Single Diary, with 500 words to write a single person with a single heart.In the Festival of the Year, we come to study classic love.Zhang Youyi is a tragic woman in history. Her love is not sacrificed, but she is just pregnant.(Recommended for you: To a beautiful turn!Zhang Youyi thanked Xu Zhimo his divorce.)

Zhang Youyi is a famous abandoned woman in history. She has always been Xu Zhimo, but she is not living for Xu Zhimo.

Xu Zhimo's talent and historical achievement were all raised by Zhang Youyi, and no one could be able to liberate her husband in marriage.When Xu and Zhang were the matchmaker's words, where would there be a piece of paper that could tie up the wings of a talented young man?As a result, Xu Zhimo never attacked her after the wedding, but she was just making her air.The dowry of both the dowry and the dowry of Chang Yu-yi has only one person's marks.Men went abroad to study, and women played a good role in the family.Xu Zhimo greeted his parents, sons, and the cabinets in his home from Europe, but didn't ask her Youyi.

Youyi had a separate marriage, and she finally stopped by Xu Zhimo. When Zhang Youyi was born, she disappeared for half a year, and finally got a letter from her family. She was the last person to know. She had no cries and signed her name. She turned to Germany and started a new life.

She was no longer Mrs. Xu, but Zhang Youyi.In his memoirs, Zhang Youyi once thanked Xu Zhimo for letting her old woman find herself and relived her master's degree in Germany.In the past, Hsu Chih-mo's ridicule Zhang Youyi is a sow, and now she has become a contemporary woman, and she has learned everything in the financial industry.

he saw Xu Zhimo again, his younger son died and Xu Zhimo cried and cried for new news. Hsu's parents wanted Hsu Chih-mo's consent to get married to Lu Xiaoman.Zhang Youyi is a good one."I've always thought of my life as two stages: before Germany and Germany," she said.Before going to Germany, I was afraid that I would go to Germany without fear."

I am determined, no matter what happens, I don't want to rely on anybody, but on my own two feet.

Zhang Youyi

of the people who have suffered injuries are able to look like Zhang Youyi's stubborn flowers in the cliffs. Many of them have lost their lives. Chang Yu-yi has returned to his own ambition when he was born.

Youyi kept a kind-hearted nature from beginning to end. After the plane crash, she continued to hold her household chores in her capacity as a foster woman.Even if she had his own marriage, Zhang Youyi or Zhang Youyi, she was the old woman who went to Germany before going to Germany. She was also an independent woman who went to Germany.(Extended reading: Let's talk about remanence and triumph: freedom of economic and emotional independence )

If you want to love, you need to be like Zhang Youyi.Her appearance is not the most common, but her perseverance has blossoming her life; her emotional intelligence is not the highest, but her will does not stop her from being able to understand and comprehend.

She is soft and obstin'stubborn, and she doesn't care about Xu Zhimo as a cold fan, and she eventually lives in the warmth of the sun.