Women are fascinated to choose five good books to grow, this winter, with reading warm themselves! We would like to give you more warmth, from the body healing to the heart, warm themselves also practice to take care of life.

"The light of reading is faint enough to candle the history of human wandering, to warm our inner eternal loneliness." 」

Winter day is suitable for reading, reading light lights, let people have to return to the place can go back, reading like a match, burning beautiful desire. Female fans choose the end of the year good reading, winter reading the following books, warm heart also warm body, let us give 2016 full end, together with the prospect of a beautiful 2017.

May you save yourself a leisurely evening, open a book beside a candle, read the word, and comb yourself.

Relationship warm heart: "Thank you: Because of you, I like the present self "

"I'm not perfect, but I want to be a better person for him because he deserves to have better me." Let us grow together in the new Year, please advise. 」

If there is such a person, can let you stop circling in your own small world idling, let you become a better person, this is how lucky. Love, they say, is to meet someone who will drag your life down and disrupt your rhythm, or because he is clumsy and wants to continue to love. Give each other a light picture book, see their graffiti on the happiness of life, you will also feel a happy smile. (same field Gayon: to love deeply!) Close to the album: The best time is to rub your brow

Goodbye, let us thank the ridicule with our people, the New Year, please advise!

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Body warm body: " woman exclusive-the most gentle solar term regimen, medicinal herbs, fragrance , body healing "

"This winter, women exclusive, the most gentle solar term regimen, the warmest gift, warm heart warm warm friendship, exchange gifts The most beautiful practical gift, let oneself warm end this year, with the sisters to greet the New Year!" 」

One year has Shiber, spring should raise liver, summer should be yangxin, autumn should raise lung, winter appropriate kidney. The woman's confidence sealed full, let the heart Follow Diet Shu Live, busy for a whole year of you, should learn to treat themselves tenderly, live well, follow the solar term to adapt their body and heart.

Du Ying not secretly said: "For the Chinese medicine practitioners, I hate people say the ancestral secrets of the four words." The secret ingredient is to make money? Fame? Or can't afford to test so have to behind closed doors? Why not take it out and enjoy it with the world. Traditional Chinese medicine regimen is simple, readily available, is very grounded gas. 」

Look at the ground gas recipe, promise to take care of yourself, and this year you should be a person who puts your focus back on yourself. (recommend: menstrual cramps, insomnia, no time for exercise?) Love yourself to start with the body of love

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Heart warm soup: Pottery crystal "╳!" Why am I standing in the snow again

The more afraid, the more to embrace it. She is a human wife, is a mother , is also a professional host, every woman has many roles, we can not compare with WHO, the most important thing is to surpass themselves. 」

Fear of cold fear of high speed of her, in order to love the family, in middle age began to learn skiing. She glided alone in the snow of the peace, saw her own inner intangible of fear and pain, and, in pain, recovered the power of the advance.

See pottery crystal to self value identity, let oneself not in the crowd confused: "I in so pay attention to the appearance of the showbiz play, can't say no fear." But I know that I am worth more than just appearances. More than that, you see, I have confidence. I feel very cute, there are mainland netizens said like Wood dog, how cute. I think that the double eyelid will not let me two more programs, is my witty reaction let me have the program to do. 」

Vision hotspot: Svilana. Alessevich " War without a woman's face "

"Because they are women, they are not heroes, their voices will not be heard." 」

"War has two voices, one is full of the spirit of the Times, the official language of the smell of newspapers, one is forced to cover up the personal truth, like a woman's voice, as the war should not have a woman's face ...." "Read the Nobel Prize works, is to see the era also extended horizons, 2017 you should live a broader, the tentacles extend to the battlefield of suffering, only through so close to the real words, can let us understand the cruelty of war."

War and terror continue to occur all over the world, and we, who are in the field of peace, look at these sufferings in order to face and understand them, and perhaps to awaken goodness again, and to know how fortunate we are to live in a peaceful region. And take control of this fortune and treat other people who are alive.

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Constant temperature growth: Xu Yu Fang " Taipei Girls "

"This book is dedicated to us who have been so eager to change, and later to change it."

Xu Yu Fang is a democratic movement out of the girls, she from the gender wait-and-see system, in the growth of pain to clear their own post-angry era.

In Taipei, it is written by a stranger and a displaced person: "Taipei girls are usually not really taipei girls." Taipei girls often have a home that is not Taipei, and they have to go back during the Chinese New Year holidays. She would take her luggage from the small rental room to the MRT to the Taipei station ... Gayon: Taipei girls who don't want to get married and don't want to be single

She added, "Taipei Girls are like this:" This city bitter her mind, labor her bones, although it is biting the teeth struggle but still smile Mimi, others light cheap she is still with ambition. "If you want to be in the year of conversion some warm, welcome you to pick up this book, feel a resolute girl after struggling with the word back to Gan's quiet."

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Five female fans Select a good book, let reading accompany you through the years, pick up a book is a world, send oneself A in the pages of the freedom of adventure.