end of the author lecture, invited Xu Yu Fang with Miao Boya to talk about how Taipei girls have roots in the land of Taipei. on the night of December 22, we both love and talk about politics, like Taiwan, which has been feeding us for years. born in this side of the land, a closer look at the love and hate with Taiwan, we are on this land, out of their own way of life, become the girls they want to become. (Recommended reading: Yun Wei: We are so hungry, so eager for the ideal )

often received Xu Yu Fang's new draft, I always feel cherish, read her word relaxed and happy, imagine her pen look, it is a little angry kind of it, and she finally chose to write softly. She sometimes told me that she did not feel confident in writing, but I always feel that as a writer she is well-deserved, she and this time stand together, that is her gift and choice.

years passed, she read a doctor, rooting in the distant Toronto, I wrote to her in Taiwan, often think of the first time I read her article moved, she wrote Taipei Girls, "the boys are saying that now girls are not the best Princess disease." But when Taipei girls frown on taxes, real estate or mayoral elections, Taipei girls seem to be not cute anymore. What exactly is cute? Is it a ponytail or a double ponytail? "(same field Gayon: A long way to study: cultivate the ability to look into one's soul )

She cleverness sharp, words sharp and full, it is a rational and emotional pen, and she is able to write and willing to write repeatedly, while as a female doctor, while the text, across the world is the way home, is her action code.

Xu Yu to out the book, I secretly screamed, waited for a long time. December, she out of the first book, choose to write Taipei girls. the girls in Taipei are very complicated creatures, they come from all directions, with all over the township temperament, and Taipei this magic City repeatedly fight, hate it, resist it, accustomed to it, plastic it, grew up in Taipei girls, soft is very stubborn, can't easily please, she for so nobody understand we wrote a book, into our hands.

I think we have all been Taipei girls and have been renovating the basic teachings of Taipei girls. So we planned such a writer salon, invited Xu Tianfang and Mioboya to talk about Taipei girls and Taiwan to talk about the love, invite you to come, maybe you are Taipei girls, perhaps you are not, but we are practicing, and Taiwan to talk about such a love.

Introduction to Events and speakers

"Politics is like falling in love, you need to break up." Love easy to get along, students have been involved in the political movement of the Whirlpool Xu Yu Fang from afar back, holding a love of Taiwan, such as ex-girlfriend mood, and is not afraid of the heat in the kitchen hot political figures Mioboya meet. A "Taipei Girl" who is from Kaohsiung, a very young girl, and two who are building their dreams in the capital, is going to be in a woman's salon, talking about their love-hate feelings with Taiwan, the little women who have been politically confused, and the life they aspire to hope for. ”

Xu Yu Fang

Woman fan author, Bachelor of Law, University of Chicago, Master of Social Sciences, College of Law, Berkeley, Canada, now living in Toronto.

Miao Boya

Taipei People, Social Democratic Party national commissioners, Yahootv "Amiao with Wind" host. pay attention to judicial reform, gender equality, constitutional democratic development. hope that Taiwan's next generation, in unity, equality, freedom of the country, happy to grow.