"Miss Sports " Women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body. At 47 O ' Day a week, invite you to meet with Miss Sports, talk about what the sports taught us, this week we continue to practice, the strong people in front, and you know that you have to become a solid self.

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Last week, with a long time to see friends to run Daan Forest Park. She is a regular running habits of people, the days of solid Step into the 5k 10k or K, she is very stubborn, unwilling to admit defeat.

She told me that she had not been running for a year or two. She likes to set goals for herself, so she decided to go to the San Francisco Women's Road, half a horse's K. Began to run, she was wearing ordinary running shoes, casually picked up shorts short-sleeved, she felt nothing, but as long as the start is on the road. While she was studying, she ran along the Bank of Chicago. Ran all the way to the present. (Recommended reading: Sports Miss: Every runner, there is a stubborn obstinate)

I am longing for the day when the goal is set. So real and hard forward, found that they have been moving forward, has been refreshing their record of the feeling.

So before running, I repeatedly warned, I work lazy ghost, the best record is Daan Forest Park run a lap, but also wear headphones listening to music, 2.2 kilometers for me has been very long, I can not, I can't. She nodded and said, you are not afraid, the first lap we chat, we run together.

And then we start off and swap our work lives for a while, meet the bottleneck and challenges, the growth of their desire, and then I suddenly feel that the course of running with the work is very similar, take every step, can really lead us to go farther, we can really become a capable to run farther people. As long as we want to.

Daan Forest Park in the evening, a lot of people are running, around the traffic noise, but I run, even when sweating, feel good quiet in the heart.

Talking about running a lap, I said really gasping, let me stop to walk a few steps. She said well, then she took a step first, I watched her run away from the back, adjust their breathing, feel that the movement is really so, powerful people running in the front, and you have to understand: do get said to do, do not know that they have to work hard space, urging themselves to continue to practice.

Exercise is not to compare with WHO, but to learn to be honest with yourself.

For your life, the There is no finish line. You're running for your iife, not for someone else.

It's so much better. (Finally, I ran three laps that day, very happy)