Women fans take you to read "The poorest women: do not dare to ask for help in the hell ", in Japan, many young girls through the prostitute to find in the social survival of the safety nets, many single mothers in divorce after becoming a social outcast, can only live in the bottom of the sex work. Let us read the current situation of the poorest women in Japan and reflect on the future of sex workers in Taiwan. (same field Gayon:"More like book review" read "The poorest women": we are in the age of poor women)

"In the face of difficulties, some people will call for help, some people do not know how to help, some people look to help, some people see the teach people do not want to help." Despite the pain of both, the pain of the latter will be ignored, which I think is the most brutal thing in the world. "The poorest woman in Japan"

Cruelty occurred to them: because want to paralyze prostitute Yan extended to the man disgusted with the drug of her; because the mother beat stepfather sexual invasion to save herself run to prostitute her, suffering from severe mental retardation in a car for a strange man oral sex with her, because the sister "Introduction" and set up in the campus of the prostitute organization of her ... (Recommended reading:"Leave the brothel, we have no home" the real life of sex workers in Bangladesh )

Before reading "Japan's poorest women", the publisher's companion reminded me repeatedly that it was a very strong book in the back seat. After reading, I had a nightmare, dream that they are the parents kicked, abandoned by the social system and have to leave the home of the girl, the man claiming to be the eyes of redemption with semen shot out, I painfully wake up from sleep, and these are the country gave up the maiden, still can not awake.

You will ask: "This is their choice, and some people have a good life." "The following instructions, you will understand, prostitute, are the women in their lives to do their best and best match the status of the choice."

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Who is the poorest woman in Japan?

In Japan, the law of the vigorous development of the industry is ambiguous, on the one hand, "wind Fit law" is a reasonable standard, but the hotel broker in the "Occupational stability Law" under the illegal industry, and the "Occupational stability Law" for the sex industry is illegal. In 2013, the U.S. State Department counted foreign women engaged in sex services, Japan is the primary industry workers export country, very economic experts and criminal Experts estimate, the economic size of the exchange may be close to or even more than 5.9 billion yuan a year, many media reported that young Japanese women for entertainment and the pursuit of luxury goods and " In the news footage, the prime minister, Abe, confirms that there are 16.3% poor children in the country, as well as 3.5%~4% female street friends, who are the best potential unit for Japan's poorest women.

The author of this book lists the following three kinds of excluded and three kinds of barriers: family margin, geographical (community care), and institutional fate, mental handicap development and intellectual barriers.

In the case of young girls who have been sexually abused or needy for years, and women who live in poverty to near-street friends, why does sex work become the safest protection net in the community?

Single moms Go to prostitute: women who can't return to their home and career

First of all, one of the poorest women who are selling Chun Weisheng is a single mother whose common point is that they are unable to obtain assistance from their families, suffer from mental illness and have difficulty in obtaining public or private assistance. Because this kind of single mother is extremely afraid to separate from the child, or the lack of administrative procedures, and such women are usually in the family growth experience insecurity, has a strong dependence on love physique.

The book mentioned a case of a mother, she and the husband after divorce, because the child can not find full-time work, mental state of continuous cut wrist five times, courage to go to the hotel recruitment work but was swearing "lose weight and complete type again." So she could not seek the social system of sex work, only privately prostitute, she negotiated through dating sites, about 1500 NT dollars: "The people on the dating site are very strange, I was forced to drink strange medicine, tied me up, while I was sleeping in the inside, beaten and kicked the number of countless times, because I am not cute." 」

Japanese women play a virtuous wife in the traditional role, one but out of the role, no longer the husband's wife, they are difficult to become the eyes of the world's women, more difficult to find a place in the workplace. In particular, these women face the divorce experience after early marriage, lack of survival skills, the mother case in this book story, but also the growth of the Home violence environment, psychological status of the current situation is extremely complex.

In Japan, half of single-parent families live in poverty, and these families are mostly run by women. The general plight of single mothers in Japan according to the 2011 report: "1 per 3 people in single women face poverty." Among them, single mothers have 2 people per 3 people, and the elderly women have 1 people per 2 people. "The reason behind this is that some single women are being abused by cohabiting people, resulting in mental health problems, unintentional work, and costly medical treatment ....

