How do you celebrate Christmas this year? Have you broken your brain? Don't worry, let the woman's nine-digit face book for you to recommend Christmas invincible play, lying at home playing, go out crazy play, perhaps a big eat, maybe about their own warm to live, this Christmas, follow us to play on the right! (Recommended reading: A man's travel proposal for Christmas: The romance of running away)

Smart Knitting recommended: Hot pot lying! You wash the vegetables, I cook the soup-warm Christmas relive review with good friend temperature

I am the laughing sprinkle weave, life motto: "Go to the water poor place, Vista, single world not dark because I have positive energy!" 」

Who says a man can't spend Christmas, he hears some people lament that he's having Christmas, that he doesn't know what to do, or that he has no company to cry on. Hey! Do you know that the world's single population is much larger than the number of people who have a partner? Love to play, love friends laugh sprinkle, of course, will pull good friends gathered in a hall, eat hot pot! Winter + Christmas + old friends, the most perfect dinner is to have a daily hot pot party. Invite friends home, buy hot pot ingredients, you wash vegetables, I cook soup. Relive the warm Christmas review with good friends at the temperature. (Recommended reading: friends or old good?) Seven reasons that should be contacted with old friends )

Sister BJ4 recommended: Christmas Xu own a special festive atmosphere of treatment, refreshing to meet the New Year arrival!

#姐BJ4狂, recommended sister private secrets to enjoy the trip, so that you and sister like, Shiny!

In fact, the so-called "big meal" elder sister usually eat, do not want to be crowded during the holiday, in the Christmas Day ME time vacation, from head to toe for good maintenance. First do a hand care treatment, choose a rose golden cure nail, there are gingerbread people and snowflakes echo this warm festival. Then two hours of body oil treatment, from head to toe completely relaxed. Treat yourself well is my sister's Christmas rules, after all, also strive for a year, must be radiant, refreshing to greet the New Year! Finally, take out the collection of Christmas tree, while listening to Christmas songs, while the most favorite Christmas decorations, is the best celebration of Christmas. (Recommended to you: Moon Goddess-essential oils for female physiological periods )

In your body! Tainan quiet route: Christmas? Of course, it's a way to get back to the crowd.

In your body, in order not to hide the private heart and you wander around, like to be alone with the crowd fear you, go for a walk with yourself!

Who says the celebration on Christmas Street is a spree? Away from the Madding Crowd, out of the habit of the city, let yourself a walk alone. At the end of the year, the time to their own, in the Tainan Old town to chase their own footsteps on the bricks, into the old Shen Nong Street to see the ancient lane decorated, in the Hai ' an road art street to appreciate the old house, so that the exquisite highlights of your sleep has long been the soul of the traveller, follow the food, warm their Finally, go to Tainan Literature Hall, follow the Christmas tree end of today's art Route bar! (same field Gayon: Learn to live a person!) Leave time for the white Solitude aesthetics

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Late-night DJ recommended: Christmas lazy man mrt Red line a play through: Zhongshan Station-North Vehicle-MRT World Trade 101

Hi i am a late-night DJ, actually hope to go to bed early, but always very late, very lazy and very diligent kind of human.
Don't know where to go at Christmas? Too lazy to look at the data? Let late-night DJ teach you, do not have to turn the line a MRT red thread to play over Christmas! First from the department stores in Zhongshan station as the starting point, new light three more within the various kinds of Christmas restrictions on the small things and desserts, you are glued to your eyes; Then came to Taipei station, the station of the 19.5 meters of the big Christmas tree, is your resting place to take photos of the good spots, and finally ride to the WTO 101 Container Food Plaza-commune A7, Enjoy the open-air Christmas atmosphere! (12/24 Christmas Eve official opening); Don't worry about Christmas, all the way red, all the way Christmas line!

Photo: Commune A7

Blush small weave to tell the truth: what Foreigner Christmas? It's nice to be at home without being crowded.

Blush Small knitting favorite spot is their home, the most often clock out the place is at home in bed.

Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas ... all the festivals, what festival to celebrate, such a great life pressure AH ~ ~ Occasionally do not exchange gifts, also do not eat Christmas dinner. A person who has a companion cooks a warm dinner for two in the house. The one who has not been seen in the quilt is the VCDs of Europe and America (American drama: Black Mirror; VCDs: the Monthly wife). Less crowded people's flurried, a person's leisurely. Alien in the noisy outside, free from the evil temptation of capitalism, do not feel such a fresh and refined their own? (Recommended to you: the British god Play "Black Mirror": When the memory can be recorded, what is real?) )

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b Girl hot Push! The Adventure of Christmas, to run away on the farthest, Finland Lapland Santa Claus Village waiting for you!

Hey, have you seen Santa Claus's office? The gift is not falling from the sky, but Santa's own bag.

I live in the city never snow, but the memory is filled with cold feeling, if you live in the city does not snow, if you also seriously believe that Santa Claus really exist children, then fly to the snowy Finnish Christmas old village bar. In northern latitude 66.5 degrees of polar, open mouth and gas, let small snowflakes fall on the face, see a pair of red face. If Santa Claus is a profession, it will probably be like this, there are offices, there is a post office, there are exclusive restaurants, wearing a red hat and a beard, take the elk sled, into the dream of Santa Claus, and meet the innocence of their own. (By the same, you can also make an appointment to send your own Christmas card, how cute) (The same Gayon: Why Taiwanese people always want to fare? Comparing Taiwanese culture with honest education in Finland

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Miss Taste recommended for you: Christmas lazy exotic trip

Hey, I am the taste of Miss, feel that life everywhere have a good taste, life look good ~

If you want to feel a thick Christmas atmosphere, and do not want to fly too far, come to Hong Kong! Less than two hours to the voyage, let you immediately in the east-west cultural blend of Hong Kong, first in the 1881 Heritage to appreciate the modern luxury of the Victoria-style architecture, and then to the Hong Kong Cultural Center Open-air plaza, enjoy the fun Winter festival, leisurely walk in the light show and the Christmas tree, night to the world's highest bar Ozone Bar to see the night, not only overlooking Victoria Harbour, the whole of Hong Kong is your big platform! Have a drink and toast the night with the people next to you. (same field Gayon: girls love to travel, this time to Hong Kong, do not want to be tourists!) )

Miss Sweetheart's Railroad walk--when the world is quiet, what do you want to say to him?

Miss Sweetheart always thought, important people do not need more, enough to understand you, in the heart of the end of Christmas whispering, you want to talk to who?

Play itinerary: After a year of busy, all the chaos should be at this time away from, can with important people to accomplish one thing, simple but the happiest. Go for a walk with the one you love, when the world between you and me seems to be still, you can hear the sound of the other person's heart. Recommend you "Yilan Luodong forest", the old storage pool is unique lake scenery, holding hands to listen to the sound of the wind, along the railway tracks, walk over to a small hotpot bar, Bong, who said that Christmas only Christmas tree? You're my Christmas present, aren't you? (Recommended reading: be healed!) Into the Yilan railway next to a few meters of the world )

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#田丁编私心推荐, let's have a life section in the Alley!

Special festivals, and a long time not to see friends together to the heart of a great adventure.

The details of everything make a living soul, a special day, and a better one to be celebrated. This is a little life-style festival that was launched in a format design, #田丁编自我推荐, Lane Life Festival is usually busy work, miss a lot of wonderful activities and festivals, and even friends of the party, take advantage of Christmas will come, invite good friends to do a life of their own festival bar! Strictly choose the coffee bean hand rushed to limit beer, life Select to independent small Zhi zine, is the format partner Heart good Pocket list, go to their own or with friends are very suitable, recommend to follow the sex like life you!

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  • Time: 2016/12/24 (vi) 13:00-22:00
  • Venue: Format Design Exhibition strategy | 1/F, No. 415, 20th, Longjiang Road, Zhongshan, China

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