Single Diary, with 500 words to write a single person with a single heart.If you want to love, love is like a Guan Hess. Love is a lifelong belief. It is a matter of life that is the most wasteful of life, knowing that you will not be in love with you and you will understand that you are not in love with you.(Recommended to you: [light · female student] re-read the juxis: we are all your Rais )

When she was 66 years old, she was 27 years old.She is old and old, and she feels that she is dying, and that she is still longing to have a full and powerful soul.

And he crossed the crowd and looked at her, and he said, "I know you, and I'll remember you forever."You were young, and everyone said you were beautiful.Now, I'm here to tell you that, to me, I think you're more beautiful now than you are young, and I love you more than you are."

Perhaps there are love letters that make a fuss, a barren and a barren, and love that they tremble. He writes to her and writes to her for five years, until she softened her posture and replied to him, "Why didn't I write? I love your letter."

He walked over like a baby animal and lived for 16 years.

She is Margaret · is the last lover of her lover, Yang André, who is Andrei's forest. The 39 years of the gap is like snow, and a piece of ice falls on the naked body, and they can't find a much warmer place.

Later, when he wrote a semi-autobiography of the "lover", he put the original and last love in there.She wrote:

I see you, I remember you, this city is a natural place to fall in love, and you are born to suit my soul.


is a woman whose soul is based on love as a belief and soul to return to the apostasy. She laughs, and she doesn't have any dogmus.

1914, when she was born in Vietnam, 15 and a half years old, she talked about the first deep and profound love of a relationship.At that time, her body was very young. The other party was a 32-year-old wealthy Chinese businessman, who gave her the urge to do so in the Mekong River.

she was 18, she first left her love and set foot on French soil, but her lover was a texture, a life, a grownup, and half a century later, every single cell in her body remembered him, and wanted him.Love once again awaits the natural instincts of the people. The instincts of love are no other than love.

So everyone wanted to be her lover.Not necessarily for her name, she was willing and she loved to go through a scene with her unrudious and unrudious love.

If you want love, you want to love it like a juess.In any case, if you don't want to give up the eternal pursuit of love, your lover can be trivial, but love is immortal, and it is important that it retains the bigotry of love.If you want to love, you should accept all love, including the tireless love of love.

If you want love, you want to love it like a juess.Who cares what the world is like, just for one thing to love, and that is the value of the world. When the world is in decline, it will only be a waste of life when it ages, and when it ages, it doesn't love.