Love in Taipei

Today is the annual Valentine's Day. Every year at this time, the flower shop is always decorated with a bouquet of flowers and a bouquet of all kinds of adorable puppets, while the shop owner is a fine chocolate gift box to attract the bribe.This is a street scene familiar to the Taiwan Valentine's Day. Today, let's take a look at what kind of scenery the cities of other regions will be on this day!

Square Street

The traditional Valentine's Day theme is becoming one of the most important annual events. The theme of this year's Valentine's Day is: "Liftothearted," according to the instructions, is to show the people who are looking for the center of the square to take pictures of the loving people who are standing up to the sky.(It seems to be a bit like the ” of ” Skylight ”)

Do you want to take a picture with it?Then you need to find a few more people to help you.

Guangzhou Tianhe City of

The Tianhe City of Guangzhou is a famous local market, and the Valentine's Day continued to exist in the flower market. Local businessmen are quick to move quickly.(to … "husband" sticking your husband's house door very much)

manchester Valentine's window

Geo?How did this fake model of this window be moving?This is a Valentine's Day gimmick of a British interest product brand. In addition to getting a live model, the slogan is: No Soft Toys Allowed, which means we're going to take a heavy taste, yo!And we don't forget to say, "If you want more … your website, please come to our website."

(But dear, if you want to go online, Womany has a wide variety of content as you please, )

Woodbridge "Debt Free Valentine's Day" roadside billboard

This man's Valentine's Day is but a roadside slogan?Slogan says: "Diamonds are true, but real hugging is not money-free." He is the founder of the " Debt Free Valentine's Day " campaign, calling on the American people not to think that even though they have to pay for debt, they have to pay expensive gifts. In fact, you don't have to spend a lot of money on Valentine's Day.

San Francisco Banksy Street Works for Eloy Clinics

How do you explain the masterpiece of London legendary street artist Banksy on the streets of Chinatown?My own explanation is: For Love Clinic
(we also have a street painting of Master Banksy in the Pink Team, welcome
this )

Charity on Berenham Pedestrian

I don't know if the bronze statue of Mr. Love has been made, or as a street performer in the North Eastern District. Whatever it is, it's a very interesting idea, and it really attracts the eyes of the sidewalk.

You have other great, interesting Valentine's Day Street Scenes?

Welcome to our Pink Team to share with us!

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