Woman fan interview Li Zhi, a Chinese for many years of independent folk music, he wrote his songs , regardless of the situation turbulence, life changes. Many people shout him a force elder brother, is to say Li Zhi is very good, this time still live so free and easy, listen to his song, perhaps you will understand his pale mute indignation. (same field Gayon: listen to a rock, sing a generation: The music memory of Taipei Live House)

Li Zhi criticism system, the word is always to the social contemporary dissatisfaction sadness. In 2015 I listened to Li Zhi's first performance in Taiwan, he spoke carefully, said to be afraid to say more, so he shouted, comrades listen to the song. The sound of the guitar brush, "The hot" spill in the 80 's Chinese cities crowded with foreign people, the people with the flow of time no longer for who stopped.

Li Zhi song, always like the smoke whistle after the shooting, not the most vigorous, but there is a share of the war after the sadness of the deserted. Last year Li Zhi did more than 10 years of music was harvested by Chinese singing program, they sang a song Li Zhi love song, as if he is a generation of poets, the public do not know is that this uncle is angry green.

His complaints became the stage of Li Sao, the media began to praise this ballad singer, Li Zhi, continuing their absurd reluctance to be defined by the route.

Li Zhi wrote: "Why five years ago you put him as a fool, five years later you think of him as God;" Why did he want to talk five years ago? You think he has a problem, five years later, he doesn't want to talk. You think he's cool, why did he cry on the stage five years ago? You said he was pretending, and five years later he sneezed on the stage and you gave me a big gasp. They don't know what it is to be free, they don't know what love is. 」

I think Li Zhi not only not to please, but also a bit annoying, the truth hurts people, can save the worldly. Li Zhi is a Chinese folk song veteran, the word occasionally mixed with a few words on life, he is not a small fresh or literary fan, just a people of the suffering of honesty, so just attracted so many to the times impatient people.

His interview with the media was slim. So this woman fan interview Li Zhi, agent Bingbin answer, seemingly reluctantly, but back surprisingly good, Bingbin for Li Zhi said, perhaps Li Zhi already give up speaking to people, really have something to say, go to listen to his music. Bingbin know Li Zhi, he is not cool, Bingbin led his brokerage, performance, external PR, can be said to be the closest to his music career people.

The following interview to retain the reply to the simplified characters, if you still do not understand Li Zhi song, Welcome to read the taste.

1. You do music for so long, never subordinate to a record company, want to ask how do you think of their independent music business? What is the difficulty and sense of accomplishment.

More than 10 years ago there was no record company to sign Li Zhi. Later, there was no need to sign the record. There are a lot of things a record company can do that they can do now. This is why more and more people are starting to run themselves away from the record company. We always laugh at ourselves is self-employed, everything will be very tired, but the grasp of their own and more controllable.

2. You from the "Taboo game", "Mr. Van Gogh", "The world will be good", "Hello, Zhengzhou," All the way to the "in every sad day on the street," You think you want to say in music has changed? If there is a word describing your ideal of making music, what do you think it is? Why?

Li Zhi has always said that writing to him is only recorded and expressed. For more than 10 of years, Li Zhi of course will change, and there will be corresponding changes in the expression of music. In music form, it will be richer now.

3. You are in the Legacy Hardy Tenderness series performance this year, do you think oneself is hardy, whether can share tenderness with us time? Please talk about your hardy and tenderness in music and life.

This will not answer. Is there anyone who calls themselves Hardy? Ha ha

4. Your performance in Taiwan last year caused a lot of independent musicians to pay attention to, what do you think of Taiwan's independent music culture? What are the characteristics of the independent music environment in China?

Taiwan's independent music is not really familiar. Heard Zhang Hung, know that she will also participate in some social affairs outside the music, to the public to express some of their views. I'm not sure if I can do that in China. China's culture censorship system will be very different, if it is "characteristic". Therefore, we also hear that China's independent music in many areas of the expression is increasingly vague and vague.

5. The second time you came here, is there a song that can be sent to the city of Taipei? Why?

A song too few, send this new album "On every Sad day street", in addition to doing a global physical album in Taiwan, but also in Taipei legacy complete the play.

6. Do you think your music expresses the thoughts of the marginalized groups? Please share your creative inspiration and ideas with us!

Don't think. Most of the time it's just a way to express yourself, or a young man who has been overwhelmed by the upheaval in China over the past 30 years.

7. You said that although your music is telling the truth, the market lacks this. Why do you think this culture is caused? And what kind of courage is needed to change our music market?

One is a mixed circle, the peer between the pursuit of each other. The second is the interest, for the market creation rather than themselves. This is not shameful, but it is definitely not Li Zhi's favorite way of expressing music. I don't know what the music market is like in Taiwan, but from China, the most important thing to change is the protection of copyright and the atmosphere of paying for music. Whether it is pop music or relatively small music can survive, the industry will become more and more prosperous.

8. What are your expectations for the independent music market? What is your expectation of your music?

There is a saying that the home has its own house. The creator can feed himself, can be at ease with his own ideas to create music. Such a market is very good. Have no expectation of their music.

9. If there is a word, can say for the first time to pick up the guitar Li Zhi teenager listen, what do you want to say?

Never thought about it.

10. As a 80, please talk to us about the three key words in your eyes after 80 groups, what do you think is the desire or disappointment of life when you are generally 80?

Li Zhi was born in 1978, after 70. The 80 of the continent is known in the Times as "born in a seam." They are generally short of happiness and desire for wealth. Do not believe the elders, do not obey the younger generation.

11. Finally, I'd like you to send a song to 80 and give them the strength to go on living

The pressure is too high. I hope that even if you do not send songs, 80 will continue to live.

Hardy Tenderness series. Independent musician Li Zhi, China's most standard pole
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