Miss Picky cargo notes, after the single diary , women fans of the short unit! Cargo, is to eat a rational, understand the nature of the taste of people good, take stock of the way restaurants , recipes and food stories, food is our way of taste life! Winter arrived, must eat pot, shabu hot pot, pickled cabbage Bai, spicy pot, find a companion to eat a hot pot! (Recommended reading: Bong limit!) Taking stock of four Taipei's special hotpot for taste buds

"Ah no, winter to do not eat hot pot how can?" "Season conversion, this sentence first flashed my mind, the colder the weather, the more like the body Bong, the winter is the hot pot dominating the season, eat mouth hot, feeling happy from their very close."

If you have such a hot desire to take stock of three of Taipei's hot pot shops, shabu hot pot, pickled cabbage Bai, spicy pot, there is your love?

Qingtian Street Iron-Shabu hot pot : renovation of old building tidal tide

Under the class idle sway, go through the iron hot pot, did not look carefully, but also thought is the industrial wind coffee shop, sprang is bursts of hot pot incense, hit the door, Inside is a world.

Iron-Shabu Hot pot, the name of the TIGI, is very domineering, located in Yongkang Qingtian block, the old house painted black paint, the authentic industrial wind did not expect to go with the hotpot shop very much. Inside the fashion, the meal is not sloppy, old hen and fresh fruits and vegetables stuffy six hours brewing in front of the French Chicken soup, deputy meal sent to the Yilan five-knot champion rice, meat seafood lined up to choose the choice of Yi-li Plum, Prime New, South Africa Wild Lobster, Chilean deep-sea king crab, to meet the gourmands taste buds, the unit price is really not cheap, But when you want to be nice to yourself, you need a restaurant like this.

Address: No. 141 Lane 6-1, Daan District heping East Road, Taipei, China
Tel: (02) 2391-1798

New shop in Shandong Dumpling Hall: A pot of pickled cabbage with a chimney head, only flavoursome

Shandong Dumpling Museum, is a friend told me during the student period. At that time much colder, one to winter in the dormitory cold trembling, he picked me up, said go, we go to the Shandong Dumpling Museum, a quick meal. From then on I know, to eat pickled cabbage white meat pot, have to pick the chimney head charcoal burning copper pot, just flavoursome.

Shandong Dumpling Museum, there is a pot of white cabbage, can also be a single point of fire Hou Kung Fu dishes, such as fly head or old skin tender meat, or a few dishes, of course, can also point dumplings. Warm pickled cabbage white meat pot, charcoal heating, mist blowing smoke, shrimp, crabs, fresh oyster, clams lined with pickled cabbage, soup, sour and sweet. Eat white meat pot can not be nasty, throw down meatballs, prepare the bean curd dip sauce, chat, and then Hoder wait to eat meat and pickled the right cabbage. (same field Gayon: six strokes teach you healthy eating hotpot )

Shandong Dumpling Museum

Add: 1/F, No. 19th, 133 Lane, Central Road, Xin Bei new District
Tel: (02) 2219-3541

Bridgehead spicy hot pot: Hong Kong style spicy, want to talk with you ahead of the stove

Spicy pot is a battleground, Sindian, Hall, Blue Kee, Jange, Ding Wang, Ding king in difficult to choose. So another battlefield, try Hong Kong-style spicy, do not have a flavor.

I like the spicy pot best. The bridgehead spicy hotpot, is Hong Kong-style flavor, hiding from the old apartment of the second floor and the four floors, the middle of a household, like to go home to eat the same step, the boss with a thick local accent welcome you. There are four kinds of pot, spicy, clear soup, curry, milk, clear broth is the preserved egg and coriander, you can add some Hong Kong-style Guangseng fishing surface, adsorption spicy soup sauce belly, a generous frost to the cattle small row, large intestine, beef tendon to eat together, old-fashioned decoration, suitable for everyone to come together, there is a stove feel ah.

Hot pot at Bridgehead

Address: 2, 4/F, section 157th, Dunhua South Road, Daan District, Taipei
Tel: (02) 2777-5608

Winter must eat a pot, look at the list of hot pot, you think of which friend, today call, to eat pot as an excuse, about old friends meet it.