Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. One weekly Yang da is with Zheng Yi Agriculture divorce After the family relationship, let us from the incident thinking about the possibility of multiple family, if someday, you can choose your family appearance, you will reproduce the relationship between the original family ? However, not everyone, there is a good original family, let the family one more option to change the family's power structure derived inequality. (same field Gayon: There is a kind of love called Zheng Yinong and Yang Dazheng: I love you, do not have to have you )

At the beginning of 20,171 years, one weekly reported that Yang da was having a family relationship with Zheng Yi Nong after the divorce, the title of "before divorce with his girlfriend home fire extinguisher singer was blown three lines" big talk about the two people divorced before and after the private life, reported that the emotional life of the parties: "Zheng Yi Nong out of the ark time Point came suddenly, part of the reason is not want to deceive themselves, Let this bizarre "three-person line" state continue.

Zheng Yi Nong responded: "About the great and Shandong, has been very much hope that they can get a justifiable happiness." "The long thousand-character text, way out of love with the media view, the media to three people line up the article, alluding to Zheng Yi Nong's relationship is complex, Zheng Yi Nong said:" For me, Big and Kelly is a friend is family, I love them, also know they love me. " If anyone hurts my family today, I will not hesitate to protect them in my own way and stand with them on the same side. 」

(Photo source: Zheng Yi Nong )

She said maybe some families, sitting at the same table with their cell phones indifferent, but their home is very happy, after divorce Zheng Yi Nong, happy see Yang Dazheng find can make up his life piece, from Zheng Yi Nong's reply, we reflect the meaning of family, as human, what kind of relationship is called normal, but the so-called normal relationship, may not be happy.

Independent topics in family relations

"As the report said, my life now is with my ex-husband, Yang Dazheng, and his partner, Kelly (or, as we all know, Shandong on the table) sublet a big, bright house with lots of rooms, one for work, a lot of books, and an open kitchen, With a living room full of windows, there are public areas, but also each can be quiet in their own state of space. 」

Home is the place people always want to go, precisely because of its flexibility and freedom. Our imagination of family relations often comes from the native family, and the experience gained in the original family is copied into the marriage family. (Recommended reading: The definition of "home" to the people in love: my family unfortunate but very real )

The British Stand Alone organization has studied the motives for leaving native families, and 80% are unwilling to re-establish links with parents for the following reasons: emotional abuse, the impact of personality and values, and the difference in expectations of relationships. Family may also have kinship and intimacy, whether it is the elders to their children or peers, spouse, how to maintain a healthy interpersonal relationship?

The son point of view of the Chinese society is that parents ' devotion to children is like an investment, more like the exchange of value, whether it is the inheritance mechanism or son view, parents and children often form an economic community, such an exchange of prices so that both sides have more "recycling" expectations. Therefore, in thinking about the weak person's habitual obedience to the authority of the idea, we will inherit the "good child of the family" thought, but also with this concept to kidnap the new members of future families.

In addition, the slogan of "Home and everything in the family" also shrinks the personal choice, so we often play in the family in the small theater of love and hate, such "grievances" transplanted into the marriage family, evolved into our over-reliance on the "Peace of the family surface" but neglect of self-awareness.

Zheng Yi Nong Talk about his love of home, is able to cherish when together, in turn after their respective happiness. In the contemporary Chinese society, this is a kind of imagination worth learning, the family should learn to separate the individual topics, can go in the same direction, but not together capsized. Avoid the emergence of "subordination" and do not attempt to interfere with other people's decisions through control or flattery, or even shoulder responsibilities that are not theirs.

is not a blood family, beyond the fetters of in-laws and blood relatives

"Perhaps some families will be bored at home, eating time staring at the TV mobile newspaper, eat full and then go to their own space to do their own things." Perhaps some families often quarrel with each other, shoulder always carry each other's bitter blood and tears ego and selfish, then, we may be happier than these families. I've always thought that "family" is a place where you can love and tolerate each other in the end, no matter what happens. 」

Zheng Yinong said that the real home does not necessarily have a blood relationship, they have more than many "normal family" happiness. She points out "the phenomenon of family indifference" is worth discussing, in these two years, Japan's rise of "no society" said, Japanese culture gradually abandoned the "family fetters" tradition, more modern family appearance reflected in the solitary death of the elderly alone, unmarried women.

We are living in the prosperity of individualism generation, the value of the family has been shaken by the times, people can be in the virtual space to be alone, because the "parental control" of children out of the family, they do not want to just parents "vertical identity", inherit the parents of blood and race relations, imitate its temperament When the inherent family rules can not contain the "independent thinking" members, the relationship between the family will appear wronged and tense, "multiple families" to challenge the traditional family side to try to get out of the new possibility of human relations. (same field Gayon: Dialogue native family: one side complains about the parents, protects the parents ' child )

is not a blood is the family, reflects the "one can choose their own willing to live the way", compared to the Chinese traditional family structure of swallowing and sacrifice, Zheng Yinong said his happiness of peace of conscience.

Abandoning only in-laws or blood relatives of the family imagination, Yang Dazheng also responded: "Eight years of emotion, we participate in each other's life the most turbulent years, grow together, and full support of each other, our relationship is like family." We all know that the fetters of this kind of revolutionary emotion will not go away. 」

No one can doubt that they are not qualified enough to have a family.

There is no legal obligation, but they fulfill the responsibility of caring for each other's lives, without moral coercion, but they become comrades in the life of each other.

Whether it's two people, three people, four people, multiple families, regardless of the number of people in the row, the people gathered together is "the collective sense of belonging." We have the ability to believe in the existence of such genuine emotions, just as we have the ability to love a person without being recycled.

Multiple families: A home made from love

Writing in the end, the last to share the "plural family" should not be the anti-gender liberation of the mouth of the "disintegration of human relations and family value", but the new path of family appearance. After the Marriage Equality Act has entered the Legislative Yuan, we should further consider the value of marriage. What is the value of the family?

In addition to the "sexual chaos" of the opposition, we should aim at the contemporary family alienation phenomenon to propose a new path and solution. Multiple families to be unable from the original family to be satisfied with the services, such as the contemporary society because of home violence homeless girls, abandoned by their children living alone, in the original family can not be cared for people, because of the geographical gathering together people ...

The true meaning of the family should be the legal protection "want to get along" with the multi-party relationship, so that people can not be subordinate to the original family, so that people who want to live together with the likes of people, through the mutual aid model for a long life.

A husband and wife of marriage is not a social original, more like to restrict the intimacy of life, multiple family and companion law to try to break the door is such marriage subordinate threshold, so that many people's families do not take sex as an essential element, in intimate relations there is no right to require monitoring other people's sex. (More diverse family discussion, please refer to:"verbatim manuscript" plural Marriage Act and intimate relationship/Chen Mihao (professor of sociology, Sun Yat-sen University))

Untie the doctrine of the family, let us return to the home of the good meaning of the original, if the Times deprived of the people born and should have the intimacy and trust, let us act back to the era of the right to give people.