One rock, not just your inner mania worry, but also the memory of the whole era.Rock and roll will always be the best music for the soul.

"She's got eyes of the best skies/As if they thought of rain/I hit to look into those eyes/And see an ounce of a yes/Her hair safe place/Where as a child I'd hide and lay/for the thunder and the rain to quietly pass me by/Sweet child of mine" — — Guns and Sweet Child O ' Mine >

A song often marks a generation, and this is the charm of rock and roll." People out there look at rock and roll, it's a long hair, noisy face image, but it's actually related to literature, philosophy, politics, history, society, including fashion, and rock and roll has a very rich culture.[1] Mr. Zhang Tie-chih said so in a magazine interview.

1950s, rock and roll development began to flourish. With the lifting of martial law, young people aged 20 and 20 were suddenly opened up, and young people of that era didn't listen to rock and roll music."It wasn't because it was so cool, it was so stupid yesterday," said 1976, describing the stage as "not because it was so cool."" (Extended reading: Platform rock spirit!"Yesterday was stupid, but I still believe in tomorrow!"
am young and I have not experienced the luck of the brilliant days of the
."After getting into contact with rock, Legacy, The Wall, the Kavka, the Witch store, and ... these show venues are so natural that YouTube, KKBOX, StreetVoice can hear almost all of the music that they want to hear, and it's also natural for them to be taken for granted.

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A few times, in a dark and crowded house, standing in the most conspicuous place, watching the orchestra perform, lift the head up and stop the tears from flowing down.A few times, with the music and the beer catalysis, jumping up and down in the most crowded places of the crowd, thinking that if tomorrow is the end of the world, it would be time to stay at this point.

At many times, I found that I didn't spend time understanding the past of live house, and I was released from the prison cage that I was referring to in my university entrance exams a few years ago.In July 2012, when the lights turned off, in September 2012, I went to the university opposite to the local community to study at the year level, and we were wrong.This year, I'm leaving the university, and four years of studying here, I'm not getting a bit of rock on the campus, but the campus is actually surrounded by the live house. In addition to the disappearing underground society, I'd like to start by talking about the Roxy Rcker on the east side of the road, and uncovering the mystery of the rock 'n' roll show.

The Roxy series — — Rock and Roll is the best music for dancing!"

words of the Godfather Ling Wei, the phrase opens up many people's different imagining of rock and roll, as well as being the "Roxy" series of Bible verses.Some thirty years ago, Ling Wei was in a renaissance. He was an announcer at the BCC. In the era without mobile phones and networks, the music played by the host computer was greatly influenced by the young people and loved by young people.At that time, many of the audience were calling him or writing to him, asking him questions about music, and he had a passion for rock and roll, and he wanted to share more music, so in 1982, the AC/DC's name was the opening of the Australian rock band.

After the AD/DC, she continued to open up Roxy, Spin, Vibe, and more than a dozen shops that were focused on rock and roll, and the only thing that changed was that the old saying "rock music," which was the most suitable music for dancing, was always buffing.

(photo credit: Martin Fisch , CC@Flickr )

What is Spin?It was a fight, and after I went to the university to study in Taipei, I went to report every week until it closed down.It was located in the basement of 7-11 at the intersection of the Peace East Road and the Golden Hill South Road.It was a legendary dance hall, which had a profound impact on the young and Western music markets that heard music for 10 years ago.At the time, DJs in the store were produced by the foreign ministries of the five major sings. Otherwise, they would be the electronic godfather who was leading the voicoo in Taiwan, or the people who did experimental music. They could always get the latest music broadcast.At that time, the guests were old-class architects who were famous at the time at the time, and the younger one was a student at the School of the Grand New School of the Arts, the Grand Sage of the Grand Sage of the United States.I don't think the world can find a dance hall like Spin.[2] "

A Chinese university student who came to Taiwan to study in the memory of Spin was not absent.

University, through friends, went into the Roxy 99 on Jinshan South Road, that night, sweaty, bruising, dashed, sore throat, nostalgia, screaming, bumping, and most importantly, singing a song with a group of people who didn't know.Here we are the same people, we sing the same song, we have the same corner.[3] "

DJ JC describes him as having met with the Roxy, and on the road to music, Roxy pushed a lot of people.In a corner of a city, there is a place where rock and roll can fit, and it is absolutely a joy for music lovers.

