Chanxiang How to describe the melancholy of middle-aged people stuffy, how to film and life for us to find exports? From his interview, we look for the answer to life.

In the 51st session of the Golden Horse Award, the best new director and Best Actress in the "Back to the Light Sonata", the film trampled slow and seductive pace, with a teaser tango steps slipped into our hearts. Description of middle-aged women in the menopause Shenyu contradictions, the film in English title "Exit" for the characters to open up an export. In the play captures the meticulous feminine expression and the soul, but the director comes from a man, he completes this to depict the female and the mother role under the conflict of love desire and the sadness, through the crew's joint creation, who says the male does not have the negative angle of view? He is Chanxiang, a film worker who has worked in the film industry for more than 14 years. (Recommended reading: live just to make a movie!) Three international female directors who set a film milestone

Speaking of Chanxiang this name, you may be a little strange, but you do not know the "Blue Gate", this is Chanxiang's first film photography, but also began his head also not back to the filming life. Talking about the blue Gate of the year, Chanxiang with a gesture of nostalgia for youth said: "Ten years ago," The Blue Gate "did not participate in the Golden Horse Award, ten years later, a succession of GUI Lun magnesium on the stage, Chen Bailin to take the prize, Ishiyan on stage, the blue door of the children have grown up." "Ten years of time, a person can grow how much, we asked Chanxiang director to look back 10 years ago himself, he said:

"Youth Ah, is desperately consumed, waste their own." 」

Chanxiang, who took a sip of coffee, paused for a few seconds, and then said, "Getting old, a lot of things can be seen clearly." Slowly seems to be able to read the world, young feel very troubled things, but now seems to be a trivial matter. In contrast, things that were taken for granted before, such as jumping high, such as being in a desperate relationship, could not be done. "As we grow older, we all have different levels of understanding of" living ", and many people will say that they want to go back to the simplicity of their childhood, but instead, Chanxiang, he said," I like myself more than I do now. " (Extended reading: don't look to the life of other side!) Learn to live in the moment and make you happier .

"About youth, I am part of the body is Miss, Lightsome, comfortable." But at that time the state of mind is not good, floating, restless, now can not waste the spirit of these things, such a living state is comfortable. 」

Must a man walk through such a way as to understand the truth? Chanxiang Director replied: "Of course, youth is to spell the life of the consumption of their own, waste their own." To me, life is not a meaningful thing, life is a kind of existence. So, the existence of man is, in that moment, you use it , like the vigorous use of youth, to exhaust and burn it. (same field Gayon: don't let Life be kidnapped by the future!) "Live in the present" three actions )

Live hard, you don't know which will come first in the future or in the afterlife.

Chanxiang director also said: "Live to date, life without regrets." "How tolerant and magnanimous are the people who have to say these words?" Chanxiang, the director shared a word with us.

Buddha said: "You do not know tomorrow or the afterlife, which comes first." 」

He believes that life is not to be regretted as long as it is in the present, because every moment, you are worthy of yourself. Chanxiang director Share this sentence at the same time, the tone of speech is very light, I began to get used to his slow, sometimes pauses of the rhythm of the speech, he also saw a kind of creator of the gentle, not the indignation of the world injustice, but learning forgiveness, and reconciliation.

Chanxiang Director of the first film works "Back to light Sonata" is watching "The last trace of youth drag" disappeared, filming the plight of middle-aged people's lives at the same time, he also questioned, "aging", "aging Body" Why is a need to be discriminated against?

Across the line of youth, Life still has its exits.

Chanxiang director said: "In the great natural law, the small elephant grew up to leave like a group of independent life, the old lion fights the prime of the lion, aging seems to be a very sad thing." But I doubt that the old body is not precious? If "old age" makes us feel low in self-worth, perhaps we should ask, what has society given us? And what have we given to this society? (Recommended reading: Brave: Journey, Life is not old Knight)

Chanxiang to share a word with us in the movie, he said that he was in the field of the script characters, a 5, 60-year-old wife, standing at the window, the earnest tunnel: "A body like me, if anyone touches me, I will go with him." "

The body should not be despised as it grows older, and aging is just another state. Just like the Chanxiang director uses this film to depict the beautiful sadness of middle-aged man, he thinks "menopause" is a line that nature gives us as farewell to youth. "When I'm middle-aged and old, I still have self-worth." The director said that this is the original intention of the "back to Light Sonata", for all across the youth line after the life of the search for exports. (Extended reading: to be a lifelong urchin!) Who says it's too old to be romantic? )

A fragment of the back-light sonata

Delicate man's heart, from the same

We are curious about how the Chanxiang director carefully photographed the contours of middle-aged women. The director replied: "I believe that men and women in many things are actually interlinked, but the proportion of different, such as the majority of people think that" feeling "is particularly important to women, but does not mean that the men are not important, but they have different ways of pressure relief, expression. "The director went on to say that more than half of the girls in their team, in the" three Niang child "situation how can not be more profound experience of women?

