single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. In fact, she is not a good person to say good-bye. But he did not love, also do not want, and then forced himself to approach what is the point. She can do is not embarrassed to go, free and easy to say good-bye, want him to see her tears.

She thought it was a habit to be sad, but she couldn't. She thought the breakup would be painless. She thought that love can be long, the original can not.

She so no desire for a person, finally also love Yo, lost all naïve, no longer can gamble for a lifetime.

To tell the truth, life is too long, we do not love the fate of forever. Time is the intersection, there is no end, she once thought that having now is enough.

Now very beautiful, and the future is very long, he left her, a person to go first, after that and she has nothing to do, she knew that the end of a moment, she did not think of the time, they have no love time.

She looked at him feeling strange, like living a lifetime home, suddenly have a cold voice said that this is a dangerous buildings, now to forcibly removed, forced her to move out. She was embarrassed to clean up the shattered memories, her bags became heavy over the past few, she still hesitated, and he said not to throw all, start again, end up a clean.

She thought he wouldn't hurt her. But first does not love the person, even the speech is not lenient, his gentleness becomes very stingy, his resistance becomes very huge, his love disappears, his figure farther and farther.

If you say that you love a person and you want a home, then the breakup takes away a total trust; it destroys a family's imagination; it dismantles a world of shared memories.

If this is what he wants, then she does it for him. He does not love her, she can do is not embarrassed to go, straight back pole, to he can not see her tears, she will be handsome to his distant wave, tears and dignity to their own. Perhaps one day, he will understand her last gentleness, he will thank her for the fulfillment.

Perhaps one day, such as the sad reaction diminishing, she will grow in pain in the heart of a stronger love, pain and love is born, her hobby strong, can take her to the next intersection, the next end.