Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

Dear Girl,

This is a letter to you, only to your letter.

You remember 2016 unfold, the heart thinking of this year to achieve the goal, you worry about why every day than others a little more effort but no results, you panic than other people's superficial resume to how to give yourself a thicker life height. You are confused, but you dare not say that you are questioning the value of what you believe, and leaving the answer to time is the best choice you can make right now. You ask yourself, who is not stumbling on the way forward?

This year, you did not stop. You have tried desperately to change someone else's "good" in an unhappy way, and you have used a lot of patience to be more tolerant of yourself, and you have learned to turn when you are constantly facing frustration.

I do not say that those who make you lost time wasted, this road you hesitated too long, but it is because of analgesia, make you more satisfied with your present appearance. To understand the external to give you the applause, no more than you from the bottom of the symphony to be sweet.

You know the courage to stop because you are struggling to move forward.

Time back to your favorite, if you always stare at yourself, there will be no progress behind the life, because do not replicate who's success, so understand that everyone has their own journey. Although the path of growth is so similar that you cannot have the same joy or fulfillment as others, you decide that you do not have to do the Wenner defined by others. You are willing to take the effort to be more focused on introspection, you grasp every moment of questioning yourself, in different confusion and closer to yourself.

Society never changes you, it changes you. If the world is so good, what can we do to make it work?

Woman obsessed editor Abby

No matter what the value of life, at least you can say, I have a life worthy of their own heart.

2017, give you three blessings.

I wish you to be a better person to enjoy the pain.

Life issues such as spray slapping sometimes, but if life is only the shore without waves, there will be no rough and magnificent also unknown quiet sweet. You will be more aware of yourself each time you are vulnerable, only the pain will give you the most truthful answer, tell you insufficient, point to your soft rib, want you to look straight at the wound to practice repair. Can with their restless and restless, then can spend many lonely moments, you do not easily drown, also do not arbitrarily grasp the life of the driftwood, you are not afraid with others footsteps, because your heart drum led you to go the extraordinary way.

I wish you to be a open-minded and independent thinker.

When you can accept the waves, life can be less alarmed for the Four seasons, you will be in the external flap to maintain the precious independence, as Fernando Pessoa said: "Freedom is the possibility of isolation." Only if you leave people and feel free to pursue them for money, for the sake of being sociable, or for love, glory, or even curiosity--none of those things can be nourished by peace and loneliness. 」

I wish you to be a man of search.

Life is still very long, but time is too short, we often too late to practice to make ourselves happy things, remember, work is to live. May this year's you, can pursue oneself to love and live, does not ponder the depressed anxiety, only then may from the difficulty be liberated. Pursuit is to escape from the palm of the lover, hand to explore the universe; The pursuit is from the thought of being enslaved and exercising the world view that I want to see; the pursuit is to jump off the rigid work thinking, let oneself no matter in what field can be flexible growth, the pursuit is, discard both the perception of the ego, to imagine a never live I. You keep chasing the harvest, you are not afraid to lose.

If you sometimes feel sad, please remember the song that was humming in my heart.


"Note practice" give yourself a letter of honesty

A letter to tell yourself what you believe. What kind of person do you expect to live in 2017? To the word as a voucher, let us commemorate the failure of their own, remember not to repeat the 2016, thank their efforts, but also see their own topic.