Feminism is not equal to nativism!Feminism believes that both men and women should be given equal rights and opportunities.

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our hearts, Harry Potter is always a classic, clever and clever in our hearts, and the reality of Emma Watson's life is even better than the beauty of her life in the world of magic.In May 2014, Emma graduated from Brown University and was elected the United Nations Global Goodwill Ambassador (U.N). Women global goodwill ambassador.).

24-year-old Emma Watson has openly stated that she is a feminist, and she is committed to fighting for women's rights. She has also openly voiced support for the of the Turkish Prime Minister's ban on in href="http://www.heforshe.org.ref=readin " target="_blank"> HeforShe Sports !The whole audience was rejored with the help of the whole audience.

What we are fighting for is not the rights of women, but the freedom of the sexes!

Emma Watson

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"Heforshe"? When feminism becomes a negative label for "loathing men" , how does Emma Watson look at "feminism"?Let's listen to Emma Watson's moving speech, and after listening to feminism or gender equality, you will have a deeper feeling, and you will know that it's a natural thing to do!Emma Watson roccks!

Here is the speech content of Emma Watson:

Today, I tell you on behalf of the United Nations that we are starting to move forward with a campaign called HeForShe.I'm standing here with the microphone because this movement needs your help.We want to end gender inequality, but that belief needs to be participatory.

This is the first such movement of the United Nations, and we want to encourage men and boys to join, because you will always be the best advocate of gender equality.We don't want to just talk about or imagine a day of gender equality, and we want to see it happen.

From six months ago, when I became a goodwill ambassador and started talking about feminism, I found that feminism in the fight for women's rights has gradually become a synonym for "disgust men".And I understand that this definition is not correct, and that misconception must stop.

Feminism is not equal to nativism!Feminism believes that both men and women should be given equal rights and opportunities, and feminism seeks to achieve gender equality in political, economic, and social terms.

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I remember when I was eight years old, because I wanted to direct a play for Dad's children's play, and I was said to be “ bossy ”, and I had doubts about the different roles that I had been given since then.

This is where I was 15 years old when I was 15 years old because I didn't want to look too masculine, so I walked out of her favorite team. When I was 16, my male friends around me told me that even though he was sad, he didn't dare to express his vulnerability because he was a boy.

At that moment, I realized I was a feminist.Today, "feminists" are becoming a term of negative meaning, and everyone is eager to leave themselves feminists, as they fear being labeled "too aggressive," "too aggressive," "too isolated", "aversion to man", and "unattractiveness".

But why are we so afraid of feminism?What misunderstandings do we have about feminism?

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Start by myself.I believe women deserve the same salary as men in the workforce, and I believe that in my country, women should have the right to participate in politics and decision-making, and I believe women deserve the same respect for men as men.However, it is not until today that no country woman in the world can enjoy these rights, nor can a single country dare to say that they have reached gender equality.(Let's look at: Gender Divergence does not exist?Google Search Engine tells you )

But I think I'm a lucky kid in the process of growing up.My parents did not love me because I was a girl; I would not be denied the right to school because I was a girl; my mentor did not assume that I was a woman who might have a child in the future, and that I would be less successful.They may not realize how much influence they have done to a little girl, but they are all invisible ambassadors of gender equality, so that I can become myself today.And our society needs more of them.

(Next, listen to Emma Watson for the gender gap faced by men)

If you still don't like the word "feminism", I want to tell you that what really matters is not the term "feminism", but rather the vision and ambition behind it.Because I know that many women in the world are not as lucky as I am, many women have grown up because they are women, making them more difficult and more difficult to make their way through.

In 1997, Hilary Clinton made a speech on women's rights in Beijing, but unfortunately, many of her demands were still unfulfilled.But what was even more surprising was that only 30 % of the audience at the time were men. If men are not invited to this conversation, How can we change this gender-rigid world?

So my dear man, I would like to invite you in public, because gender equality is also the right you have to fight for.Because of gender constraints, it's also a source of pain for you.

Because today, I know that many young men suffer from mental illness because they are unable to ask for help, are unwilling to become vulnerable and suffer from mental illness, because they are afraid that their emotions will make them look missing, and in fact in the United Kingdom, the proportion of men who committed suicide in the age of 20-49 is far more than traffic accidents, cancer, heart disease, and the first cause of death.I am even more aware that men will be frustrated by the failure to meet the demands of "male success" in society.For men, they also felt the pressure of gender inequality.(I moved the recommendation: Man's Truth: I feel the most man I am is my heart )

We don't talk about men being trapped in a gender framework, but that does exist.So what we are fighting for is not just the rights of women, but also the common interests of both sexes.I believe that men and women should be able to express their vulnerability freely; men and women should also be able to show strong freedom, not limited to their gender.

We should begin to treat Gender as a flow of spectrum rather than two opposing gender idealistic stereotypes.(Sibling: Owning his handsome and her beauty!)Neutral Model Erika Linder

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The movement of HeForShe is in fact a struggle for the freedom of the sexes.I hope men can take up this burden together and let their daughters, sisters and mothers be exempt from gender discrimination, while their sons are also able to show their vulnerability, regardless of gender, and be able to find parts of the world that he is not allowed to show by society, and become more sincere and more complete.

Many of you may want this Harry Potter's role here to do what?and why she has the ability to stand up to the United Nations.It's a good question, believe me, and I keep asking myself this question.In fact, I don't know if I am enough to be here, but I only know that I'm serious about this issue, and I want to do what I can to change the status quo, so that both of them can live better.

I have seen so many examples around me, so I know what I am going to say when this opportunity arises.The Irish political and orator Edmund Burke said, "The evil victory is actually very simple, as long as men and women don't want to change anything."" This sentence has a deep impact on me.

I was actually nervous about this talk, but I had doubts about myself, but I decided to resolutely ask myself: If it wasn't me, who would that be?If it wasn't for now, then when?Then I found that I couldn't wait, because our appeal was always a glimme of hope, yet never seen.

At present, it is true that men and women have to wait a hundred years for equal pay; at least 15 million girls are forced to marry before she is a minor; and a final study shows that until 2086, girls in the African countryside do not have the right to receive secondary education.(Recommended reading: This is worth a better wage!)Reject Work with Different Pay

If you believe that this is not the case, if you believe in equality, you are the invisible ambassador of gender equality.So, I want to give you a round of applause.

We're still trying to make the world work better, and now we have a united activity called HeForShe, and I'm going to invite you to step forward and invite you to say what you think, and invite you to be the one who fought for the free movement of the sexes.And ask yourself, if it wasn't me, who would that be?If not now, when will it be?

Ask yourself if not me, Who?
If not now, When.

Thank you.

ask yourself if not me, who, if not now, when. Women's fans want to share this wonderful speech to you, let's walk together in the quest for a better, more equitable world, not just for women's rights, but also for more comfortable, more complete self-setting.Fight for women, Fight for men, And Fight for Gender Equality!(Sibling: Don't make gender stereotypes negate your beauty )