single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Every girl in the history of growth, have looked up to a hall, his melancholy let a person Shen fan, his smile let a person hesitate, dear Hall, like you boys, like me, a girl, maybe we are destined to go a long way than others. (Recommended reading: Five Classics salute the Gongqi Chun who never retires: The world is so big, there is always a person worthy of your gentleness )

is because you are not good, just want to stay beside you, give you happiness.

"Hall's Moving Castle"

There is a boy in your life who is so childish to the world. Do not know why, clearly more mature and thick chest in front of you, but you evade, willing to do Hall's shoulder.

You are such a girl, can't stand too much sweet greasy or stable, you prefer, with an unknown person, go to the unknown world. Your bones are tough and strong blood, as a kind of hormones, let naughty boy smell.

Although he has no wings, but his stubborn and unwilling to ordinary can take you to fly, he may not have a good car, but his perseverance can be the most lightsome footsteps with you to tread the deepest muddy.

Everyone worships his heroic spirit, only you have seen his wings fall off, despair but there are full of love eyes, you know he does not want to yield behind the extreme and cowardly. When you like him, you understand the dark and weak of the man's pride.

Others ask why you do not love better people, you shake your head, glad your luck: it is because he is not good, I want to give him happiness.

You love such a person as love yourself, he is a child, need companionship and care, he is a teenager, full of childlike and defending the world's righteous, he is still lost Chihiro, in the journey to find a homing nest.

Every surly living person, the soul has a demon, there are holes in the heart, only to hurt to be confused, to let the homeless people have a wilderness.

When Sophie fell in love with Hall, perhaps the road was long, but at least not lonely.

Your weak and strong phase freshly long, he is your hall, you are his Sophie, you are willing to be sad dyed white hair, he is willing to burst into the beacon for you. The world is so feverish and clamorous that you have peace in each other's gaze.