single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Write Jin Yong series, if you want to love, like "White Horse sao westerly" Li Wenxio the same. May the White horse carry me back to the central Plains, I still have all the way with my love of stubbornness, it is very good, but I just don't like. (same field Gayon: single diary: Sometimes like to pursue, sometimes like to let go )

It was not until a long time later that Jin Yong's "White Horse Sao westerly wind" was turned. "White Horse squealing West Wind" is a rare piece of gold old, want to talk about things very clean and transparent, the most thrilling is not necessarily the Hua Shan on the sword, but the life is gone forever, loved you, and then do not love you.

Li Wenxio, White Horse carrying her, carry her to the desert outside the wilderness, still do not understand what race is before, she has seen the eyes of those who look at her, Han Chinese is a torn volume label, symbolizing plunder and malice. Only the Kazakh teenager Soup to her hand, drove over the flock, heard the bell bird singing, lying on the prairie looking at the stars, he put his first kill wolf Skin, in a steady hand to her hands, Li Wenxio thought, that is love.

It is a love she could not, she is Han, he is Kazakh, she is reluctant to Soup for her father beat scold. She secretly put the wolf skin to another beautiful Kazakh girl in front of Oman, she told herself, if Love can let Soup hurt, then she can no longer see Soup. She turned away from the Soup, slowly left the lying grassland, her singing more and more distant, she occasionally think, Soup will know I have left?

Soup was far away from her, and Li Wenxio to see him with Oman later. She thought, I love Soup, so do not hurt him for me, if he met the likes of people, it is also very good, but she did not think, Soup become so fast. She thought she was stupid and felt so stupid.

She put the love of childhood mixed tears, buried under the yellow sand, the wind blows to scatter, like her that year to his jade bracelet, long time ago, was broken, only she still won't forget.

At the end of the story, Li Wenxio riding old White Horse back to the central Plains, White horse very old, can only slowly walk, but after all can return to the central Plains, the Han Chinese have handsome and chivalrous teenager, suave chic teenager, but Li Wenxio very stubborn, "that is very good very good, but I just don't like." 」

If you want to love, Love like Li Wenxio. I like you, not because of you, I do not like you, nor because you are not good. A person's good and bad, with likes and dislikes have no relation.

If you want to love, Love like Li Wenxio. Do a stubborn girl for love, talk about a not to get love, love time wholeheartedly, left when the back is firm.