The new Vieri blue film "But Doomsday" is recommended for everyone who is thinking about family values and family intimacy. There is no standard answer, home is not always lovely and happy, loosen the complex dogma of home, see the real pain and darkness in the family, follow the film lens, reflective home is what. (Recommended reading:"Dear Mummy" The essence of love is not to recover, but to give each other the ability to hurt each other )

"My home has no heart, my family has no blood, if you try to break in, it will bleed will not leave traces, home is not a safe haven, home is the place of pain." 」

When the adult wants the child to look up, raises the smiling face to practise sings "My family is really lovable, neat is happy and is healthy", vieri the blue to reply with the movie, you saw? Home is also where the pain is developed, where it hurts.

From the family, reflect on the intimate relationship, is the eternal proposition of the blue film. The blood tie also binds us, twining family, as the family, falls in love so the injury, has seen the heaven also longs for the hell, but, the family cannot solve the question, also should throw to where? Is it possible for a family to be loved and not to be happy?

Walking out of the cinema, I saw the island of Taiwan, the family value of noisy. He said that the family should be a man and a woman, the family only love, so with large hands for the family set the norms, locked themselves in the inside, out of all the shape of the people, the family so bright, can not tolerate any hidden and dark.

And I think, is the time, we follow the blue lens, think of the existence of the purpose of the family, challenge their own adherence to the family value, licking their own growth wounds. The family should be a more real place, where both love and pain exist and are promised. (Same field Gayon: The definition of "home" to the people in love: My family is unfortunate but very real )

My family is not lovely after the fable

"What's the point of not coming?" They are my family. A home I can't imagine sharing, even with blood, so I decided to get out of here and go for 12 years. 12 is a long time, but it's nothing. 」

Louis set foot on the road home, known difficult, blood how wonderful, their days no longer together, but the news of the death of this moment, he still feel must give this group of people an account, for what, he also can't say.

This is one of my family's not cute after fable, Louis is the child from home, back to the family, occasionally sent a few letters to maintain the relationship between the card, he did not know. Sister treasures his postcard, cut off his brother's news report, only slowly clear brother's appearance.

On the plane, Louie's shoulder-neck was hunched, and the little girl behind her was covering his eyes with her hands. He could not think how to laugh, he could not remember what the mother likes to cook, he does not know when his brother married, he can only remember, he is afraid of this group of people, they are his family, he did not understand how to love them to really count.

The plane landed so early that he dared not go home. Afraid they would not welcome him, also afraid they too welcome him. He wants to go home, bring his own death, reign, unable to be epigenetic.

Louis was writing the playwright, and he pushed open the picture of the house so that he timidly approached, the weight of the age so pressed up, 12 of years of information overload, he will not breath, his mother wiped nail polish, face makeup fast dizzy; the sister hugged him very strange so very hard; brother back to him, like a high wall, export only dirty words , the sister-in-law chatted about the child of the family, we took your name for him, do you remember? Ah, I forgot, there are so many things you don't know.

No one can disguise, it's just an ordinary afternoon, Louis even a "how do you suddenly think to go home" ridicule, can not bear. There are a lot of contradictions at home, and so he to carry, because people repeatedly exhort, together bear, just count family.

They meet Louis in front of the door, this is a rehearsal has not been perfect drama, they have been positioning, this group of anxious to escape from the family illusion, but also unwilling to heart family shape broken, with their own overflowing pain and secret, prostrated. (Recommended to you: Let everyone define what is family!) VCDs, "Lunch Queen" to the diversity of family thinking )

The absolute and violent of affection: love and hate twins, so the family

They all love Louis, but they don't know Louis loves who, Love has a linear, he to who eccentric?

Sister smoking cool, do not forget to complain Louis wrote postcard careless; mother repeated the Sunday of the past, to Louis think of all the happy picture; his brother shook off Louis to stretch out the goodwill, he said I'm sick of you make me feel very special, you walk away, I am not special.

But the end of the world is a lot of facial features, face the emotions, her accusations, his anger, her loneliness, his helplessness can not hide, the past and the present time axis overlap, the father and the first boyfriend of the appearance and absence, Louie's understanding of the home is still in the past, but the family has moved forward.

They are all too real, the real people with the injury waiting to be understood. A scene in the scene, in the room, balcony, car inside staged, bypassing all the places to grow memories, cut open their own, to see their own pain, conflict, despair, weary, hiding from the scene of the quarrel, the shape of the family in a huge quarrel in the collapse of the fall, that is just right, home never "natural", nor "take for granted".

A bird sprang from the clock, and went down the wall, then fell, leaving no scarlet, and he was quiet when he came, and so was he when he left.

"The master Louis is wandering like a ghost in the world, and he is the only one who is really alive," he said in an interview. He plunged into a family vortex, trying to break through, and finally had to flee from it. 」

I remembered that before Louie left, his mother hugged him and said softly, "next time, we'll be better prepared." "This is true, we are in fact learning, how to be a family, the endless family table, try to take every one who is going to fall." (Recommended reading: Gender Watch: As a mother, is it easy for your child not to be your child?) )

In the end, the blood is just to identify clues, take away the rights of the family level, but also to understand a real person, to see all the living shape, to imagine all the possibility of love. So the family is no longer always lovely, affection no longer degenerate into violence, see people have injuries, in each will not come the next time, we have to try to live.

Of course, the family's not finished yet, after walking out of the cinema, it takes a long time to ask yourself, to see the family scene we are going to take, perhaps at home in the courtyard, perhaps on Ketagalan Avenue, perhaps we are also unable to love the people, perhaps we are also the children of long home. We will understand that we can start at home, and repeatedly modify the rigid definition of love, because, no relationship should be similar, relations have no role model, should not be so heavy, relationship should let people grow up, will be free.

My family is not lovely, but I still willing to, hard to love.