Sex education enters campus What do you think? The pros and cons of the group, want to see the community know who needs more strong at the same time, we want to delve into the "anti-sex education" behind the parents fear.

The teachers ' endorsement of gay marriage last week raised a lot of concern that teacher support was particularly important for the education sector to promote gender issues in the debate on whether sex education should go to school. In the marriage affirmative movement, the identity as the endorsement, the support or the opposition marriage equality is for "the collective approval", creates the social affirmative or the opposition visibility. And the recent rescue of Taiwan hope that the Alliance response to the teachers collectively, the number of children to raise cards, against sex education.

They asked: "Quite the same school teachers beat drums shouting very gay education, want to listen to our children's voice?" "The child raises the card:" Why does the teacher show Grandma, "Why does the teacher want to teach us to touch the chicken to be comfortable", "I do not want to see the pornographic movie not to be possible", "the teacher wants to compel me to accept the comrade education".

(Photo source: Rescue Taiwan Hope Union )

Parents are anxious to make a sound for their children, fearing that they have their own ideas and that their authority is challenged.

You kids are holding billboards, writing about the fear and shame of people facing sexual issues. Refusing to acknowledge the existence of pornography, the child feels guilty about his passions, and the female organ is despised, so the girl's body is all the way up on the road of growth, and the child discriminates against the comrades, and the boy finally gets speechless in the deep cabinet.

Anti-sex education side, worried about children suffering from "sexual pollution", and then hand-built a screen to isolate all physical/gender-related knowledge. At this time they are teaching children to evade sex education, it is no doubt that people do not face the instinctive lust and self-identity. Next, we want to discuss why children must be sexually educated or even involved in gender discussions.

Sex education in Taiwan: The road paved by the dead children

Freedom of expression exists in civil society, and although children do not yet have a mature ability to think, it does not mean that children must be deprived of the right to think. Therefore, in the discussion of sex education, the most important thing is not to instill a child's single value, to give them the flexibility of thinking and "More choices", so that children have the ability to challenge all gender status.

Before we begin to discuss the value of gender pluralism, let us first understand the course of Taiwan's promotion of gender education into the campus. In 1997, the Ministry of Education established a Gender Equality Commission, which was adopted in 2004 by the Law on Gender Equality education, that is to say, in the 2014, Taiwan education did not implement any gender-friendly knowledge, so many people's growing sexual education is " The Virtuous sex education course ", with the abortion documentary to intimidate the school children, the comrade is the campus invisible group." The practice of the Gender Equality Education Act aims to protect the gender disadvantage of campus, one is female, the other is sex minority. Also known as the LGBT community, and more in the gay status of bullying. In 2012, the Friendly Taiwan Alliance launched a questionnaire in which nearly 3,000 sex-filled respondents, up to 60% of them, had suffered physical violence on campus and 90% had suffered verbal bullying.

The death of 2000 Ye Yongji, 2010 Pingdong lesbian partner, 2011 years left a suicide note "This is the human nature" after the Yang Chengyun, are just a minority of the majority of the group was seen grief. Sex education is important in Taiwan to reach out to the children who think they are being abandoned. Tell the future children of Taiwan: You are not a freak, you should agree with your gender, sexual orientation, no one has the right to hurt you because of your identity politics. (Extended reading: You should retake the "Gender equality education": don't have the next Wanju and Ye Yongji )

Gay sex education: from "identity" to know who you are

All the importance of gay education is to make gay ethnic groups no longer socially heterogeneous. 1979 Cass [Note 1] puts forward the theory of interpersonal consensus, in the six stage of the identification process of comrades, we live in the "heterosexual default" in the society, will certainly from the suspicion of who they are tolerant, the last lucky people come to identity pride, but also because of extreme life experience and the opposite of heterosexual society, The separation of public life from private experience has caused the oppression of the gay spirit.

So in order to escape this default value, we must let the child in the education system have the knowledge of the detection of their own life. With the existing sex education, only pay attention to "health education", clearly defined by the heterosexual structure is correct and incorrect. Behind the ideology is "normal sex" for the purpose of procreation, male as the main body, women as obedience and reproductive role. Standardizing the gender obligation at the same time to regulate the "single marriage value" insurmountable. The education system instilled a single heterosexual thinking value, showing that it was the only "normal identity", and that the derived homosexual fears were more pervasive.

For the imaginative practice of education, we can first step to understand the gender spectrum, understanding that each person can be through the different aspects of physical gender, gender identity and gender temperament to interweave their own appearance. In addition, the children can be discussed through the topic of civic class, interact with different gender identity and identity, and see through practice that no matter gay or heterosexual, they are not homogeneous groups, and each person is living in a heterogeneous and diverse world.

Can the pillars of the state not masturbate? Masturbation, lust and menstruation

Again, we can think about the relationship between parents and children from the parents ' fear of lust. Parents stop their children from knowing their bodies and are concerned that their children have the right to dominate their bodies. The excessively inflated parental authority, lets the child lose the free will in the intimidation which obeys the authority and the filial piety spirit.

