"We all get lost, and sometimes the path leads you to a more detached view of love." The woman is obsessed with a piece of work ME time and the path of the Christmas giant offer: More than 14 lyrical poetry, is willing to Christmas in the evening before the day to give you a song, cross poetic and wet, with a bit of literature is also a little sensational. (Recommended to you: Christmas to yourself for me time)

| Love and sex, starting from the Riddle |

"01 Mysteries."
Love is not
Stay where you are, you'll drift.
Pink clouds
Are not
In the vast sea of Chiwanwan
You suddenly found me.
Love is like
It's a nasty embarrassment.
It's a slow fire.
You can do anything again.
I can't do anything.
What the
can only guess
Love is so fascinating and
It's too tempting.

"02 fits."
Between us
Seems to have been the default good
It just happened to stop.
To the maximum value of the volatile fate
So we could just be on the same
You can find a symmetrical smile.
Let's just rub our shoulders
Just leave the taste of Miss
When we start to fall in love
Love just happens to be love

"03 Lay Out"

Every brick in my foot
All for the sake of laying it on you

"04 Departure"

than around the world outside
We are more keen to travel to each other's bodies
Every walk has a different amazing
The next start is a deeper experience.

"05 Naked"

To shed all the clothes
or wearing a
Two-person shame shyness
We hugged each other.
Slowly cut off the tension
In the familiar kiss of the hot
We have no
But what does it feel like
All have

"06 on stage."

Can you coordinate your posture?
How to divide the hand mouth
How are we going to fix this?
And where's the switch?
Ah, whatever.
All right, forget it.
There's no way to think too much.
A surprise.

"07 Roundabout"

Go around.
is to
Getting closer

"08 Immersion"
When it comes to intercourse,
Please forgive me for a little breakdown
No one has ever
Can be as deep as you love
Let me be love to the fingers of the soul
There's more to love than to feel Love
I think we've been immersed in love
The skin may wrinkle.
But let the sea wither and let the stone rot.
We're going to keep dipping, okay?

"09 Inspiration"
I love it when you do that.
I'm going to let you do that.
Wow, we invented a lot of tricks.
Even a mountain and a mountain high
We all have ambitions to conquer Everest.

"10 Frivolous"
I want to compliment you.
And it's really unrestrained.
Love till I'm crazy and scream
No, um, uh, yes.
It's whoo-hoo-woo.
You let the Working Girl
Turn into a rap woman wolf

"11 Critical"

I've played everything.
One vote in the end.
What height is that?
What's that tide?
should also be together
Here it comes

"12 Loft"

Reach the highest place
Love fire burns to the end
Let's watch the flower fire together.

"More than 13 temperature"

Most like the
The last wave of orgasm
It's two people after the sprint.
A hug with a wet body
The temperature is just warm enough.
A cup of hot red wine
Sweet and Warm Heart

"14 answers."

Your obsession continues to pour into your heart.
Heartbeat like a runaway alarm
Endless hustle and bustle
I'm afraid the whole world won't find
We turned over the clouds and covered the rain
Now we don't need to see each other.
We all smile with our eyes closed
To be next to you more sure
I'll always love the taste of our blend
The love you give me is in my private place
And then I split it in every vein.
Love is not the mystery of no solution
Love is an ever-changing