Single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. If we love Chan, if we have a song in our youth, if one day, we can also listen to Chan together. Chan concert sold out, like a declaration of love end of the sad news.

"The last straw of the summer," Chan the ticket. 」

The distance of N came to the message, but want to beat the keyboard alone and Rob ticket failed her how lonely. This summer finally to complete the past, N load floating load sank six months I did not miss, saw the N came to my house downstairs to cry, saw her enjoy drunk after not a word of the expression, N has not been born since the mood has occurred in this half year. Their last revenge-loving plan was the brightest fireworks of the summer. They meet in the most innocent adolescence, that year he played the guitar, she sang Chan, because "will", she found that he plays the guitar does not need to see the fingering is cool.

Fireworks are sad, to see how flowers grow in flowers, and then fade away in slow motion, they are neatly broken down in the whole sky. He kissed a man, and you kissed 10. You drop him a coat and he gives you a suitcase full of memories for five years.

(Photo source: Chan "or will be Lonely")

The strange story of the Crazy Man infatuated in the world, Pu songling in "Liao Zhai Zhi Yi" wrote: "With my Sansheng fireworks, for you a blur." "This is a work full of demons. In the middle of the night Midnight Oil tonight hiking road, look back on the lights are very strange, two lights are affiliated, the street so long, fireworks flourish, you can not help looking back, the old man clinging to your heel, you have a favorite piece of chewing gum, you are reluctant to put down, often looking back, do not want to relive the old dreams.

N after single, found that the hardest is not to break up, but to cross the world's most like that person's qualifications, after all, she has had so many years, as if it were her. She spent more time and unwilling to say good-bye, N with a number of unfamiliar kisses to anesthesia do not love a person's aftershocks, she banished herself to pursue: never mind, people in the end, or will love others, I can. For a while she was afraid to listen to Chan and think of the boy playing the guitar.

So she also experienced other love such as fireworks, a night of trance blurred. It's just that every time you get up like a hangover, you look at yourself in weakness. She nausea, hate herself beside another person, the bottom of his heart to the past he said: "It's good to be alive, can miss you alive." (Recommended reading:"single diary" Platonic love, without having to give up )

(Photo from: Chan "gorgeous Adventures")

Every time you speak to me like confession, God, forgive this mortal ignorance. She said to me, "I'm going to give you all those, the hateful parts, so I can forgive myself." 」

In fact, she has always wanted to do hateful people, a bit handsome, handsome, to waste this life. Too dispute the outcome of the people, are hard to from preoccupations forward, N is that kind of thinking before 10 steps a disturbed pieces, and thus lost the whole plate of people. How to live a good life now? Someone's method is more to others, someone's way is more hard-hearted to himself, some people suitable for reconciliation, some people for a lifetime secretly miss.

"It was you who took me through the pure moment, without regret and innocence." Chan "SELF"

At last the eyes became cold, but she liked it the first time the boy looked at her, they were in the guitar club for two years, and it was only a moment of remembrance. People once loved too transparent, recall, he is smiling, like the hometown of the creek and fish leisurely travel happy, in the feasting of the growing, this pair of eyes how rare. Every relationship is the most precious moment, before the love happens. The gentleness at that time was just right, no aggression, no compromise, no jealousy.

Before N too wanted to be able to smile blessing of the people, so she did not give good wishes to themselves. Give up the idea of blessing the old people with a smile, N let hate or regret, keep their shape. Regret is allowed, maybe we are not handsome enough, we are that kind of love, the heart of a coward, teeth envy envy hate people. You have tried to grow your appearance in the desolation of the years, until you find each other's first white hair, until Chan no longer album, until you eat a bubble to see the annual program but feel lonely until you from complementary love into "we do not fit" until you find another lover.

Until you give each other the letter, leaving only the first one. The boy writes a chord in the spectrum, the girl understands the translation: "Even if the whole world is against me, I still want to Love You" song.

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She has not protected herself, like hurting others without leaving an escape. This kind of vicious intensity, only then deserve two people to force love of time.

Because of the best, so finally can not afraid to lose face not afraid to say out-he is I fit to secretly miss that kind of person.