Women's fans [ gender perspective ] notebooks that inspire themselves and influence the environment will be shared by a short piece of current affairs observations that are based on gender.Recently, there is a very hot word. Women's march on Washington is marching toward Washington. Around a.m. on January , the following day, the progress of women's rights is the progress of human rights. They speak for themselves, and are also vulnerable to the weak rights of the women.(Recommended subscription: Women's Feminist Channel )

On the second day of Trump's inauguration on January 20, on January 21, at 10 a.m., Washington will have a big women's march, hundreds of thousands of people marching in the streets, and a new women's struggle in the United States.

The campaign is led by a digital feminist who wants to aggregate people without gender, age, race, culture, political orientation and background, to focus on women's rights and equality issues, focus on the current status of opposition to the Trump administration, call for women's career rights and reproductive rights, and protect legal rights regardless of gender age race.

The campaigner quoted Martin Luther as saying, "We can't go on alone, and as we move forward, we will swear we will move forward and not go back.""There is only one day of the march, but fighting for the rights is definitely a long-term war. Before, yes, it is now and the future."

We want to look back, what does the Trump administration have done and what hasn't been done to let people have such a little worry about the upcoming new government?

Trump's political views: tired of women, anti-comrades, abortion

We are not joking about Trump's "getting caught by women, having them", the woman's body is not a joke; we have destroyed America's human rights faith and fallen into the New York Times; we remember the August of the presidential campaign, when people asked which women he would invite to lead the country, and he was able to speak out to only give his own daughter, Ivana Trump.(Recommended reading: A gender perspective: When Trump says "Grab her private part, you will be able to do it" )

Trump says I don't support women, and I think of them as baby dolls and I love them as dolls."I'm tired of women, 17 percent of my cabinet is female, and the figure is far inferior to that of the Canadian cabinet," he said. "In fact, women account for 51 % of the total population, but the cabinet is often a" guaranteed quota "or" a few ".

Trump is in office, and people are feeling the world's churchout.KFC, a Republican ruling party, recently issued a new ban on abortion in order to take on women's rights. "Women's only choice is to be pregnant or unconceived."Women do not have the option of abortion irrespective of rape or other causes of pregnancy.The Governor of Kendki said.(Sibling: gender: women who have abortions in Taiwan (people) )

At the workplace and the family level, Trump's previously released child care policy services, ranging from maternity leave arrangements to tax rebate designs, have focused on the bourgeoisie, looking at the plight of the disadvantaged.

gender level, Trump has disagreed with the LGGBTQUIA group, but has a heap of discomfort, and he publicly supported the First Amendment Defense Act (FADA) bill against gay marriage. He said, "I'm a traditional person, I don't like this judgment, and I will appoint judges who will overthrow gay marriage."" (Recommended thinking: Practice of the marriage equality: Dear passerby, chat about marriage, partner law, gay partner law, )

Why are Americans worried? Why are they disappointed? It is clear that many people have the melancholy after the election, and the women's march in Washington has grown. We are not only taking to the streets for women's rights and demonstrations, but also to take to the streets of many of the lost human rights.

Women march on Washington!The Interweaving Practice of Feminism

womenen's march chose to confront the Trump administration's atrocities in the face of the storm.The march has eight propositions, ending violence, defending the freedom of birth, safeguarding pluralism, labor rights, civil rights, physical disabilities, immigration, and practical environmental justice, reflecting feminism and its spiritual implications.

's feminist demands are not the single battleground of the white elite feminists. From the initial simple social group to more feminist discourse, more faces across race, religion, gender, and human rights, there are now expected to be between 20 and 400 thousand people in the United States taking to the streets and fighting for human rights, not to be excluded.(sibling: gender approach: feminism, gentle and gentle toward yourself )

design of the "women's march on Washington" was also a tribute to the "March on Washington" initiated by Dr. Martin Luther in 1963.In the new era, there are new battlefields. What we can do is to keep on moving forward. We have to speak for ourselves, and we also have to see the predicament that hidden in the dark corners of our own, but not our real existence.

A woman's life is not a single subject, not an uppercase WOMAN, and has a different experience, as she once said, "Differences will not tear us apart, and if we can recognize, accept, celebrate our differences.""

On 21 January, at 10 a.m. on Washington Independence Avenue, on the march of freedom and rights for the people, this is a new era revolution initiated by women, focusing on human rights issues and reflecting feminism in the context of women's rights and interests.

women's march calls on the "The rise of the woman is the rose of the nation."

For the United States to once again be a great Trump administration, don't you know that it's ready?