"To all those who dream, even if they are a little silly, to the frustrated heart, and kuzhongzuoyue us." To the people who dream, even if they are a little crazy, for the injured heart, and tired of us. "The director Chazere's new work," Music to Love You " is a jazz accompaniment of the relationship between the proposition, dream, we are living humble and hard, followed by the footsteps of Sebastian and the race, can be a return. (Content micro Reishen into) (recommended to you: single diary: "Happy to Love You" love is I am happy to see your success )

Michelle works at the Hollywood studios, the streets are rolling, she feels famous by her close, after the scene, she imagined herself to be the next actress. The failed audition experience pushed her away again and again, and she looked at the interviewer, who was casually playing with her hair, and felt very humble in front of her dreams.

Sebastian wants to open a jazz bar of his own, the Orthodox kind. He could not bear the decline of Sir, can not bear Van Bik Jazz bar into a sen-ba stall, this era of people really understand jazz before the first hate, he from the very vitality of the Jazz borrowed power, life could not audience, for their own good life, he in front of the dream, live very hard.

In Los Angeles, the Star City, they keep on, Twitched said do not love you, and then to the movie theater touch fingertips, Starlight is brilliant, they fly, moonlight slow dance, long and sharp la Bar sound, became their signal.

Love is like jazz, she is his another day of sunshine, he is her someone in the crowd. They do not know, their beautiful years like the Four Seasons, is about to bloom, is about to wither. (Recommended reading: Jazz rhythm, celebrating body freedom: Swing dance Swing dance )

I love your broken and bright Eyes

They all have a pair of broken and bright eyes. The dream is very romantic, but the reality is very difficult, you think people have forgotten to tell those anxious to dream of child, Dream also pay the daily price.

For example, you have to play a background music that nobody cares about in the dining room first. Every time you hit the next note, you feel like you're betraying yourself; for example, your long-awaited audition was over in four seconds, and the other person said that the door was behind you and left quickly; for example, after a few years, you find that you are left with only dreams and no dime, Every day is left to compromise, to be a wayward child and the world of worldly wavering.

Romeo and Sebastian, they believed in each other, and occasionally doubted themselves. "Joy to Love You" in the dream and love are intuitive, as if there is music in front of the footsteps, intuition is indeed beautiful, but intuition is also the most destructive, to you 割弃 all the desire for a secure life.

A person is easy, with love, reality and dream become complex, he does not want to give up a lot of things, he is greedy, can all take? The original most heartbreaking quarrel is this, the table, the more the more the more the reality of the farther, the original most let people give up is so, we so hard, so believe, or may lose to the present, we do not have anything to want the option.

Season replacement, they missed each other's life fragments, the concert scene around, she looked to the stage of that person, suddenly feel strange, he likes his playing music? When she stood on the stage, cowardly looking to the crowd, found that he was not in, she last time to let go a Bo, only to see the cruel fate. (same field Gayon: can't realize the dream?) Then cut the dream to pieces! )

City of stars, are your shining just for me? The stars are dazzling, so no one noticed that chasing the stars and falling people, dreams and love is not two choose a right question, but their answers are always entangled together. Their reality a section staggered, lost with a little unspeakable peace of mind, anyway, I hope you are walking on the road of Dreams.

So the paragraph was so beautiful. He followed the memory to find the house opposite the library, press a long car horn, not to make up for love, but to let her still have the right to dream. If I love you, I love you so silly chasing the look of the dream.

Like the wonderful monologue of Michelle, "my aunt once lived in Paris, one day she passed the Seine-et-marne, Dep. De La River, barefoot, she smiled, not to see the jump into the river, the river cold biting, home after a big illness for several months, she said time if again, she will jump again. To all those who dream, even if they are like fools. 」

A ending that I can have with you right now

"Where Are we?" 」

"The Grace of the park." 」

"No, I mean, what is our relationship now?" 」

Where did they end up? Where did we end up?

With bags, they depart, spring and autumn, so five years later, they again meet in the city of Stars. On the street is her pictorial, she is a female star, holding the lover's hand, follow the jazz tone into the bar, see oneself that year conveniently painted that side of the signboard, Sebs, they once note mark.

He stood on stage, she will be his most recognized audience, he played more beautiful than that, how good finally did not bury his talent. The future came in from the corner, with the remnants of the shadow of the past, looking back to find that we are already all the look of their own look. Walking on the road to become their own, some people are fortunate enough to walk together, some people can not, must be left alone.

A lot of relationships are like this. and "Love You More" gives a very beautiful picture. There may be 1 million endings between me and you, like or dislike, and each time point chooses to guide us in a particular direction, and we can only live in the one we can have at this moment.

Where are we? We are in the present of our choice.

I think I'll remember the bar looking back, their last relieved glance. Because you have been through my life, because you have witnessed my dream, because you have seen all my down, because you have been involved in my past, I have this moment now. We do not walk together, you live in my memory, endless. (Recommended to you:"Xu Yu column" a letter from the ex-girlfriend letter)

We wish each other to become what we want to be, even if it is a pity, it is always beautiful, let me do you never finished jazz.