"Miss Sports " Women are obsessed with the new essay unit, Miss to exercise , not to please who, in order to please themselves, longing for a fresh sweat of the body. Every week at 47, invite you to meet with Miss Sports, talk about those sports teach us, different sports have different enjoyment, if running is to practice challenges and breakthroughs, then swimming for me, is to let me simply enjoy myself is just my own sports. (Recommended reading:"Miss Sports" You can go beyond, always only yourself )

This Monday holiday, I go swimming, probably because of the afternoon, swimming pool is very empty, looking past a blue, like the sea, let people forget it is the December winter.

Swimming is a small number of my favorite sports since childhood, in the water, I feel that I am free.

Just start swimming is managernent, jellyfish drift or Lian, in short choke a few saliva, in short adversity to survive, shouting frog-like feet good acid ah or not to breathe, just to learn the way forward. So you can feel the water lightly kissed the skin, oneself slowly forward, slowly like a strange type of aquatic life.

I think I like swimming, because swimming is not "will" and "no" movement, it is not so class trenchant, also not highbrow, it is very popular, you put on swimsuit, step into the water that moment is the beginning of swimming. Everyone in the water posture is different, and this does not matter, you do not have to contend with who swim fast, just call like swimming. (Recommended reading:"Sports Miss" sports is, in the way you like to go forward)

Swimming is not a race, no plunder, no collision, no game, swimming is really a very personal movement, you cultivate the relationship between water, you walk into it, it embraces you, like love grows, old and young, can be a lifetime.

Swimming that day, I passed by a gray-haired grandmother, she supported the floating board, moving slowly, her face like a tan. I feel very beautiful, when swimming, we are very clean, we are very simple, is not whose grandmother, not whose daughter, not whose wife, we are only themselves, but they are good enough.

I turned to think of myself, the wall to swim out, I think, I also want to swim all the way to seventy or eighty years old.