, She will not let her body clothes hinder her freedom and action. (same field Gayon: who is holding a woman's body?) The Goddess and the slut under the patriarchal eye

Emmahuasen that the media constantly shape the female standard body image, so that the public questioned their expectations. She said: "Even if I know my body is not standard, I have to do is not to change it, but to feel confident and comfortable." "Emmahuasen once said that he spent half of his life playing other people, while friends of the same age were dyeing their hair and trying to find their own position, she was studying what Hermione was like and how to interpret the role, until after delivering the U.N. speech, she said:" I'm 25 years old, and this is the first time I've ever felt Be comfortable with what you feel. 」

Emmahuasen said: "Although I am not a director or a writer, but I have strong views and views, my character makes my actors work interesting, the role can be reconciled into my essence." I looked at Belle and felt deeply that she was a symbol of a girl's dream, telling us that a girl could go chasing adventures and be convinced of her intuition. 」

Even a princess, a warrior's soul.

Emmahuasen will let Belle live into the audience's life narrative, but also fully demonstrated the unique soul of Belle, she determined and gently mention the beast's inferiority and fragility, Emmahuasen said: "Many young girls were told they should be like a princess as fragile, I would like to say that this is nonsense!" I think we can have the spirit of warrior, martial, even if I want to become a princess, will also be a warrior soul princess. 」

To be a princess who breaks the rules, just like "Beauty and the Beast", is not to see the princess and the prince's romantic ending, but to see how they overcome suffering, understand each other's sadness, become each other's courage. In Emmahuasen narration of the fairy tale, Belle is daring to go to the woman, she a horse, no sword broke into the danger. She is not waiting for the prince to redeem the woman, but see the beast fragile, a hug to undertake. (Recommended reading: Dear daughter, you do not need to be redeemed princess)

I always remember Emmahuasen that, no Prince, I can also become a princess.

"Beauty and the Beast" inspiring golden sentences

I want to be wild and adventurous anywhere in the world, and I want to know what the world can tell me.

She said, don't be deceived by appearances, all beauty comes from within.

I have a kind heart, although I am a beast.

Everyone said I was a weirdo, or that I was different, so I felt particularly lonely.

I set her free, for I loved her dearly.