[Oscent Library Scent Library] was founded in 2009 by a group of young people from Taiwan, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Shanghai. It was felt that the sense of "smell" was the most direct influence on the emotional response of people in the sense of "smell."As a result, the smell library is different from the generic perfume. It not only collects hundreds of odors, but also provides a free space for searching and reading odors, and a unique system of directors to help people excavate the familiar scent of everyday life and deep memory.

Innovative Smell Technology Cover Four Seasons

Smell not only to please the body's senses, but also to reproduce the life situation and time sequence. [Oscent Library] uses a keen sense of smell to feel the rhythm of the universe, and uses the "vacuum refining technology" (also known as "live extraction") to collect and seal the flavor of nature. In theory, this technique can preserve the flavor of any matter, such as the flavor or the flavor of the old boots.

When implementing this method, a fragrant material, such as a flower, is placed in a special container in which the container is drawn into a vacuum state, the gas molecule is dispersed and obtained in the most natural state, and then analyzed by gas chromatography Gas Chromatography, and records its unique chemical signal, which is verified that it can be used in the skin to restore the natural essential oil.

This is a new technology that is still very expensive and has complex processes, and the situation-style DEMETER has always insisted on and follows Europe's ancient artificial production, which consumes time and is only the most realistic smell of the savage and savage lifestyle.

Dare to the

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takes the most versatile variety of Fumeno dances to perform the most primitive dance of the seasons, and experiences a storm of thunderstorms, cold snow, and warm and refreshing breeze, and finally becomes a splendid garden of rain .In addition, the all-encompassing food, life, wine and other materials have been used to guide the people to understand the smell of the smell of self-sufficiency.

New York's most notable creative perfume DEMETER, the fragrance designer Christopher Brosius is known as the 21st Century Ghost, and has created a brilliant record of the first time in history that more than 70 DEMETER perfumes were displayed in the National Museum of Cooper-Hewitt National Museum in 2003. DEMETER designs are inspired by life, wine, delicious, plant, fruit and vegetable, and nature, and each bottle is loaded with an independent smell, a frame-free imaginary space and space.

[Oscent Library] is inspired by the bright sunshine of March, with its original Demeter collection series (storms, snow, rain, rain and rain gardens), New York's original flavor, Linden Leaves, and the youngest flamenco dance ensemble in Taiwan, and the Smell Smell.[Note 1]

Smell Mans without Borders

[Oscent Library] is the only Six Scents [NOTE 2] in the Greater China region to defend the Earth's environment by stimulating human aspirations and revamping of the natural beauty of the natural beauty of the world.

[Odor Library] uninterrupts a novel and interesting odor, from space situation, home life, and even physical care. In the warm and warm days of March, the research and development process did not carry out animal experiments, and was filtered by strict raw materials, not containing preservatives, emulsifiers, mineral oil, and also on earth's soil.

Watch a design, hear a music, touch a sense of quality, taste a taste, smell a kind of smell, a sense of smell, a five-sense staggered interactive experience, and are you always looking for a flavor that expresses'you'?Welcome to the [smell library]!

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[Note 1] The Smell Library and Taiwan's youngest flamenco dance cooperative details: Find

from the romantic flamenco dancer