2016来 to the end of the year, the woman fan website quietly changed. Perhaps you also found that the interest page quietly renamed, Nine focus on development, is our first step to change, through the change, want to invite you to go with the female fans to 2017. (also to fill in the Year-End reader Feedback questionnaire , let us hear your voice!) )

The fifth year of a woman's obsession is especially reassuring.

At the beginning, we silly Leng to ask a question: why do women do their own so difficult? Why do layers of overlapping dogmas always bind us, making it difficult to make free choices? Women fans continue to go forward, directly facing the various questions raised by others: why should women venture in the publicity? Taiwan's women's rights are enough to improve, why have a female website? We are not annoyed and are willing to answer questions with action. (Subscribe to Female leadership column )

So, we made the first website to talk about the lust of Taiwan blushed Red , 2013, in order to make up for the Non-existent sex education chapter. To remove the perennial stigma of sex, can we have a more reassuring talk about the platform of love? We talk about Cotton bar, talk about the first climax, talk about sex after marriage, talk about asexual love, talk about erotic imagination, hope that all gender temperament and gender tendencies are free.

So we were the first women's media to talk about politics, when the sun-flower movement chose to stand on the street, and when the Taipei mayor was elected, we talked about politics, and many people understood the weight of women's involvement in politics. In 2015, we invited Tsai to attend the women's times in the classroom, the next year, the words of female force, two of speakers Xu Tianjin and Yu as also on behalf of the KMT and the DPP respectively into the legislature, practice. (Recommended to you: CAI English x young generation!) 8/26 Women's Times Lecture hall: Taiwan in My eyes

So, in our 2016, in front of the Taipei city government in the third year of 525 I love my festival, gathered million people practice love their actions, the end of the year with the Ministry of Weifao hand to do the sex hacker pine, 48-hour hacker thinking agitation, we get more than hundred groups of gender-based violence prevention and treatment of specific solutions. (Recommended to you:"Gender violence prevention hacker loose scene direct hit" "Diversity" is not just the spirit, but also action )

Let the action speak for us, if there is emotion, expect oneself to roll up the sleeve, do something, become the power to promote the times. All along, we say less, hoping that we can do the action to solve the problem team.

And the new media environment is really not easy, in addition to the new media ecology of natural high speed, 2016, the well-known print media have turned to numbers, a lot of friendly new ventures, changes come quickly, we are more jittery, know that every moment is not easy, so every moment is more than a second effort.

Do not want to, do not compromise, break the habit, continue to face a better version, let the embrace change into our genes, let the open minded to become our policy, guide us forward.

This year we have been solid past, but also want to share with you the end of this year is in progress in the change, the woman fans revision plan officially launched! Maybe you've noticed that the woman fan's interest page is quietly renamed, we have combed through the past to set a more focused 9 dimensions of interest: Women's strength, taste, vision, beauty, feminism, gender, parenting, relationships, health, and the growing readership of services, from Taiwan to Hong Kong to overseas, Are the areas that we are concerned about and want to discuss more and more deeply.

Nine dimensions of interest, inviting you to grow into a unique life

"Female Power"
Talk about the rich path of life growth, starting from their own, to imagine the workplace, but also to shape the broad possibility of the world, to become their own this road is very long, and we are willing to accompany you to go down.

Talk about the art of life and personal style, to see the appearance of hundreds life, reading, travel, viewing, reading poetry, you have to live five sense of life, linger over the work of others, and finally write their own story.

Talk about the change of the Times and people in the Times, day and night to exercise the ability to think independently, open criticism of contemporary eyes, onto the streets, look to the distant world, hoping to be a willing and able to put into action citizens.

"Mei Li"
Talk about the beauty of the Times, untie the beautiful rigid dogma, recapture the fashion of creativity, with action to break the stigma of beauty, with the power of fashion to renovate themselves.

On the right to disappear in women's lives, why is it so difficult for women to become women on the road? From the pain, to the world to ask, to regain negative temperament, out of a gentle negative revolution.

On gender identity, gender temperament and sexual orientation, those who are forgotten and rejected life, are a spectrum of the son, whether gay or queer, transgender or asexual, women's liberation, men are, have to grow their own life shape.

On the identity and position of the parents, to become the father and the mother is the choice, with the choice of identity learning, how to look at the newly-incubated life, how to organize the family at the same time, still retain individual freedom.

Talk about the emotional combination of people, perhaps the partner, perhaps friends, some people will call you understand that in this world, you are not alone, and the establishment and farewell relationship is a very long topic of life.

Talk about the body of the dialogue practice, facing the body to explore, understand the body is a vast universe, movement, sleep, eating, emotional ups and downs, have its operational knowledge, treat the body, learn soft, no longer stronger.

Nine dimensions of interest, hopefully more fully reflect our desire for content and our expectations of the reader. Whether it's a teenage girl or a mother of two children; whether they are gay or heterosexual middle-aged men, whether they are overseas Chinese or Taiwanese children, we hope that our readers will join us here to grow into a unique and gentle life, open their eyes to see the hundred States, open their ears to dissent, open their arms and embrace dissent.

No matter who you are or what you are, women fans want to create a space where you can be completely free to make choices that make you happy. This is indeed our ambition and the spirit of action we are deeply convinced.

To the fellow you and you: Thank you for choosing to believe US

Finally, I want to cause you and you, who have gone along with women,

Thank you for choosing to trust us when we are not good enough. Write down the honest advice, expect one day to grow strong, the Taiwan women and the gender context of the writing space; Thank you for our continued efforts to better, you are the screen front and the dinner of a face, send cheer blessing, support us to go farther road Thank you for being with us and still believing in all the better possibilities as we continue to grow.

The change of Interest page is only the first step, next, we will expand the imagination of content, solid text reporting, in-depth more women and gender, but also with images and images rich content, with the story of Taiwan to Asia, to the world.

Thank you for Walking with us all the way, if you are willing to continue to go with women in the future, you are welcome,

"Letter Submission" We are actively looking for parents , women's rights , Taste , vision , Health interest channel of the station author, If you have a unique writing point of view, you are welcome to write a letter, writing a pen, through the content, together to create a better reading space.