What is the Jiang in your head? Everyone said she sweet, but Jiang claiming to have a big Uncle Soul, her heart to the whim of the courage to achieve their own actor's story, to see Jane Kidman book reading list, from the heart to the body, learn in self-examination and from the place in the zero.

For a long time did not take the TV series of Jane Kidman book, and recently cooperated with the Studio theater, "Dark Please close your eyes." In fact, many people know that the Kidman book has always thought that the actor is her life accident, the director is her heart really can't let go of dream. Last month, when the interview with her, only to find that the appearance of the beautiful beautiful beautiful libra girl, the Heart has a mature Uncle soul, usually like to stay at home, holding a glass of wine to enjoy the solitude of time. (Extended reading: Solitude Aesthetics: Learning to own a person, to enjoy the plural life )

On that day, Kidman book recalls that he had a long time for filming a lack of creation and fell into a low ebb, even anger never want to take the play. I asked the uncle how to deal with negative emotions, she said, except for cleaning, yoga and shopping, the most important thing is to read. When I asked her to recommend a book, she also excitedly said can open life must read 100 book, Food and clothing live can choose book, finally I asked her to select two to all the cards, the following let us and Kidman book reading, develop mature uncle Soul to face life:

The single book of Yoga

"I've been in touch with yoga for more than two years and it really makes your mind clearer," he said. I will feel that everything is a process, you just experience it, enjoy every moment, past, no matter the result is good or bad, the so-called good or bad is the kind of the secular, because the real bad you can judge for yourself. "Kidman book said, she believes that all things are good, end to see how people think, life is not long also not short, learning, do not always repeat in the circle, there is a forward is right."

Kidman love to see religious scriptures, she believes that the various religions, Mempai although different, but the way always call. Whether it is love, health, career, scripture can be applied to all kinds of troubles in life, to see if you can fathom, know how to use it.

"Yoga has a very simple passage, to practice, the first is strict norms of their own behavior, and then to be good for everyone, then adjust their own body and thought, you will become the state of samadhi, many people think that the state of Samadhi is God, but then in fact will face more difficult challenges. 」

Kidman said that she thought of these things is very simple, that is, first to do their own, love themselves, good when a person. When we can not love ourselves, to love others is only to escape love themselves, from others to obtain energy, just take and can not pay. Therefore, the first to take care of themselves, do more than the power to look after others. She said with a smile, but yoga is not understood now, it's okay to see it again in ten years. (Extended reading: How long have you been alone?) Learn to be alone so you can live with others.

Uncle Book Two "Dear, hello"

"Girls will be more depressed, born to think a lot of things at once, and boys a little different." We often feel want to perform well, although it is a girl, and do not want to let others feel that they are too girls love spoiled, work, family, career all want to take into account, very hard. "This book, which describes the rehabilitation of cancer patients, often resonates with Kidman books," he said.

Kidman wrote that the author, through his own life course, spoke of many women's repressed secrets. "Although I didn't get the cancer, I saw she said a lot of things and would want to cry because I thought I knew the pain she was talking about." But you know, there are a lot of formalities for you to throw it away. 」

Kidman the book to all the girls, she said that the author is a writer, writing fluent good reading, and I secretly laugh, think that if compared with the "Yoga Sutra", this should indeed be good to read much.

Women are diverse, and the Kidman book proves the story. She has a fresh appearance, the uncle's soul, can be stable, can be funny, she said, through reading a lot of exploration of their own, the root of the emotional disintegration, is her favorite thing to do, the above two uncles book list, to you. (recommend you see: you read the word, decide you are what kind of person: 20,30,40 Life Book list )