The former Ministry of Education has suggested that masturbation education has led to a sharp rebound of parents, but the Ministry of Education has originally intended to "Q&a" the textbook on masturbation in the teacher's handbook because parents and teachers have asked how to teach their children to masturbate, and students ask about masturbation. "In the face of such issues, we should not only communicate with children, but also invite parents to enter into the discussion of sex education knowledge."

General parents may not have a basic understanding of masturbation. The Sears Parenting Health Encyclopedia suggests that 10% of children under 7 years of age have had masturbation, with an increase in the proportion of their age. Up to 80% children who masturbate under 13 years of age. The so-called masturbation, is the child's self exploration process, they will touch their bodies to establish a relationship with the world, this is the spiritual development of children, if the child touch the body of the process of being shouted, may let children know that their body is unclean. ( recommended reading: Yang Sunny TED speech: "Dear girls, you have to take back your body, lust, rights")

Growing up to puberty, the child will develop a more mature form of masturbation, at which point masturbation links the "desire for sexual" consciousness. At this point, boys and girls need to "sound and healthy masturbation knowledge", and to give its moderation and moderation recommendations. Let masturbation into the depth of teaching materials can be, but the most important thing is to give the desire to a righteous living space, from the honest view of their bodies, to establish a future with the health of others intimate relationship.

In the teaching of health education, boys and girls are often separated, boys know sperm and masturbation, girls know menstruation and health cotton, which also causes women to masturbation fear, men are curious about menstruation, we should open to the discussion of menstrual blood, let the girl from the blood stigma of shame liberation. All genders are invited to recognize the spiritual and physiological significance of masturbation and lust, so that every child has the right to be responsible for their own bodies and to make choices. (same field Gayon:"Zhou Special article" Why the woman's sex is precious, the man's sex is excessive?) )

Why do parents fear multiple spectra?

In the argument of the opposite sex education, whether it is the child, the teacher, or the identity of the parents, they are afraid that sex education will cause "sexual liberation" on campus. To learn about the misunderstanding of gender spectrum and sex education by refusing to "sex spectrum inducing sexual orientation", "multiple sex education polluting campus", "the national pillar masturbation every day like what words", "we reject the homosexual nurturance education".

The first thing to discover is that the public underestimates the ability of the child to think, because most people are adults who are cramming, so avoid thinking independently and filling out the correct answers outside the textbook.

Why do parents fear that children have their own thinking context? When children have their own thoughts, that is, from the stage of parental wing, the child's own gender identity or lust autonomy is also in the life link with the parents of the choice to break. In addition to the parental discomfort, the other may be that the child's "differences" threaten the father's system, such as the face of homosexuality and sexual values, are a provocation of paternity. It is a "unnatural phenomenon" for the patriarchal system to delight the male main power, and the prejudice against the fear and the desire is built in the inferiority of the men, and the social order or ethic norm which is dominated by male sex dominance is shaken.

For parents, their sense of security is based on the child's parental authority, and the parents ' relationship with the child becomes very tense in the primary sense that a disadvantaged child is sexually or sexually cutting the heterosexual value. Again, the reason why my father is afraid of lust is that it symbolizes power, that he has the master and the pleasure of himself that he is no longer subject to patriarchy.

In this context, some parents distort the sexual liberation, and naturally they can be equally alarmed. Because the intimacy and gender identity that they knew had always been the product of his father's long system, when the world came up with "other answers", there was doubt about its own existence. (Recommended reading: The real world beyond the sex of two yuan: embrace the difference to make the world more beautiful )

Every angry parent has been a wounded child.

Speaking of which, we are distressed for all the injured parents who were victims of the "good for their children" education. People who think that children make the right choices for life, seldom think about their life value, the revolution of Taiwan sex education, not only for children, but also to smooth the scars of this group of parents. The tight relationship between children and their parents is also reflected in a child's maturity and own thinking is a symbol of no longer need parents. So what we should do is rebuild the relationship between parents and children in Taiwan, change the standard answer to a one-to-one relationship, and let both sides grow together in a parenting project.

The future of sex education, but also to the parents of the version, so that people who have suffered from gender oppression but do not know, can forgive the changes in society, but also forgive their own unease.

Children with sex education billboards are innocent, and so are the parents who fight for their children's future. For all parents, how to talk with the current Taiwan Gender society? Let us no longer think of the child as the beginning of their own, believe that their children have enough ability to adapt to change, but also must strive to develop a more suitable for the children of the different growth of a friendly society.

And as a square, we should not easily kidnap an identity, it is an important lesson for affirmative parents to speak for "same-sex marriage" or "sex education", to deepen the single ideology, to give children more room for discussion, even to see the views of the opposite side with their children, and to understand their children.