Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

By the end of the year, I can't help thinking about what I've been doing for the whole years. However, in addition to the energetic figure in the work, almost can not think of their own stories to say, is cruel.

The average working hours per year for Taiwanese employees is 2,140 8 hours, 8 hours and 26 minutes a day. At about seven or eight o'clock, I ask myself, what are you doing when you get off work?

A recent D card reprint article is very red, "not working time, determines your final social status", for example, the ultimate achievement of people, will come from the daily accumulation: "When not working, a year read more than 200 books." When not working, seven months lost more than 20 pounds of fat. When you are not working, write a book for four months. When not working, he founded the public number and met Corners's friend. 」

I think about the stories I've been through, and a lot of people are doing what they really want to do after work.

For example, Wang Congwei, editor of the Journal of Joint Literature, is busy doing the magazine, and the week before the deadline is havoc, and it is common for the company to turn the class. When he holds the pen it is usually late at night or in the morning, sleep less than others, he squeezed out two or three hours a day, accumulate a book of literature.

I have interviewed the director of the Chanxiang Sonata, his humility and solid I keep in mind. When I asked the director how to write the script, he said that the script is a life lesson, every day to write. When you don't make a movie, when you don't have a camera on your hand, you write it with your head buried. Behind a movie is not just a script and a team, but a myriad of dead scripts, crumpled paper, a night of brain and heart exhaustion. (same field Gayon:"Back Light Sonata" director Chanxiang: "Over the youth line, let life more publicity impact." ")

Many women are fascinated by authors who have their own daily-day days, but they carefully plan their study time after work, writing time, wrote a few people long, because perseverance is not easy, but it is that more than one effort, so that the author step by step to be seen, out of the book, to do lectures, can be in the larger stage to say their own ideas.

Again, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer often says her sensitivity to data comes from baking, and she has a variety of spreadsheets to analyze the ratio of cakes to frosting because she loves baking at work. A love affair, not only to do practice makes perfect, but also more than expected, so she after work interest, cultivate the growth of work. (Extended reading:Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer 7 recommendations to entrepreneurs and product managers )

The time outside work is precious because for most people, you can decide for yourself and give your freedom back to yourself, decide what kind of life you want to hold, and how much you shape your life.

At the end of the year to review their efforts, I also secretly Xu himself a new 2017, do not waste their time off work, do not snub yourself to become a lazy person.

After work after the rest of the two hours of eating and bathing to determine our appearance, to leave their own life elasticity, and cell phone break up a good read a book, and couch potato break out run a two laps, watching the United States play practice listening .... From the smallest things to challenge, to change their own nothing to do after a day of emptiness.

After work time, the promotion is not the salary position, but is the living vision and the pattern.

Woman obsessed editor Abby

"Note practice"

Time is fair, want to have a plenty of work, be sure to do a job as a responsible person, cultivate their ability to be efficient and accurate solution tasks. We live in times of fragmentation, knowing how to feed ourselves with these fragments.

Interest after work requires a long period of concentration and perseverance, find a thing you really love, 1.1 o ' clock to complete it every day. If you really find it difficult, start by turning off your phone's communications software after work, and listen to what you really want to do!