"We later had the opportunity to go to a basement in Jinshan South Road and Patriot East Road, where it was once called" Vibe, " and it was not easy to queue up to a performance opportunity that belonged to him.At that time, we finally had an hour of opportunity to sing the song that I wrote, so it was very hard for us to imprint the lyrics to the lyrics.At that time there was no such thing as a fan, some 20 or so on the waist, and then look at our audience with a beer.[4] "

Can you imagine?In this paragraph, it is now the May Day which will be killed by the time the ticket opens in the small domed stadium and all kinds of large-scale exhibition venues.They also burst into laughter and tears in the live house before taking the mainstream.(Sibling: The most gentlest burst!Hersstory > Ten Girls' Reinterpret May Day )

After the changes in the Taiwan environment, the music information is getting more and more readily available. Ling Wei's store has been constantly blooming and falling on the head of Taipei Street. Until today, he still hasn't given up his dream of sharing rock and roll.In the Roxy Rocker, there's a black glue room, and if you want to put your ear off for a while, you can walk up to the second floor, and look at the collection of thousands of black plastic albums, and enjoy the perfect musical tone that was carved out of time.

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Roxy 99
Address: 27 Baath South Road, Taipei City, No. 27
Tel: 0925-177-477

Roxy Rocker
Address: 177
One Road, Grand Anai, Taipei, Tel: (02) 2351-8177

Holy World, The Wall — — Live House is not a place

Because the live performance is done at night, many people who don't know much about live house can easily equate it with the night store.In 1996, Chen Shui-bian held a large-scale anti-vice operation in Taipei for a long period of time. At the time, the Scum, B-Side, Boogie and other live pubs were also victimized. Around the year 2000, as one of the weekly newspapers and the Apple Daily came to Taiwan, the Taiwan media landscape was hit by news types, such as gossip and gossip, and the "Night Store" began to appear frequently in the media with a topic of conversation and imagination.

In order to avoid further spread, many people began trying to break the relationship between the live house and the club. In 1999, the Shingling Band sang Freddy in the name of the "live house". It was the first time someone had put a word like "live house" into the name of "live house".

In years, live house is a shrine to the recipes, a basilica of the basilica (a legendary live house called the "Holy World", how much it is to be called "Holy World").In the entire Taipei City, few live house, like the gangsters of the Mob, and the stubborn soul of the "underground" of their own consciousness.At that time, if only spicy electric guitars broke through the sound, the big drum pedals would be enough to make the full-court hungry music lovers crazy. They may not care what groups they perform tonight. They sing songs from overseas orchestras or their own creations. What matters is the atmosphere at the edge of the "mutual help and self-help."[5]

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I want to go through that past.Now, the word "underground" is no longer used. Instead, the word "independence" is replaced by the word "independent". The content of the performance is no longer popular, and the foreign bands are no longer popular. You may be unfamiliar with the name of the Holy World, but believe you have heard of "The Wall", and the holy world, which is actually the forerunner of The Wall, now in the public gallery.(Extended Read: [Independent Orchestra Interview] Prophet-style: To find light, you must go into the dark )

In early 2003, Saint-World Live House decided to start looking for a nice place, and finally, we lost our feet in the public hall, a bunch of desks and equipment were moving in the past, and the SARS outbreak began.The original joint venture had a thumbed of legs.Then I looked for a bunch of rich friends, and they were also hit by a mouthful of rebuff. They called me stupid, and there was a SARS outbreak that opened up public spaces.I decided to go looking for a good friend, Aggie and Jimi, who didn't have the money, and they quickly agreed to come together.With a new location, we dropped the original "Holy World" name, eight, eight, a pile, and the last three voted, and decided on The Wall, because the first project on this side of the wall was the wall.The basement is full of infinite possibilities, and everyone is putting their dreams in.[6] Freddy wrote this retrospect in 2013 when he announced his departure from The Wall.

The Walls' presence is a new milestone for the Taiwan live house ecology, because it is often used in business models such as bars and restaurants, while The Wall is dedicated to playing the music room." ... The Taiwan bands play here, from rock and roll to thunder.The Wall was rated as one of the ten most recommended locations in Taipei in 2006, and the Taipei 101 and Waxi Street Nighs. It was Taipei's place to be proud of it.

The Wall Live House: The Wall Music Art Gallery
Address: 200-B1
02) 2930-0162

Underground social, seaside Kafka — — old and new generations, independent rock and roll spirit.

