Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

A few days ago, my friend cried to me on the phone, growing up so hard, why should we grow up.

Sounds really vexatious, but everyone has a monologue in mind.

People have such a time, chasing the last bus, late at night tired to lie back home, also in a planning case, people have such a time, you bend your waist to apologize to customers, afraid of their own bent deep will not come back; when people have this, we are more and more skilled in the decision of big things, but more careless about the care of people. People have this time when you get up in the morning brushing your teeth and don't know why you're going to work, you look at yourself in the mirror and cry; people have this time, you are the boss to veto the No. 800 time of the project, decided to back up the bag to resign, in the mind of the tenth time to shoot the table of resignation letter picture, you give up, continue to open Word repairs a case to a colleague.

Always in such a time, you suspect, you angry, you do not reconciled: is one day, I also grew up to become a nuisance of their appearance.

In fact, we are all because we have not been able to make good life, so we regret. Sorry for the 15-year-old yourself, did not remember you travel around the world silly dream; I'm sorry, 18 years old, without your arrogance to change the world. Sorry for the 23-year-old who abandoned the promise of your first entry into the workplace--we should not be changed.

We regret it, however, because we are hopeful. In the mind of the inconstancy of the enthusiasm, in the chest with the intention to live better, we are desperately grasping those who do not want to give up the principle, just came here ah.

Who said that now you, not to live as you want to adults, please believe yourself, you are always beyond your ability to live.

So you would rather have your hands dirty and use your bare hand to transform the tilted structure, so you can sacrifice your work hours just to get to the hard earned case.

You are an adult, no longer like a child of wild rage, you use more life experience to gentle resistance.
You are a grown-up, understand the pain of growth, understand the loneliness and hardship, so we can decide to be a person growing up on the road warm.

Why do we grow up, you ask?

I want to look at the little Prince's eyes and say, grow up our world is not only Rose and fox, there is a pilot can hug the stars and trek.
I want to look at Charlie Brown's eyes and say, you are so clear and determined and foolish to believe that even if you are cheated and hurt, you will have a good thing to do.

Dear adults, you will hurt, but endure pain to do the things you believe, so that you will not be able to afford to the past that shouting to change the world's children.

Woman obsessed editor Abby

"10,000 ways to not look back, I can not be dismissed, the world than the reality of the big, I can not put my hands a booth said no way to do." 」