The rate of low-income households in Japan is more than single mothers, unmarried women with single children. In addition to life dilemma, women face social discrimination, in addition to the typical discrimination that forced women not to return to the workplace, prostitute single mothers are more vulnerable, because the capital is not enough to enter the Japanese class of appearance and education, and because the investment industry has been cut out by the single mother group, they are accused of "why did they fall to this?" "But few people care about the situation where a single parent is pushed between society and the family."

Sex work at the bottom of the site: Heavy SM, anus, feces

However, you may ask, what is the difference between these single mothers without capital and the sex-work industry's socialite?

The author of the book interviewed the sex work as a way to earn pocket money for young women, such young women are very discriminated against the poverty of the women who have to go to the prostitute, the line of popular words: "Prostitute prostitution factor people, the sex industry to experts." "The specialization of the sex industry also makes it difficult for girls who are not beautiful to enter a better and systematic sex work industry."

"Miss Red card doesn't want to be seen as the same as the woman who thinks she's lying there and she's making money." "They think that women grow beautiful and young, and that makeup is an effort, so those" ugly fat "women who can only receive meager prostitute fees and even more miserable sexual abuse cannot squeeze into their" sex-trading class. " The lower-level prostitute also includes women who are involved in the industry due to intellectual barriers, most of which are chosen by the social mechanism to be very high in the physical endurance of a film, known as the three big NG-a-piece site (heavy SM, anus and excrement).

(taken to the poorest women of Japan)

The book wants to pay attention to the object, is the figure of "survival" sex workers, their common trait is "no friends without relatives and family assistance", "even receiving institutional help will not get a better life, Instead of being caught in a cycle of abuse, "seeing this, the imagination of the poorest women in Japan, perhaps you can do the same, rather than vigorously accuse the woman of not striving for it."

In fact, Taiwan's organizations in the face of "survival sex workers" in 1997, the following four requirements for the work of the crime in addition to sin: "One." Our work is justified and why we are deprived of our work. Two We are contributing to society, not making social crimes. Three We have no time to face the job of preparing for unemployment, because the decision-making process of abolishing prostitution is rough. Four The relief and rehabilitation programmes of the Social Council are not an option at all. "The poorest women are not asking for sexual rights, but for survival, and it is likely to be a false issue to discuss human rights survival with sexual rights."

Prostitute system for adolescent girls in China

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Another type of book is a lot of discussion of the girls engaged in illegal prostitute, their childhood because of bullying and sexual abuse there is no place, the mother of a pimp to persuade her daughter prostitute, there are countless examples, want to escape the idea that they are desperate to live outside. For the poorest women of the minors, if there is a place for childhood, can be divorced from the "introduction of prostitute work of the geopolitical relationship." Runaway girls are autonomous away from the system of a group of people, they have fled home after receiving social settlement system, and finally sent back to the abusive parents around the experience, such a kind of experience so that such a girl deeply betrayed, this kind of distrust of the system so that their lives. (same field Gayon: The least resistance of a road!) Why do Japanese runaway maiden choose prostitute? )

There are a number of cases in which young girls from the country are referred to the aid Exchange call system, it is from the campus autonomous growth of the prostitute system, the girl to seek emotional comfort of the community and financial aid, prostitute system in the peer formation of the relationship between domination and crush, has been squeezed, will become the dominant "sister", called on the sister to prostitute. These girls prostitute mostly to escape the family, they mostly grew up in the domestic violence, there have been parents have been the finger to the outside of the concave and no longer the palm of women, but also the head of the bone was beaten sunken childhood.

The maiden fled home and took to the streets, as long as the identity of minors is caught and sent home by the social welfare agency is "finished", they must seek illegal sex transactions, usually only the accommodation of the aid to the call station can meet the needs of these girls, in the absence of documents, let the girl settled.

Prostitute This "safety net" provides all that is needed for the adolescent's situation: to ensure a cash source for food and shelter, a mobile phone (underage girls cannot buy an easy-pay card, a call station to provide teenage Isica), and a companion (hotel broker). Sex work seems to be the only system that supports the survival of teenage girls in life assurance or emotional.

