single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. 2017 Happy New Year, let us have a happy embrace this is still a single year, today, take good care of themselves is necessary, and more commitment to their one thing, that is to be a more positive for themselves, not to please do not, not for love and love. (same field Gayon: single Diary: If you want to love, Love like July and the same )

What's it like to be single when you live? When the girls have become someone else's bride, youth has been chewed into the reunion table jokes. This year, many face friends into the grave of marriage, the world laugh at your old aunt alone, you laugh new people do not wear.

At the end of each year, this moving solar terms, a few friends after dating the old sister a bones can not move, so in their own loneliness lively.

In the early 20, do you ask if love is worth it or not? Once in such a winter for a man to cry blind Eyes, you lost the world's most expensive first love, you can pick up a true self.

When you go to 28, do you ask if the relationship is lasting? At the end of the year many people can newsletter, you find that years will take away many of your friends, but also you a Sipilailian, speak the most unpleasant and the most painful you.

After 30, what do you laugh at the beginning of a year? Just want to grasp that country reward for New Year's Day compensatory holiday, stay at home to sleep a day not to go.

Often think of this year, have found himself doing very well, not waste nor regret, naturally no year-end anxiety disorder. Year-End anxiety is probably the following: Work KPI is far, no landing, the new year home relatives pressure, Love is Bishi.

People ask why such girls are so hard to love? She sang: "I am a more dangerous flower, the end of the elegant, guilty of cheap, crazy songs in The Fly, fall where the bloom in where, adhere to the final fireworks." 」

This year, no one to lead you to go, but a wild heart takes you to the farthest place; there is no hug, but you buy your own cotton-padded jacket enough to warm the winter; no one makes you happy, you smile from the heart of your life.

You put a whisper of "Hello Strange" as a compliment, and many people wonder how comfortable you are in this day. You thought to yourself, why do you want to be an inexplicable person to interfere with what kind of clothes you want to wear to see what movie? Again, why to a half a year will break up love, to prevent you want to work to some time, rejected you excellent.

You are strange, the past of the waste did not toss you, but let you become a stronger person, you are very strange, no longer easily to who too affectionate, because you want to live wonderful not serious. You put yourself, entrusted to yourself, in fact, you are not the feelings of loss of love, but you are more ideal for yourself.

2017 I hope this you, still not will be only fastidious. Life to the last second, your beauty will burst out for themselves.