"I think you'll see a wooden door/you will push the wooden door/you'll hear a deafness/we yell for your poems/we may have heard/this is your faithful reader/your guerrilla/we've been waiting for too long/waiting too long" — — 1976

In 1976, the "Underground Society" wrote a unique atmosphere and clamor for the protagonist of the —, which was the cradle of — outstanding musicians, the cradle of many outstanding musicians, the May day Besshand Martha, when the society was about to close down in the face of the world, wrote this feeling:

We are also in some basement on the NTNU, and now we are about to become a place called the "Underground Society", with a group of fraternal performance at the time of the tugars.... we were happy to sing "disclosure" and "I love summer" in less than 30 square feet, without a dancer or an appearance. I remember that the whole atmosphere and the lights were so hot....... and a few days ago, my friends also told me that the current underground society would soon become "once". So these past "past" have become a vivid picture of the news at the time of knowing this news, and they are predatory in the mind. No, it's not going to disappear, is that it?! [7] "

1976 Last performance of the earth (picture is taken from Youtube )

I have a deep impression. When I visited 1976, the four characters of the underground society, the four seemed to have fallen into a sweet and helpless memory:

" It's a recognition that the local community is our watch, our pride." At that time, not everyone was able to perform in the underground society, and the local social groups had their own taste, so the troupe's performances would be regarded as a kind of honor.With a small 100-person space, the relationship between people is very close. " I will be drunk when I am in the community.He said, " I don't want

In the past, Taiwan's live house was an unambiguous rule, and many business people could simply pretend to be "snack shops" or "eight businesses" in order to apply for legal licenses, but this is not a long-term solution.(Share with you: The Taiwan Philharmonic Orchestra!)This is a very,An Interview: Hey, don't talk about dreams again )

The Land Club has always been a small restaurant licence, and the local area has been under the last two years since the last two years, forcing the performance to break down. It was not until last April that the fines had accumulated to NT$ 80, 000. "This is a violation of business registration law, but even the entertainment tax is paid for.""[8]"

2006, the Land Society was accused of violating business registration laws and announced the suspension of the performance of the orchestra. After six years, the local community finally faced the fate of a commercial break. Although the government has created a "music show space industry" for live house in 2010, the special mode of operation of live house is still subject to severe restrictions on land use zoning, building use groups, fire safety, noise restrictions, and so on, and is not easy to operate without being punished.

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In 2012, when the underground society went out of business, the Soe Green Orchestra performed at the third stage of Taipei's Little Big Egg, the "Little Love", the "Unparalleled Beautiful", and the Soul Green.The existence of the live house marked the youth of many musicians and recorded the rock history of the city of Taipei.

In 2006, the seaside Kafka opened, 1976, in the cafe in 1976, the cafe in which it provided unplugged " performance, and the location of the cafe on the other live house on the shore of the live house.Many times, I often think that the precious thing about independent music is that the pure blood that we have experienced together has been so unforgetable and unforgetable for them to forget everything and revolutionary emotions. They will always be able to slowly pull back off their feet after taking their step.The old and new generations alternated and pulled out, allowing rock and roll to blossom everywhere in Taipei.

Kafka Space
Address: 22/F
2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 3, 1996

Riverside Comment Music Coffee
, Ross Fook Road, Taipei, Tel: (02) 2368-7310

Witch's store
Address: Three-section, 56-lane, New South Road,
City, Tel: (02) 2362-5494

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Today, the world is becoming more and more developed, with many mainstream musicians also replicating successful models of independent music, or choosing to work with independent musicians.There are also many people who stick to the path of an independent music, and then write songs, accompaniment, and earn enough income to continue to make the music they want to make, even if they are unable to make a sound and even if they cannot get red.(Extended offer: "Do not ripples music, be a stone to be a stone" of the musician's lifetime

From the Roxy family of Lingwei to the holy world, the underground society, and the rock and roll spaces that existed before, each live house is a story, carrying a spirit.When time and space are constantly changing, the more and more progress of the city's appearance and technological traffic is that these fields soothe the restless souls of Taipei City, feeding our thirst with tenderness.

I often don't like Taipei's quack and hasty city, but sometimes I'm glad I grew up in the city, so I was able to find live house and rock, buy a ticket, walk into live house, insert a song of joy and sadness into a song, and leave your tears and sweat behind, with the salvation of your self saved.You also buy a ticket, and try to understand the city of Taipei with the view of rock and roll, and you will see more and more pure.

(On the journey landscape, July topic: Where to Miss? )