"If I have any ability, I can hear you," he said. 」

The director said that this film is not one of his own, is definitely a team: "The creation of the film is never lonely, we have to continue to dialogue, communication, a script I may have to more than 10 people to read, we set up a role, and then together to tell a story." If you watch this movie, it's not about my personal creations, but about how a team works on a female issue. 」

He also said: "As a creator, do not make about yourself, the film is a high level of collective creation." Every role in the scene, lighting art, continuity, Chang Wu, radio, actors, are important. The director is, let each character shine in the story. "(The same field Gayon:" Golden Horse lost, sad but good luck, then I want better just do! "Kano" director Ma Zhixiang interview )

In the Chanxiang of the director, I began to understand that the film such a Night and night, no heart without liver work, why he did. Director Chanxiang said if he had anything more, perhaps he can hear, hear, those ordinary people are not easy to hear the life cry for help, hear in all the most do not care about the age of the lament, these voices faint and dark mute, in the last moment of youth, this film gave the middle-aged a life of light back. Farewell to Youth: There is always parting in life! Recommended to you for the Farewell series Film )

Do one thing seriously, Exchange soul

We asked the director of the film to him, first deep contemplative for a while, for a long time is silent. Then he slowly spit out: "The film, to me is like, debt." The mind and the reality are all debts, have to give him something. 」

"All creators have the same desire to" vomit, "says Chanxiang. The body wants to say too much, can not help, will become the creation. It's hard for me to believe that people are pure creations, usually tortured by creation. To be tortured, to have to tell the truth, is to create. 」

About creation, he felt it was "exchanging souls." Chanxiang director thinks that doing anything is the case, you pour your strength, your hearts to dig the lungs, it is worth it. Because "value", never depends on "success", but the inner self evaluation. (Recommended reading: The biggest goal in life is not success, but someone to share your happiness )

A moment on stage, ten years of writing

Chanxiang director is very everything, with the ring of the best new director of the Taipei Film Festival, he said: The identity of the director, I just ordinary people. "He saw in the film, filming the Ecological circle, how many people in the effort, how many people endure a lifetime waiting for applause." He said his "Ten years of writing every day is necessary to practice," but more people do than his deep homework, Chanxiang Director also give Wu director as an example, he reward Wu director diligent not inactive use of literature, knowledge to fill himself. These people shine for a moment, behind how deep chisel, digging the nutrients of life, from the flow of emotions, has explained the creator's soul. (same field Gayon: ten years sleep movie Dream, 13 Ang Lee's works Review )

A fragment of the back-light sonata

In flesh, in battle with fate.

A scene in the movie that you and I can't forget when the protagonist Ling son with the flesh over and over again open door, it is the passion of life, whether it is painful, joy, in the moment, she seems to have crossed the line of youth, Farewell, also untie themselves. We asked Chanxiang what the director thinks of the scene.

He replied: "As a director, I should leave the reading right to the reader." All that I have to convey is clear to all. How much you feel, I expect something to explode in your heart as she moment the door. Jianyan said, Why can people break through the checkpoints? It is because of our inner drive to "want to Love" desire , that thing is how strong. If you see him fighting in the flesh, you feel pain, you will understand. (same field Gayon: Don't be afraid, "pain" let you grow )

A fragment of the back-light sonata

Chanxiang director gave each life to the door of the collision period:

"Hit the head cracked and scarred, and you'll know what to do." 」

Life is not a completely positive, the director said, not every door hit the past. " giving up is harder to learn, isn't it?" "When he said so, it seemed to be honest beyond the weight the world was willing to bear." Our life, really never thought of giving up? Perhaps we are not willing to admit it, and give up should not be a failure, Chanxiang director felt: "Really desperately rushed, fell down, is not regret, how others define your success is not important." "(Extended reading: life without the wrong path )

In him, I feel a kind of "unsuccessful, also martyrdom." "As the director says:" The meaning of life lies in existence. "Don't want the world to give him anything, but think he can give the world what."

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Every moment of life is a passion

"Compared to the memory of youth, I am looking forward to the next moment of life." "He said, like a" Back to the Light Sonata "under a story of the endorsement, the director that the Passion of life not only in youth, it changes with every minute. (same field Gayon: life, responsible for oneself is enough )

"It's like the residual value of deposits, and when you have a lot of money, you don't care, but when you realize that your life savings are just a fraction?" 」

Yes, we once examined our life Passbook How much youth have you borrowed, how much you owe, and what have you saved for your spirit?

The conversation with Chanxiang director came to an end, "I expect something to explode in your heart." "Think of his words over and over again." This day, I feel money xiang this person, rather than the "back to the Light Sonata" director. His mood and the group of words, are like slow, falling leaves, gently fall down, leaving more mood and suspense.

More than famous, Chanxiang director prefers years of quiet and good, for the recent busy propaganda language visits, like a living children's film due diligence, let it grow in a better direction. "The film is finished, this work is not mine, is the audience." "He has a free and easy life, but more passionate than others in life, I believe this time, Chanxiang director will continue to immerse himself in the creation, adhere to his belief in Taiwan films, with independent production of the land of the culture and the context, the unique life of Taiwanese people." These years, we have Tsai, the next day, we have Money xiang.