single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. "The monthly salary of the wife" concluded, there are so many shapes of love, the renovation of love and relationship of the era of significance. In the Earth House lily and wind see cool too relationship, especially see oneself, age can no longer be a woman's curse, we want to love like Lily so handsome, hand over their sincerity, to talk about a handsome love. (same field Gayon:"elder sister's crazy quotations" The earthen house lily is not a kind of life, but the future )

"What you now feel worthless and abandoned is the future you are running for." Don't you think it's pathetic that you're going to be funny? There are a lot of curses around us, and you feel one of them, don't curse yourself and get away from this horrible curse. 」

"Monthly salary wife" in handsome and gentle Earth house lily, let all malicious soft up. She has love in her eyes, distressed youth zhengmao in front of young girls, one day will also go to be cursed by their own future. So she said, from the girl to the elder sister, and then to the older woman's age, can not be a woman's eternal curse?

Lily is not not afraid, she is too clear, age deeply tied her, let her fear to love, before love, she felt that she first step old, only the role of tearful blessing, only left a strong fate.

So she ignored that several times, pretending not to hear the wind see the sentence " I obviously want you "; so she worked hard for herself and the wind to see Ann a nephew and aunt safe position; she counted the red word on the health report, her eyesight dropped, her fatigue could not be alleviated, to convince herself not to be in love, to persuade himself to finish this cup and let him go.

But she was missing after all, and she asked herself what she was afraid of, and became a man who loved so frankly. Later, she wanted to understand that love is not a game, gambling is not a lot of chips.

Lily is a single expert, wind see already love to tea hydroxyindole, in front of Love, who also did not win the chance of stability. We can only enter the betting, with the mood at this moment to love one time. Love is to let go of the shuttle, love, no longer minutes to dispute that they may lose, win or lose are willing.

Think of each other's time, there are children's silly laugh, Lily that scrupulous life, want to have the wind to see such an accident, she opened his hand to embrace him, like a hug over the years constantly miss himself, I like you, I want to tell you. Lovely is invincible, can go to love is invincible.

If you want to love, love Like a house lily. From the bondage of our life out, to be a free man, to talk about a handsome love, my love, I want to do my own good for the Lord once.

If you want to love, to love Like a house lily, adult love, is to practice handing over their own heart, with the most lightsome footsteps, across the age, the gap between the years is not a curse, we are waiting for each other, do not feel pity.