the Spring Festival period, when a person's label is enlarged indefinitely, when a person's label is pasted, the woman becomes an action-in-law, and we want to ask, where is the freedom of the person?

The Spring Festival is coming, and the returning train can't get tickets, and more people can think of it when they think of returning home.

The younger generation is clamoring for the Spring Festival, and is particularly worried about the annual repetition of the "need to get married?"" Where is it?" Don't have children?He felt like he was like a few simple labels that he didn't really care about. He was hard moved to a dinner table. He was a chip in his forebears and was in a complicated mood, so he had to laugh.(Recommended for you: Spring Festival for fear of the younger generation: after grabbing tickets, we are getting farther from home )

The woman who just got married has become an outspoken daughter-in-law who has become a "outsider".As the traditional custom says, the daughter who gets married is the water that is thrown out, and the first time she returns to the mother's home, she is a poor mother, and she will suffer even greater disrespect for her husband.So she couldn't go home, and she didn't have the so-called "own house." She was a married woman, and she could only give her parents a quiet phone call.

Which one is home?What is the interaction and horniness of the native family and the legitimate family?The "home" issue is magnified by the Chinese New Year, so as to deter women's names and to consolidate a single family's image of hegemony. It seems to be an unblessed solitary ghost outside of a heterosexual, marriage and family system.

First, I want to go back to my mother's house

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My girlfriend P, who just got married, says to me that she just got married last year, thinking that she felt sad when she was unable to accompany her mother on New Year's Eve.It turns out that the pressure is intangible. It smashes all your understanding and imagination about feminism, and makes you realize that you are acting as the sex role of your wife and daughter-in-law, and the location of the "water that's been poured out" in the native family.(In the same place: [Lai Peixia]] Who says that the mother-in-law must have the right mother and daughter?)

modern times, we say that marriage is a combination of equal close relationships, but the traditional consciousness of marriage is still long, and marriage is the result of marriage, and that is our family's daughter-in-law, who has to do our home.All of us say that the times are progressing, and the women's rights of the Taiwan feminist consciousness can be lifted. But P can always say that it doesn't export. " On New Year's Eve, I want to spend the night with my mother.She knew that people would go back to her, "Anyway, you can go back to the mother's house. Why don't you make the old woman happy?""

Can you go back to your mother's home for dinner?Can you go back to your mother's house?This issue has long taken root in Taiwan, and in 2005 it was written in the book First Girl in the Year of the Year, written in the book).

In a society, if a son can take it for granted, he can enjoy a lot of things, such as being able to accompany his parents at home every year, while his daughter has so much restraint and taboos, and of course it is not fair.Such a design is a product of inequality between men and women, and these differences remain uncommon and will encourage the perception of men, women and men, who are often patriarchate."

In 2015, the Awakening Foundation held a car-holding event, the first time in the first year of the year, there was no ban, no taboo, big Italy! It shows that returning to the husband's family is a woman's choice. The woman is the wife and daughter of a woman. It is only a false spell of imprisonment for women in the patriarchs of men and women.

There are also many insightful self-revelations of messages below,

In the year of marriage, only one year at home, and every other year before New Year's Eve, the rest of the family is returned to the mother.In the past, customs had a historical background, and the new era might not have been bound by old customs."

" Last year, because of my husband's work, I went back to the mother's family to celebrate the New Year with the children.At first, my father was somewhat hesitant. Before then, I hadn't heard of her daughter's first mother's mother.However, my mother would simply say yes and yes.The mothers who do not recognize feminism practise what they practice in silence.This year we are still on the first day of the Lunar New Year, and this time, together with the husband, I sleep at the mother's house at night, saving the tide of the first two days of the mother's car."

The concept of equality between men and women is always "inculpor" in the process of "engagement."Marriage is not the one who enters the house, but only two people decide to be together.We are not people who have come out of stone. At the New Year, you have your family reunion. I also have my family members to gather together.Before getting married, it was the Chinese New Year. After getting married, of course they could still spend the New Year with their families. Anyway, they were both together.We only married under such mutual understanding.His family was not baffled, and he came forward to communicate with him (he told his grandmother: "Before women had to tie their feet, aren't they now?"The bad customs will have to be changed.When girls are married, they are not kidnapped. Why should they have been married in their own home and marry?Grandma was persuaded by him too.Every year I am happy to go back to my mother's home on New Year's Eve.I sincerely hope that more and more sisters would like to spend the New Year in the New Year."

This is a revolution in dialogue with traditional culture. People have been searching for the practical path of their own oral tradition. Some people spend the New Year abroad playing abroad. After a couple of years, some people have passed away in their husband's family, and some have been married to a whole year.

We see a woman who shows up, and we can make a voice for ourselves, change the system, make a difference, and liberate more women who are about to become unfettered.The reason for the traditional and repetitive diplomacy is to be a more liberal and more bright and equal in the future.(Recommended to you: Repale Wan traditional marriage convention )

Married home oppression by a dark tide

And another type of marriage oppression is a rush.

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marriage is a classic Chinese New Year's theme. The children of a "marrying age" in the eyes of the elders have to ask one round, but the marriage shouldn't be the ultimate goal. Marriage is a choice, not a necessity in life.I am not married, and I do not have to worry that I will die alone.And there are a lot of people who don't have the option of marriage.

At the dinner table, a man who is single is a filth, a man who is not married, has no children, cannot consolidate his paternal position in the patriarchal system, and a woman who is not married again is recognized as a regret, and cannot compete for a good-looking name in the marriage competition.If you say no, you are the right thing to do with the marriage of a married family.

the dinner table, intimate relationships are only a practice of marriage. Marriage is a supremacy of the society, and "cohabitation" with no "wedding home" is a stigma, a love relationship that is not a heterosexual love.(Recommended to you: I love you, I love you, but you don't get married the happy marriage is written))

reports also pointed out that during the Spring Festival, 113 will explode, and the number of reports in recent years has been rising year by year. During the New Year's Eve and the first two days of return, it is a violent, right-to-power relationship between domestic violence and high levels of violence, especially during the Spring Festival.

Personal, political and individual subjects are deeply influenced by existing social relationships, a Chinese New Year's dinner table, a Lunar New Year holiday, and everyone's bottom line has been touched by the social framework.

While gender has its power relationships, we want to see how gender stereotyped images form part of our individual subjectivity, gender norms that are dependent on culture, and perhaps let us reverse the use of sex as an effective resource for the identity of the main body.

So we will again and again oppress and oppress the heterosexual hegemony, and we will come out with a shape that is compatible with each other. It may be frustrating, perhaps difficult, but we will end up on a more equal and more liberal practice, where there is no norm, there should be only one person.

During the Spring Festival, I can't help but think, all the hard times, are the key reasons why feminism needs to continue to exist.This year's Spring Festival meal table, I wish we all had to speak for ourselves, not to impress and to please, to drop the label, to make a three-dimensional person, to have a different kind of life.(Recommended to you: [Xu Yifang column] that made me the Dude's table on my own table )