Why should sex work be legalized? Let the law also serve the bottom of society

The author's two attempts at the current situation in Japan also provide us with a thought on how we face a large number of sex workers when the social system fails to provide a better choice of life for the lower-life people. How to flip a group that is discriminated against in the corner and not discussed by the media?

One attempt to legalize sex work, the discussion in Taiwan also synchronized, the other is a systematic love, and then I would like to start with the "legalization of sexual work" to compare the status of Japan and Taiwan's sex work. (Recommended: "The poorestwomen" Selected readings: Prostitute girl's love scam )

Looking from Japan to Taiwan, there will be many obstacles to this road. We must talk about sex work apart from the sexual freedom of women and the two separate things, the system's biggest goal should be to serve those who because of "three barriers" and "three denied" to the sex industry to survive the women. If the "sex work is good to earn, time is short, quick to make a lot of money shortcuts, a little woman a day on a good account of nearly tens of thousands of dollars in cash, do not pay taxes ..." the most impoverished women are undoubtedly pushing them into the hell of helpless for help. Because the poorest women engaged in sexual intercourse between the environment and the income and the description of sex workers is far away.

Legalization of sexual work is not only to provide a systematic sex industry, even more so that sex workers can stay in a more secure working environment, and also enjoy the resources equal to labour, so that women at the bottom of the poverty level can at least be more than the ordinary survival of the money by social quotas, more likely to accumulate out of the network of the capital, Let generations escape from her daughter's inheritance. The cycle of the professional investment industry (as sex workers enter middle age, they tend to fall into poverty again, and the family's economic pressure returns to their children).

In addition, the system also promotes the environmental quality of the surrounding sex workers, such as hotel brokers can not arbitrarily exploit sex workers, companies and workers themselves should have reasonable pricing and terms. The socialization of sex work is also to change the public's discrimination against the sex industry, and to reverse the situation that the poorest women are isolated and afraid to turn to society.

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Reflection on the poorest women: the next step in Taiwan's sexual work rights?

Looking back on the attitudes of Taiwanese sex workers, in 2009, the Legislative Yuan proposal for "prostitution and prostitution" was a flash in the pan, and the bill was aimed at promoting law enforcement, targeting sex workers in addition to crime, developing relevant decrees and supporting measures for sex workers, and asking the Ministry of the Interior to coordinate the Department of Health to provide free sex workers screening At the same time, to strengthen the prohibition of underage sex workers, traffickers, media workers and so on.

Although the bill has not been passed, the most important objective of "sexual work in addition to crime" is to promote the underlying rights and interests in the system of the management job-owner. The policy protection of sex workers has not been implemented, in recent years, the issue of sex workers was heard as follows: In 2014, sex workers ' monuments were all more, and the Japan-Japan Spring Association "sex workers should be equal, not discriminated against" to carry out anti-waste prostitution campaign, protect Wen Meng Lou; 2015 Taipei Municipal Government's " Hatano knot Clothing "leisurely card caused by sex workers discrimination discussion; Last year, a Wanhua was working on sex trading because the police were" fishing "in violation of the regulations on child and juvenile sex Trafficking (29), and sex work protection groups took to the streets ... (Extended reading: sex workers are bad women?) Dirty name you can't see the job major )

When the Japanese society to "the poorest women" to open the truth, Taiwan's poorest women's figure and image is still blurred, perhaps the station wall of the Wanhua, perhaps in the 私娼 Liao, perhaps, we have not known the homeless girl, the answer is unknown, because the public still lock the issue in " The sexual autonomy after the right of prostitutes is rampant ", which is to curb the possibility of the poor groups finding their way out of the system.

In the reading of this book, I revisit the common misfortune of society, that faint smile to talk stepfather in childhood sexually invaded by a "still plug in Ah" The end of the woman; the one who said he wanted to kill the mother who introduced her guests, but was also inseparable from the mother's call girl; the young maid who was homeless and eager to find her husband from the prostitute.

They are abandoned by the family, marginalized by society, and even by peer sex work red card discrimination, if the sex industry workers are the bottom of the female class, then, this kind of woman, is living in hell.

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